Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons the House is a Mess

1. Newspaper flyers seem to hang around longer then they should.
2. Woman, maybe put your hair items away once a month or so?
3. While we're at it- you don't need 5 pairs of shoes piled up on "your" side of the couch.
4. While I like fur, the rug is making me sneeze- as much as I hate to say it- SUCKY MONSTER.
5. All of those food bits on the floor have been rejected- remove them so my paws don't have to touch them.
6. Ibid about the bits of litter around the box. What??? You're getting rid of the crystals all together and making us use 2 Breeze Boxes???? Latte won't let you get away with that.
7. I shouldn't seem poo foot prints on the floor.
8. I also shouldn't see dust bunnies in the dining room.
9. While that pile of clothes on the chest is nice to nap on- its getting a little boring. At least turn it over or something.
10. The pile of boxes on the front porch while waiting to be recycled gets in my way. Remove them.
11. The dining room table is meant for cat naps not junk mail storage.
12. The bathroom sink shows way too many paw prints from us drinking. Its dirty so I don't want to sleep in it.
13. As mentioned above- FRESH water is key so how about replacing the filter on the Drinkwell and cleaning it?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Twosome Tuesday

We're sorry we're really busy this week and can't visit as much as we'd like. The humans have lots of parties and get together things as well as work stuff so who suffers of course? We do.

You know what I don't get about humans? Why on earth do they not understand the in-between phase of snuggling. You know, the one where you're not quite sure where you want to curl up so you do lots of boob walking and often time even vacate the area. What is with them saying "make up your mind!"? Um, I am working on it crazy lady.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Man Cat Monday

Can you tell I adore my Awesome Man? I'm sure here you can also understand why Kaze calls him the Tall Man. Even though we're standing on the same step he's a bit higher than I am. I had a really really eventful weekend! I slept. Pretty much the whole weekend long except for that horrible thunderstorm where I had to hide in my super secret safe spot for like the day.

Oh and Kaze drew the winner for Latte's Blogoversary winner. While he tried to rig the drawing (really he tried to dive in there and grab Chey's name I think) Kaze came out with the winner: Angus Mhor!! Congrats Angus! We'll be sending the Woman out to find some gifties tailored just to our large pawed friend.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Frootbat Friday- Out of Doors

By now I'm sure you've heard of our trips Out of Doors on the HOTS days. We went one by one and of course Latte went first because he loves it (cute pictures next week of that excursion).

When I go Out of Doors I am like a whale in that I use my voice as sonar. "LAAAPPPP LAAADDDY!!!!! Are you still there??? Do you know I'm still here????? You do know we're Out of Doors??!!"Hmm...what was that? I think it was a flutter-by! Maybe one of Daisy's pets flew up to NJ! Either that or my Butterfly Toy that Dragonheart gave me actually came to life. Either way, I'll stop meezing for a minute and check it out.
Yup, sticking your face in a shrub is the cool thing to do. I stuck my face in there for like 5 full minutes. It made me invisinible. OK, well at least it smelled really really interesting!
OK, if you haven't had enough of my screaming by now maybe we can go Inside? Please? I mean, its fun out here but I know my yelling gets to you after a while while the neighbors look at us and point. Hey, embarassing you is the only weapon I have in such circumstances.
Unlike Chase I happily allowed the harness off and plopped down for a nice rest. I do enjoy myself out there but I just have to use my sonar the whole time. Oh, and we do have a stroller but I don't like that much at all while Latte & Chase do love it.

Oh, and Latte wanted me to tell you today is a special day for him and there may be a secret contest going on. Who knows, your comment number might be the one!

OK, here's the deal on the contest: Cheysuli is of course right, this is the 2 year blogoversary of Latte! So we're going to take the names of cats/buns/woofies that comment today and send them a special prize (which is yet to be determined and may be determined on the winner). I shall choose the winner from strips of paper (YES!!Woohoo!) and well let you know on Monday. Everyone who comments on this post today, July 25th until all time zones expire today is eligible.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Full Monty

Its been rough to get me to do the Monty Q or the Full Monty for the Woman. Every time I do either one she runs to get the flashy box and I move. On purpose of course! This time the sneaky Woman enlisted the help of my Awesome Man. All he had to say was "Hi Chasey!" and I turned right over. The Woman says she hates the Awesome Man at times like these. She also blames this special connection as the reason we have 3 cats instead of just me. What can I say, the AM has magical fingers for massaging and playing. Even Kaze defers to his superior massage hands.

