Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snap Update #3

Snap is better! She has lots of piles of nice loose poop and is acting nice and cranky. All of the purrs worked so thank you very very much. Meowmy was able to "eat crow" and beg some bran mash off the woman where she used to keep Snap 4 years ago. She knew that the horses in that barn get weekly bran mashes so without a place to buy it that was her best bet. So Snap is better. Yeah!

However, this weekend continued to just kick my Meowmy when she was down. She went in to check on Snap this morning and was talking to her friend/barn worker. The woman had just fed the horses and was giving them hay as they were discussing if the horses should be turned out since it was cold and rainy. Suddenly, one of the 2 year old mares burst through her stall opening while the woman was giving her hay. The woman tried to slam the door shut but with no luck. Meowmy herded the horse down and put her away and asked how the woman was. Not good. She had basically been de-clawed on her ring finger, her bone was exposed.. Its much nastier than that but we're not going to describe it in great detail.

Meowmy rushed her to the ER and left the horses to fend for themselves for a while. Lots of phone calls were made and Meowmy stayed with the Woman through the cleaning/nerve block/iv antibiotics. They were going to send the lady to a hand specialist tomorrow but decided he should come right away. Luckily another barn worker was at the barn and had finished haying the horses but was really scared what was going on since she is 17. A brave girl she was because she found the tip of the finger and brought it over to the hospital so they could graft the skin.

Another friend was dispatched to help the lady in the hosptial and Meowmy went back to the barn to help out there. Then Meowmy broke down. Hard. She's just not really recovering well right now with all of this. She and the Toy Man fought since she's so on edge and then she has her big huge LSAT next Saturday. Meowmy is a wreck so we're going to take a break from blogging for a day or two. Thanks to everyone for their continued support- it has mean the world to us.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Snap Update #2

We thank everyone for their continued purrs for Snap.

Meowmy went out this afternoon hoping to find her chipper and found her lying in the field. Her gums were dry and didn't have good capilary reaction. Meowmy called the vet right away and walked her until he got there.

This time the poop that came out of her was rock hard and had the vet not very happy. He put a big long tube up her nostril into her stomach and pumped mineral oil and water. Then he gave her 2 more of the shots he gave her last night. He told Meowmy to feed her some nice green grass and if she wasn't herself by 6 or 7 call him back again.

After a harrowing trip to Villanova to return a computer that HAD to be returned today they returned to the barn (she was being cared for by Jess while they were gone) and searched fruitlessly to find Snap some bran mash. Luckily Jess had one serving for her. Snap looks much better but still hasn't pooped in her stall this evening yet. Jess's boyfriend is checking on her when he gets back from Penn National racetrack late tonight.

Meowmy will head back out there dark and early to check on her again. This is really rough on Meowmy so I've been having to sit on her and purr a lot too. Thank you so much for the continued purrs. We'll keep you posted.

Snap Update

Meowmy and the Toy Man went back out to the barn at 11 last night and stayed until 12:30. Snap did not look any better and while she wasn't moving around she still hadn't pooped and was fidgety and didn't want anyone to touch her tummy. They hand walked her for an hour and it seemed to make lots of gut noises but no poop. Meowmy wanted to see the promised "huge amount of manure" the vet said to expect. Meowmy was a wreck leaving her and wasn't sure what to do. She decided to go back early in the morning.

Meowmy went out alone at 5:30 and found Snap sleeping where she had left her. At first it looked like no poop but she went in and found 3 mashed up piles. Then she sat down and cried in Snap's stall. Snap, always hating to see Meowmy upset pressed her muzzle against Meowmy's face for a long time and it seemed like she was telling her it was OK, she felt better and was so very happy Meowmy had been there with her.

So she's not allowed to eat grain yet and Meowmy needs to go out and find her a bran mash in the morning. She's also getting some pro-biotics for a few days. She still has lots of gas but she'll be turned out in the field in an hour or so and she can walk around out there and hopefully feel better. Meowmy is not going to Boston, she can't leave knowing Snap is just recovering.

