Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Update

Well I know most of you have confidence in my Lap Lady but I'm not so sure about this getting done....They don't even have all of the wallpaper off yet and then they have to scrape and sand the trim and THEN they have to paint. By they I mean the Tall Man has actually decided to pitch in and help in an effort to sleep in their own bed as soon as possible.

Oh and Latte has the squirts. So yeah its not a great 3 day weekend as of yet.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Frootbat Friday- Contest.

This promises to be a long weekend. The Lap Lady says she's going to paint the sleeping room. I would not guarantee that she will accomplish this task as she's been saying she's going to do this for 6 months. However last Labor Day weekend she did paint the living room so I guess it could happen. So lets hold a contest to see! Here's how its going to work. Place your guesses in the comments field- one guess per furry family. Say if you think she will accomplish her task by Tuesday morning or not. Then on Tuesday we'll draw from the names who were correct and the winner will be rewarded (not exactly sure how yet). Guessing closes Tuesday at 12:00 am. Good luck and good luck to us if she does try to do this!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The way to disarm Kaze

As you may know Kaze is a little rat. She's feisty and screams at hollers while biting you at the same time. Chase gets all riled up when she does this but I know to just ignore her and give her a kiss. She melts and purrs for kisses. See her smiling? She's a happy little girl. Then I can go in for the kill!! Hehe.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday- Whiskers

Meowmy says I have the cutest whiskers. She says they're really long and dainty. I think dainty might be a girlie word but that's OK, I'm secure in my masculinity even though I am hoo-ha-less. What with my special name being "Sugar Bear" or more currently "Sugar Beetle" I think I can surpass these things.

My Meezer Rule for today is: Always click to biggify our pictures. You miss all of the detail by not clicking.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I like when my Tall Man holds me up like this. He calls me the most maliable cat he's ever known. I just like to be held and loved- it makes me purr.
I also like when he flaps my arms around like I'm a bird. I am just happy when humans touch me and make me feel as special as I know I am.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Man Cat Monday

Spicy? Why yes I am thank you very much. No need to add any spices to this Man Cat. However, should you have an interest in throwing some nip in that might make the flavors "pop".

Friday, August 22, 2008

Frootbat Friday

I love to sit in my Lap Lady's lap, shocking- I know. It used to be all mine for the snuggling and purring and petting. Now Latte likes to show up and "share". Well his idea of sharing is licking my head until I move a little and then wedging himself between me and the LL's lap. He thinks he's so smart. The Lap Lady always wants me to be nice and "share" with him but I know his tricks, he's just trying to take my spot! Last night was no exception and when he tried and tried and tried and I whapped and whapped and whapped him away...eventually I had a little freak out. I attacked him with a bear hug- claws and teeth bared. My Lap Lady yelled at me really loud and shoved me off her lap for being so nasty.

Well. I. Never. I mean really!! I was so mad at her. She tried to get me all purry and I wouldn't. I squirmed away and sat on the floor and stared at her. She tried to get me to meeze and I wouldn't. I would meeze for the Tall Man and come over to him but not her. He even picked me up and tried to hand me to her but I was not having it. She made me MAD.

I made her sad for 15 minutes and then I won. The lap is now mine again.

P.S. Today is kind of a big day for the LL. Its her one year anniversary of being gluten free! She found out last year that she has Celiac's Disease which is an autoimmune disorder where you can't digest the proteins in wheat/barley/rye/etc. She hasn't eaten wheat in a whole year and she is healthy and happy and feels 1,000% more healthy and energetic.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thirteen Things that need my attention

1. I should probably put more fur on the furniture since I'm sure the sucky monster will be out soon enough.
2. I'll have to fling some more breeze pellets out of the litter box. Oh and a nice turd too. I like to fling poo.
3. I'm working on decorating with yak all over the upstairs. Especially in the hall but the Woman keeps cleaning it up. I'll have to get back to that.
4. Kaze's getting cocky, time to chase her down and whap her.
5. The humans need to wake up at 3 am and let me in the sleeping room. This involves lots of knocking on their door to wake them up. Its Kaze's fault for purring the Woman awake and that gets us tossed.
6. The Awesome Man needs to be annoyed. He really has lost lots of my stink by going away for a week.
7. Along with that, he needs to have some new Chase tooth holes in his hands. Bite game anyone?
8. The Olympics aren't going to watch themselves. I'll need to snore in front of them to make them more interesting. I mean, there are no medals made of Temptations so why would I bother?
9. I'm sure there are some treats that need to be eaten in the toy closet.
10. There are SO many napping spots that need my attention, really too many to count.
11. Something of the Woman's could use some tooth marks. Perhaps a bill or two.
12. I will have to claim the Woman's sweatshirt and fur it up on the dining room chair. That is really lots of work.
13. Did I mention napping? I think that's the most important thing to attend to.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meowmy's NCR vet adventure

So Meowmy is a partner in an architectural firm. She's not an architect, in fact she's studying to take her law school admissions test in December (purrs are greatly appreciated- she HATES standardized tests). Anyhow, she's the financial officer and digital artist and administrator. Basically, doer of all tasks non-architectural.