Breeze Box update: Its been a while since we updated....yeah well we're pretty sure we won the war. The regular litterbox showed up on Sunday (fresh and clean of course) and while the Breeze box is still out there (and I'll admit I like to pee in it) regular litterbox use has returned with poos and Latte using it and such. There is a rumor the Woman might just take all of our regular litter away and replace with all Breeze systems but that' not confirmed at this time. I'm thinking she'll just submit to us because we're in charge.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Try hard, but never make a fool of yourself.

Also, know when to give up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Twosome Tuesday

Today we thought we'd all pitch in with some pictures. Of course there is my favorite little fellow Latte who is allowed to hang out next to me as he wishes.
Then there is the brat....Only reason it looks like I'm being sweet here is because she was just Out of Doors and smells very interesting. Usually I wouldn't dare be so close as she'd whap me.
And then there are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. Always together I think we'd have to surgically separate them if we needed them apart. Kaze freaks out if Latte isn't around.
And yes, sometimes there are three of us together however this is rarely caught on camera because as soon as a human notices I'm out of there. I have a Kaze-hating reputation to uphold!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Man Cat Monday

This weekend was HOT. Like really really really really hot. Scorching and humid- just like an NJ summer should be. Anyhow, the Awesome Man seems to think our grass is thirsty so he waters it.

He made me get my paws wet!! Actually I didn't really mind that much. See my wet paw prints? The Awesome Man said they were cute and the Woman of course (ever present with the flashy box) agreed.
Here I am checking to see if the Man in Blue Shorts left me any treats. All good mail in this house is for cats of course. And really its all for me. Especially when we get snuggles and squiggles from DKM. Sadly it was Sunday so there was no mail.
You don't think my furchin is getting a bit much do you? I blame the harness.
I wasn't out too long but when we got back in the scariest thing in the world happened- the Woman tried to take the harness off! She got the neck part off and then went for the belly part. Well, you know she was trying to kill me! I went to bite her and I hissed and ran away. I took off behind the couch which unplugged the computer (hehe) and ran upstairs into the cat room. The Awesome Man laughed while the Woman knew I was dead seriously having a panic attack. I wouldn't let her near me so the Awesome Man had to come take it off. I had literally backed myself into a corner and I growled and tried to bite him too. He's just lucky we play the bite game a lot so he knew how to keep me from biting him. Anyway, he eventually got it off. Apparently I'm never going outside on a harness again.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Purrs Worked!

Thank you sooooo much to everyone who purred with us for Maestro. The Lap Lady and Gamma just went to pick him up and he's doing much better. The VET thinks he sustained an injury from falling (maybe from the awesome tree house cat tree he has). The anti-inflammatory worked and he has to take some prednisone for few days. He was a very good patient and everyone loved him.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frootbat Friday

OK so I know its been a very Kaze filled week what with me posting 3 days this week. I can't help it- I'm attention addict. I need to be told how pretty I am and pet so I can purr and purr and purr.

You know what's annoying? When humans are not in proper snuggle position. For me that is exactly this: (I think this also might be an evil doodle because my Lap Lady is being evil by not obeying me)

Not curled up on either side-lying on her back with her left arm extended so I can snuggle under the covers. I had to work hard to get my Lap Lady in the correct position the other night. First I had to get her on the correct side:

Then I had to crawl over her, turn around, and lay my body on her side so that she would roll over on her back. When she was in the right spot I snuggled in until the Tall Man came over and started meezing at me. I had to get up and check that out. Lots of work I tell you!

OK, OK- Chase promises to be back on Monday!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emergency Purrs Needed

Maestro is on the right.