Thank you so much to everyone that purred with us. Your comments helped wake Meowmy up early this morning and made her feel much less alone since so many of you knew what she was going through.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Please Purr for Snap

Our very very big sister Snap is sick. Horses can't yak up hairballs like we can, in fact they can't yak at all- its a one way system so when their tummies hurt its a BIG DEAL and its call colic. So at 6pm the barn lady noticed Snap didn't eat her dinner, was pawing, pacing, had rolled on the ground (this can make their intestines twist which can kill them) and not acting herself. She called Meowmy who of course raced out there and the vet as well. The vet gave her a pain killer, and pulled the poop out of her (nice right?) and a shot of some stuff to help her pass her poop easier. There are different kinds of colic and the kind she has is called gas-colic so its like her tummy is filled with gas and it hurts her. She won't even let Meowmy touch her belly.

Meowmy just spent 2 hours at the barn with her (which is 30 minutes from the house each way) and came home since Snap was resting peacefully. However Meowmy is of course not completely satisfied so she's going back out there at midnight to check on her.

Could you please purr really extra loud for our sister? She's extra big so I guess it makes sense to purr louder. Meowmy was supposed to be going to Boston tomorrow but I think she's going to stay home with Snap even if she is doing OK. Silly Meowmy, never trusts the care of her furries to anyone but herself I guess. Yeah for us though!!


Frootbat Friday

You know what freaks me out? When the Lap Lady cooks/bakes stuff. I won't go in the kitchen because its really freaky to me. Usually I'm her shadow but not when she's pacing around and mixing stuff and saying bad words. I do not like that.

I thought holiday weekends meant lots of time with the humans? Why are mine never around?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

From the Archive- Thursday Thirteen

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American kitties.

We're so busy right now and its not going to stop until after December 6th. Victor the Vampire Kitty had an amazing idea of reviving some older posts. I was the T13er for our family and this was my very first one.

Things I do to Freak out the Lap Lady:

1. Stare at her while she's eating.
2. Meow in a really soft "mrruf" while she's eating. Then purr at her.
3. Realse the stink. I did this to the Tall Man last night. I know I have a toxic waste problem but its funny to see them react.
4. Knock stuff over in other rooms then act like I couldn't possibly have been at the scene of the crime because I'm faster than the speed of light.
5. While I'm purring normally sometimes I kick it into overdrive super loud purr and its like I'm on Chase's shrooms or something.
6. Stalk Chase and then mount him. I know I'm a girl cat and he's a boy cat but it really freaks the Lap Lady out!
7. Not eat my stinky goodness. Its nice for her to have to sit and pet me while I eat after chasing me around the house 5 times trying to get me to eat it.
8. Not eat treats. I know perfectly well how to eat them and they're tasty. Sometimes its more fun to have her feed me one by one.
9. Suddenly climb her while she's holding me. I'll have a burst of energy, dig my claws in, and make it to her shoulders.
10. Stretch out my full length. Its just not natural for a cat to be as long and skinny as I am.
11. Drop my jaw. It looks cool and creepy when I just open my mouth a tiny hair. It also looks like I'm possessed at night when my eyes are really dark.
12. Climb across the door moulding. Its a perfect way to freak her out when she looks up and sees me on a 2" wide piece of trim. She can't yell at me, I might fall down.
13. Not greet her at the door. Sometimes I'm just sleeping really soundly and its more fun to see her frantically search the house to make sure I'm OK.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Its really easy to hurt your humans even when you're tiny. Especially if they touch your silky meezer fur without asking. When they touch your sides from behind, leap up and back so you hit them right in the throat and they fall to to ground gasping for breath wondering if you broke their wind-pipe.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twosome Tuesday

Do you see Latte in MY heatbox? Can you believe that he pushes me out of my spot? Now that its freezing outside I spend every moment the hot air is blowing in the heatbox. Even if I'm snuggling or playing- if I hear the hot air start blowing I run for the heatbox. This year Latte has figured out that the heatbox is the best thing in the house. He comes in and pushes me out. I'm not so sure why he thinks he deserves to enjoy my heatbox.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Man Cat Monday

That Awesome Man, I adore him. I love to give him front-hugs and tail poof. He gets a little annoyed when he's trying to concentrate on something and I'm trying to get his attention. He's a really good ear scritcher and makes me purr. Be jealous Woman, I will not purr for you unless its absolutely necessary.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cat of the Day

Oh my gosh I'm Cat of the Day!!!!!!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Frootbat Friday

Dear Beloved Lap Lady,

I'm on to you. I know that you aren't just trying to give me and Latte treats. You're going to shove icky liquid in our mouths and then rub goo on our gums. Latte might love Temptations enough not to care but I would much rather not have such atrocities committed against my mouth. Have you tried to eat a treat after you've had such offensive stuff on your palet? I didn't think so.