Could we please request some purrs? The One Who Came Before still lives with our Gramma and he isn't moving his back legs. The Woman went with Gramma to the vet and they are keeping him for observation and some blood tests. He responded OK to stimulus tests and his x-ray looked OK so they don't know what is wrong.

Maestro is the Woman's first cat and she's been very lucky to have been able to have him in her life still as he's only 14 years old.


They have given him a shot of anti-inflammatory and are keeping him over night for observation.

Thursday Thirteen #??

Its been a long while since we've done a 13. So I give you 13 things that are great about the Meezers being in their own room at night.

1. I don't have to deal with Latte charging at me trying to snuggle. The little guy is cute but dude- I'm SLEEPING. Leave the Man Cat alone.
2. Kaze free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?
3. I don't get woken up by meezers walking all over me and the humans and then disturbed when they get tossed from the snuggle room which leaves me either outside or locked inside.
4. I can snuggle with MY Woman. That's right, I used to snuggle in her neck before there was competition. I'm not going to compete for her affections but if she's available she's less likely to shoo me away than the Awesome Man.
5. I can choose any spot I like to sleep. I don't share well.
6. The whole downstairs is mine so I can sprawl or do whatever I want down there.
7. The food is all mine during the night.
8. The human bed has so much more room without Latte & Kaze taking up half.
9. The Awesome Man sleeps better. This means he's less cranky in general which is good.
10. The Woman has to actually pick Latte & Kaze up and walk them to the Cat Room and shut the door. This means she has to fully wake up instead of shooing them out of the door. This means she has trouble getting back to sleep. I like to anoy her.
11. Kaze obsesses all night long about how I'm snuggling in her spot. Hehe, I love to make her worry.
12. The house is quiet. Meezers make a racket no matter what time of day what with the boob walking and purring and such.
13. I'm recognized as King Cat which of course I am.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Second Blogoversary and Fridge Meme

I have been blogging for 2 years today!!! I think that is a very exciting thing as its hard to keep good human help for that long. I had just lived in my forever home for 2 weeks when I started blogging. I was the first in our family because Skeezix inspired me after finding me on Catster. Here is my first post.

Thinking back on the past two years they have really flown by! So many joyful events and sad ones as well. Cat bloggers have come and go and lots of them I miss but the new bloggers are wonderful too. My first comment poster was of course the Meezers- Sammy, Miles, and Grandpa Norton on this post. Now little Billy Sweetfeets lives with them. My Lap Lady is a historian so she could go on and on about the events and cats that have helped to shape who we are today but I won't let her because that is boring.

You know what's not boring???? BACON. And I'm the only cat in the house that likes it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Weekend mornings are good.

Oh, and here is the fridge Meme Yao-lin and Black Cat tagged us for. We don't keep anything on the front so here's the side.

1. A poem and magnet made by Miss Peach's Mom.
2. A magnet that has a picture of an Oriental Shorthair on one side that says "Naughty" and the other "Nice".
3. The number of the guy the Lap Lady has to call to get payroll run along with a magnet from the Outer Banks with wild horses on it.
4. The number for "Worry Free" service from our power company.
5. A portrait of the Tall Man's family. Its really old- like 5 years.
6. Magnets. Skeezix of course and Siamese Rescue.
7. A proposal to do our roof. Well, the garage roof since we already did the roof of the house last fall.
8. Important numbers. Police, animal ER, trash pick-up days.
9. A list of everything the Lap Lady is allergic to that is food. Its a lot.
10. My magnet from Zoolatry for competing in the NFL last fall.

Inside.....just the staples really. Milk, eggs, butter, gluten-free flours, cheese, potatoes, sports drinks, hot dogs.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Twosome Tuesday

<I love Latte lots. Chase on the other hand....well we have an odd relationship. Latte and I snuggle together all of the time and I will even share my Lap Lady with him a little. We eat from the same bowl at the same time and have been known to use the litterbox together too. You'd think we're related.

Now Chase...I am quite mad at him. I mean, he has the Tall Man and I have my Lap Lady and that works out well. It does not work well when he steals my Lap Lady. Last night Latte & I were put in the Cat Room to sleep because the Tall Man needed to sleep through the night. Well Chase was apparently so thrilled to have the house to himself that he....oh this is so horrible.....he....he snuggled in MY snuggle spot in the Lap Lady's armpit. THEN he nuzzled in, purred, and licked her neck!!!! I mean, she stunk of Chase spit. Plus, when she got home she ignored my cuteness and pet him as well as me! I'm so mad. SO mad.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Man Cat Monday

I'm sorry if I've made you swoon with my handsome face. I know its hard to resist my Man Cat eyes and whisker humps.

OK, so HORRIBLE thing happened to me yesterday. The humans were eating and I suddenly felt the need to yak. I was on the couch which whatever, I mean I don't have to clean up after myself. So the Woman (who yes, had a drink or two) heard me making my yak noises. She jumped out of her chair and ran over to me. I was just about to bring it all up so she threw me into the kitchen so I wouldn't yak on the couch. I mean threw me through the air so there was a flying stream of yak behind me. Wacko.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Frootbat Friday

You know how to totally freak out and obsess your Lap Lady? Act differently. The other morning I did not get up and greet the Lap Lady. I did not come downstairs for food. I did not meeze at the toy closet. I stayed upstairs in a bed. Guess who freaked out? She started saying that I ALWAYS follow her around every morning and blah blah blah. I freaked her out so much she made the Tall Man come back with her at lunch time to check on me. Of course I was perfectly fine- I was just really sleepy so I didn't want to get up in the morning.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Awards & Meme

We're not good at awards or meme since we drift between our home computer and the work computer throughout the day. But we are trying! We were awarded this prestigious award by the equally amazing: Empress, Dragonheart & Merlin, The Furry Kids, and Its All Good. Yeah!

"The 'Arte y Pico' award was created and to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and their talents, whether it be writing, artwork in all media's. When you receive this award it is considered a 'special honor'. Once you have received this award, you are to pass it on to at least 5 others."

We would like to pass this award along to:
Sen-Chan, Abby, Adan & Lego, Mr. Echo & Tenny, and Castor & Pollux.

Next, Yao-lin tagged us for a meme!

Rules: honest
2.tag other people
3. have fun!

What is your name?

If you could change your name what would it be?
Kaze- Princess Kahzee-zee Bumblestumps III
Latte- Sugar Bear
Chase- I like my name.

What is your pet’s name
We have a horse and her name is Make it Snappy- Snap for short.

If you could change your pet’s name what would it be?
Hehe...Cranky B****. Hehe...that's what the Lap Lady says :).

What is your brother or sister’s name?
The three of us our answering so we'll just skip to the next one.

If you could change their name what would it be?
Kaze- I would change Latte to SNUGGLES!!! And Chase to "TARGET".
Latte- I would change Kaze to "Spoiled princess brat who I adore" and Chase to "Most Perfect Cat in the Universe"
Chase- Latte would be "Slightly Useful" and Kaze would be "TARGET" or "Useless" depending on my mood.

There are too many letters in our names to tag that many cats! It was a fun one so consider yourself tagged if you'd like!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Humans sure have some interesting things. My meezer rule for today is if you find something that smells like horses its best to attack it heartily.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tongue Tuesday!!!

Did you know we have a real live live tree in our house???? It used to be in the Dark-De-Tailer Room (aka NO KITTIES ALLOWED EVER room) but it started to die so it came to live on our front porch. I think its rather interesting really. Chase is always trying to eat the leaves so I tried them. Ick- no thanks!! Of course I have a rather discerning pallet.

OK, so the Sticky People who were in our house last Friday? Actually I liked them!! The one isn't so sticky as she's 12 years old. I liked her A LOT!!! I purred and purred and rubbed on her and all she wanted me to do was sit there so she could pet me. Win-win situation I have to say!! Plus she's my human aunt but she was adopted from China so we have the Oriental thing in common. She's cool- she can come live with us any time.