Therefore effective immediately I will not come to you when you want me to. In fact I will run away when I see the syringe in your hand. Oh, and if you start to feel guilty and try to hunt me down "just" to give me treats, I won't eat them. Nope, you should feel horrible for this crime. I'm considering filing an animal cruelty suit against you.

In all seriousness,

Princess Kah-zee-zee Bumble-Stumps III

P.S. This does not affect snuggle time in any way. You shall make your armpit available to me for my comfort every night.

P.P.S You're all purring for Percy right?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strange Happenings

On Sunday the AM & Woman went to this place and when they parked they looked over and saw this unidentified substance on the hood of this car. Upon further investigation it was what they thought it was- cat yak. Yup, a long haired white kitty who eats Meow-Mix left it on this car. The humans thought it was hilarious.

Does anyone know where they went? Here are a few clues... (Shh...facebook humans ;))

1. That is the Delaware River north of where we live on it.
2. Its historical.

We have a winner! This is Washington's Crossing on the Pennsylvania side. The site where Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve, 1776. Thanks to Sunny for getting that one. Also thanks to Tavi's mom who also knew but didn't give it away.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Annual vet-checks are bad news.

Meowmy came home early yesterday and out came the PTUs. She scooped me and Chase up and carted us out to the metal machine. Chase cried like a baby the whole drive over there while I threw in a few good pitiful meezes for effect.

Of course I was the first to get tortured. I was weighed- 8.8 lbs, temperature taken, and then Dr. Ian came in to check on my health. Well, he scooped me up and placed hundreds of kisses on my cute tiny head while he cradled me like a baby. I think that man is a bit crazy, you know what I mean? I mean, he tortures cats for a living and wants you to like him?

Then he opened my mouth which ticked me off because I don't like my mouth opened so I ground my teeth in protest. Then he said he found something he didn't like. He said he though he saw my teeth chatter in response to him touching my one tooth. He said this could be FORLs (kind of like a cat cavity) but when he went to show Meowmy I fought really hard so he couldn't show her anything and then decided that perhaps I wasn't chattering- just being annoyed at the exam. So for now I just have to keep on my pulse antibiotics every month with Kaze. If it gets worse I'll have to have the tooth out but we aren't there yet. The good news: NO shots and NO bloods stolen!

Now for Chase's exam. He immediately got the FAT word thrown at him. Meowmy did stick up for him but then the VET showed her his chart and he's gained 1.5 lbs in the past 4 years and is up to 13.8 lbs. So because he's FAT we are all on a diet. Not fair!!! Meowmy has to cut all of our food back so Chase looses weight. I don't really blame her though- the first thing he did when he got home was go to the food bowl. Meowmy pushed him aside and he went back. 5 times this happend. Chase apparently is an emotional eater. He had to have a rabies shot and blood stolen for a titer and a blood test because of his age. He must be getting soft in his old age because he didn't poop on the vet techs stealing his blood.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


As you can see my front half is rather well color coordinated. hind end is not.

Have I ever shown you a close up of my tail and how different it is from the rest of my fur? Its almost like it belongs to another kitty but nope, its mine! If you biggify you can really see the rings on my legs and on my tail.

We got an e-mail yesterday from a great website that helps charities just by you shopping normally online. You know how your credit cards give you extra percents back for shopping through their online malls? Well this site takes those extra percents and sends them to the charity of YOUR CHOICE! How awesome is that? Check it out next time you purchase something from Amazon, Best Buy, etc. all you have to do is visit this site first and then go about your normal shopping business. Give Back America

Monday, November 17, 2008

Man Cat Monday

So what do you think of the new camera lens? Of course it looks best on my handsome self. It was a quiet weekend around here with the humans out and about doing stuff with other humans. As usual, I had an exhausting time just being myself and had to sleep the whole time.