Breeze update: I peed in it!! That means both Chase and I are peeing in it so we're adjusting....slowly. Still no proof of Latte or poo.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Man Cat Monday

It has come to my very obvious attention that the Meezer-rats are getting more blog time than me. Well friends, I have to say I do nap a lot and they do most of the action packed stuff around the house. However I'm still spry so I'll try to fight them for blog time a bit more. Maybe we can "share" a day or something.

We had people here all day on the Fourth so to make our tiny house seem a bit larger the Humans left the door to the front porch open. Its not cold-airy out there but if they leave the door open the cold air finds its way out there. Anyhow I just slept out there most of the day. I know, I'm thrilling right? Oh- I did play with a toy for a few minutes until my Awesome Man thought he'd play with me and that's just not cool- I like to play with bat-bat toys alone.

Breeze box: I pee in it. That's it. No one else as of yet and that lone poo in the scoop was the only one so far. We still have the old type of litter box upstairs so I guess they aren't as lazy as I am and go upstairs for their business. And for those of you who wanted to know what the Breeze system is a gratuitous picture of it as its not dirty looking.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Frootbat Friday Fourth of July

Happy Frootbat Fourth of July!! I will not be able to visit today because our town goes INSANE on the 4th of July. We have a parade...a downhill race......stuff in the park.....and the raft race. The raft races makes humans build rafts out of non-traditional parts and race them on the Delaware River. Apparently its hilarious. So I hope you're all having a great day!

I went to my yearly VET appointment on Wednesday and I'm a very healthy girl! My weight hasn't changed at all in a year. I did try climbing Dr. Ian when he tried to put me in the SINK!!!! (Um purr so loud they can't hear your heart beating so he was just trying to run the water so he could hear it. ~LL). He tried to drown me!!! Luckily he's taller than my Tall Man and I know how to climb tall men really well. He laughed at me. Then he stuck that thing up my spot #13 but I didn't mind too much because the tech was telling me how pretty I am. The good news was no shots and my teethies look good (he actually said I have the longest teethies he's seen in a cat!). I guess that means continued teeth brushing.

Oh, and Latte came with me for "moral support" and to get weighed. The VET said he's not a meezer-sausage so not to worry. Alas I've decided not to bother with the pageant this year. Its kind of icky and the Lap Lady is tired. Latte made it to the town website last year!

P.S. We know we've been given some prestigious awards and tags and we're going to get to them next week! Thanks to everyone!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

Today I really need your help. What should I do? Last year I entered our town's Pet Pageant on the 4th of July and I won lots of blue ribbons! My Meowmy was really proud of me. But....there were sticky people. And even though I was safe in my stroller they poked at me and tried to touch me like I was a stuffed-meezer. There were also LOTS of woofies there but they go against each other and not kitties. So what do you think? Should I go again?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

I'm sure I've said this rule again but its important enough to repeat:


P.S. Meowmy took away the old litter box last night and Chase used the Breeze one. No one else as of yet but he got like half a bag of temptations just for peeing.

P.P.S This morning someone (I'm not saying but it might have been me....) knocked the poo shovel into the breeze box and promptly left a present sitting right in the scoop as if to say- here- remove this now! Meowmy thought it was hilarious of course but she's useless.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Its my Second Gotcha Day!

Two years ago today my humans came and plucked me from my breeders house to go live in my forever home. I spent the whole 4 hour ride screaming and bloodying my claws trying to escape. I hated that they took me from my home and my family and my brother. I was 6 months old and MAD. I was so mad I did not want anyone near me or touching me at all. My Lap Lady cried for days because I was so unhappy and I hated her. She even considered taking me back to my breeder. Luckily my Tall Man mediated and I purred for him first and let him pet me. Then came the Lap Lady's lap and then came Latte. Chase- well he was HUGE and scary looking. I'd only ever seen other frootbats before so I didn't really even know he was a cat.

Do you know what I get as a Gotcha Day present? A trip to the vet. Nice right? I get to have my yearly exam tomorrow- whoop-dee-do. At least I'm bringing the meezer-sausage with me to find out how much he weighs.