The evil-fat-backyard-squirrels continue to torment me every morning by hanging out on the deck. I really really want to get them someday. I'm really sick of their sitting on the railing just staring at me, taunting with their dark little eyes. I laughed haughtily at them as they were blowing around in the branches with the 35 mph winds. No, at times like that I'm happy to watch them make fools of themselves.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today I've been blogging for 2 years. I can't believe I woke up and spent that much time dictating to the Woman. Anyhow, nice to have known you all and lets get on with the shower of nip and Temptations.
Did you see the rats are finalists in Catster's Contest? They are now duking it out about who gets the family's coveted one vote. Go see the 75 finalsts- it was a great year!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Book Review

Life in the Cat's Lane

This book arrived just while Meowmy was sick and at home so she could lie there while I sat on her chest and read. Even though I had to fight my brother (who was miffed because he loves dogs) and my sister (who read the tale in HORROR) , I was thrilled to read about the adventures of Sooty (A Superior Cat- A.S. Cat) as he gets to go Out of Doors as much as he wants! I love Out of Doors but have to be on my harness when I venture out.

A.S. Cat touches on some really important topics such as evil squirrels, cat beds, food, mice, guests, as well as the main intrusion into his life- a big, fluffy, young woofie. I was validated to know that evil squirrels do in fact taunt us on purpose and that intruder cats stopped by his home as well but even though he is a mature cat he was known as the "Bombay Bouncer" and attracted the hot lady cats due to his tough exterior.

I'm very happy to have read this book because it affirmed my interests in NEVER EVER allowing a woofie in our house. First of all, certainly not a Chow. I could not handle poor manners and it would try to touch The Meezer without permission. No one touches my silky fur without permission! Plus, the Chow has NO manners what so ever and tormented A.S. Cat as soon as the human would leave. Reading this book made me realize that I perhaps do have life a bit easier even though I have to share with 2 other cats.

Even though Sooty has a thing against Purebred cats, his girlfriend is a purebred, so I'm sure he is just being his self-assured grumpy self due mostly to the dog invading his space. However, to keep the purebred audience I suggest he publically note that he has nothing against pedigreed cats and was just cranky because of the dog that invaded his world.

My favorite part was Sooty's month sum-up at the start of each chapter. In the feline way he made sure you knew the facts if you needed to take a nap between chapters. Seriously, go read this book for tales of the horror of letting a Chow into your feline world!! Keep your humans in line or else!!


3 Year Old
Seal Point Siamese

Friday, November 14, 2008

Frootbat Friday

*****Stop the presses!!! Latte & Kaze are finalists in Catster's Coolest Cat Contest. Latte in Stretch & Yawn and Kaze in Playful (Pictures on sidebar)*******

Don't I look innocent and sweet?? That's because I'm not. Hehe.... The TM's little sister made a pretty oragami ball for the LL's birthday. My LL was nice enough to leave it out on the table for me to discover overnight. I found it to be quite a puzzle but I sucessfully unwrapped half of it (while sitting in the heat box) and took bits all over the house. I went back to the heatbox for more pieces when I was bored. It was great fun but I'm not sure why the LL was annoyed?

We know that this week visiting has been spotty at best. We're hoping next week is much better or there WILL be bitties.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Still utterly confused why I had to be nice to the Woman yesterday. The AM told me I had to let her pet me and a purr would be nice. Yeah right. Instead I found a way to trick her and make her think she's crazy. I meezed.

That's right, you heard me, I meezed. Just because I usually coo doesn't mean I can't make other noises and I listen to that chatter-box Kaze all day long so I should know how to meeze by now.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Happy Birthday Lap Lady!

Happy 27th Birthday Meowmy! When its your human's birthday you should pretend to like being near them and also pretend to like sharing with your sisfur. Generally I would sit on Kaze until she moved but hey, every now and then I can share-ish.

The Toy Man gave Meowmy a new camera lens for her birthday!! We're all very excited because you know we're her photography subjects.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Aren't my clawrs fierce?? See how I terrify Latte with them? They've been clipped and I was actually a good girl for once. I purred the whole time and let the LL clip them alone. Usually its a group effort by whatever guest is in the house. The TM isn't too good at holding for clippy clawrs (he holds extra tight) so its generally when Gamma is around.

I've been a badbadbad girl and while I used to have perfect scratching tendencies I've started using the stairs. I need help with this compulsion as I can't stop on my own. Any ideas for how to make me stop before the Tall Man has a full blown freak-out on the situation?

***Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. I guess I should add that the humans very very rarely actually catch me doing it and if they do I take off right away because I know it is something I'm not supposed to do.***

Monday, November 10, 2008

Man Cat Monday

The Awesome Man dared to threaten me with the rug-sucking-Monster. I was napping at the top of the stairs and he wanted to suck the rug during my nap time. Well I thought he would not turn it on but he DID! I was so surprised and shocked- I mean, he knows how much I hate the rug-sucking-Monster so why would he use it where I was napping? I was sure to get some revenge and yakked up 2 hairballs for him and the Woman wasn't around so he had to clean them up.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

PSA Paper Shredders and Pets

Today I have sad news to share. I wasn't sure how to break the news because its so sad but I decided to do it as a PSA in hopes that this will NEVER EVER happen to any of our friends.

Snap's barn has lots of feral/semi-feral kitties (along with the 3 well cared for kitties that live with in her barn). As ferals do, they reproduce and while the humans have been trying to trap/spay/neuter them the actual owners of the farm are not fans (hiss!). So there are lots of kittens to find homes for. One of the riders took home 3 very adorable kittens a few weeks ago. He was very excited to bring them home to his boys (he has 4 or 5 sons ranging from 10-19!). They are a wonderful caring family and they adore these kittens.

On Tuesday the Woman found out that one of the kittens tragically had to be helped across the bridge. The youngest son came home to find the kitten with his paws in the paper shredder. (I know, its shocking and horrible and just brings tears to your eyes.) The poor little kitten was bleeding heavily and crying and the poor little boy found him there. The Dad came home shortly after and rushed the kitten to the vet. Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done since his paws were completely destroyed by the paper shredder and could not have survived.

We do not have a paper shredder at home, the Woman shreds everything at the office. The shredder they had was obviously not stored away from curious kittens and turned on without a switch. Please, everyone take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate how kitty friendly your homes are. This family is devastated completely and we would never want this to happen to anyone we know.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Frootbat Friday

I'm very disturbed. Very. Disturbed. Firstly, my Lap Lady is never at home for TV/snuggle time. Secondly, since this human cold entered the house there has been very limited snuggle time in the snuggle room over night. And thirdly (by far the most disturbing!) the Lap Lady has been paying lots of attention to Chase!!??! She is MY Lap Lady. MINE. She is sometimes allowed to touch Latte but NEVER Chase. All petting is mine. This is making me cranky and mad at Chase. He sneezed yesterday and I had to give him a smack-smack-SMACK on his face. Then she went and pet him and I had to go get inbetween them. I'm very annoyed about all of this and shall continue to take out my agressions on him. Sure he punches harder since his paws are bigger but I yell louder and I have very sharp clawrs.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Halloween is over. The Meezer is not a Moozer.
Gamma thought I'd be cute in this costume but I think we can all admit I'm always cute. I'm getting a little tired of always being the cute and adorable "eternal kitten" in the house. While I certainly like being properly worshiped, I just would like to feel like a Man Cat now and then.
Anyhow, Kaze is going to steal the moozer costume because she says its warm like a sweater with a hoodie and she gets chilly. Fine with me, maybe the humans will stop fawning all over me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stuck in a couch on Tuesday

Often my friends wonder just how tall I actually am. Well, here you can see that just my body (not my legs as I'm squatting here) are as tall as our couch back. The Tall Man thought I might like to snuggle in the cushion, and I did.

I want to thank our friends for continuing to visit us and comment while we know we've been slacking. As you might know, the LL is studying for the Law School Admissions Test and it takes her a lot of time to study. Plus she's dealing with a physical issue that is becoming a three phased attack and basically spends her life at doctor's appointments. When she's not doing those things she's trying to work and ride Snap who has only been ridden 3 times in 2 weeks. So thanks for hanging in with us. After December 6th I promise we'll have more time!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Man Cat Monday- Fish

This is our cousin kitty Fish. He was just adopted from the animal shelter in Kentucky where our "auntie" Kristen lives. Fish is a Big Man Cat to be proud of. He lives with his woofie brother Zack and the two of them cause plenty of havoc together. Over the weekend Fish decided to nibble on a chocolate donut hole which probably was only to scare his humans. He's also really good at his routine and if his humans do not get up on time he starts whapping stuff from the dresser.

And not to disappoint- my Man Catly self. This should be captioned "Yer doin inernets wrong". My Awesome Man has to put his ailing computer upside down so the fans work (even though they now run 24/7). The computer is dying a slow death but he can't let it go.

Oh, and today is Latte's 3rd Gotcha Day. Whoop-de-do.