Years ago when I was sick and we spent so much time at the VET's office she talked with them about them maybe wanting to work together for a new addition of exam rooms. Today she had the "honor" of helping survey the building. She took the intern and measured out the rooms and doors and windows and dungeon.

Meowmy wears "pretty clothes" to work. They had to survey the basement. Meowmy is now covered in spider webs and other unmentionables. The intern was a wuss so Meowmy had to crawl in corners of the dungeon. 2 hours of measuring tape and really bad "architectural" sketches have made her dislike the vet almost as much as I do.

Meezer Rules Wednesday

When your sister has a favorite toy make sure that you turn on the laser eyes and get really meezer-attackative on it until its beaten to death. Its true, I killed the butterfly toy. But its Gamma's fault because she can't keep up with my meezer speed. She was well warned as to how fast and serious I am with toys....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The night before my humans went away with the red boxes they had some ice cream. That's not so unusual because they have that like every night. BUT! Do you see the special "bottom of the cereal box" prize on this carton? PLASTIC WRAPPER!!!! Right there for my grasping. The Tall Man of course knew how much I deserved/wanted this treasure. Do you know what he did? Its too aghasting to really share but I will because what have I ever not meezed about?

Anyhow, he took the treasure and hid it behind a pillow. Big whoop- I found it and dug it out. Instead of letting me enjoy my prize he hid it again! And again....and again...and you get the point. I was SOOOOOO mad at him. I let out the deepest angriest most frustrated meeze. Finally he let me grab it and I merrily ran upstairs and hid with my prize in the back corner under the bed. I wasn't letting him have it back!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Man Cat Monday

Well hello friends!  We were away for a week only to hear that this was such a horrible week for our friends.  Please be assured we've been with you all in spirit and have much enjoyed your hugs and we hug you all back!  While the Woman did get e-mails and comments on vacation she couldn't post much of our support which she felt horrible about.  A very very special thank you to DKM for making sure our feelings were transmitted and keeping us updated.  

The Man Cat gets the remote, naturally. There has been no TV time since the humans were away last week but now the Olympics are on 100% of the time. The Woman wants to watch all of the horse events from the Olympics which she recorded while they were gone. Snore!!!!! I think I'll just accidentally delete them. The Awesome Man will thank me.

So we have 839 unread, might be a while before we catch up!  Please bear with us as we are eager to catch up.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Frootbat Friday

We're going silent for the next week. The Lap Lady doesn't have time to help us blog next week as she's going to not be here with us. Grandma will take good care of us but I will miss my Lap Lady like crazy. We'll be back next Monday.

I will entertain my Grandma by running around like like my tail is on fire. I will also confuse her properly by stealing bits of litter and running away like I'm stealing the best thing ever! Everyone feel free to come house trashing. Gramma is good at cleaning up our messes. Gamma is really good though because she will stay with us for a few hours and read a book so I get some snuggle time. Also, she plays too.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful the windows have been open in the sleeping room at night. The air has been really cool so I sleep in the open windows so the air blows right on me. I'm also happy I got some alone in the bedroom time but that I know how to knock on the door when I want to be let out. Finally I'm thankful that the Awesome Man hasn't packed yet. I think that means he's not going anywhere, right?

Something I'm not thankful for is how Latte needs to be held and licked and snuggled when the humans aren't around. He's SUCH a big baby!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

When you see the red boxes come out and get filled with stuff- act really really depressed. Sit in the corner....let your Meowmy hold you....sit in her lap when she's folding laundry- you know, stuff you never ever do normally. Oh, and always keeps sad pathetic eyes on her. The more often she looks at you and sees sad eyes the less likely she is to leave.

I think you all know I'm kind of a softie push over so I'll go ahead and admit I'm REALLY upset Meowmy is going away. Like REALLY upset. I'm afraid she'll never come back. I just let her carry me around the house and sit next to her. I've tried packing myself but she took me out of the red box. What should I do??

Monday, August 4, 2008


Some humans wear interesting hats. Some wear even more interesting this one. Meowmy says its to protect her head if she falls off of Snap or something like that. Its not too hard to understand why she'd wear it because its 15.3H (that's how they measure horses in "hands" 1 hand=4"-thanks to Eric and Flynn's mom for reminding Meowmy the right formula!) to Snap's back. While Snap loves Meowmy and doesn't want to hurt her sometimes horses get scared and "spook". Also, sometimes chestnutthoroughbredmares get cranky especially when its their "time of the month" and can be known to throw some bucks just because.


Wearing his helmet makes Meowmy's head really stinky so she has to take a shower right when she gets home from the barn because the helmet has no air holes. Like how its meezer colored? Her new one is gray so she brought her hold one home. Its important to replace them if they take an impact because they become compromised. This one just got too stinky for her which I'm investigating here.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Man Cat Monday

The Woman got a little ambitious yesterday. Instead of relaxing on Sunday and having a nice day she decided to paint the front steps Out of Doors. The AM replaced a railing and then she sanded and painted the steps because they were looking kind of crudy.

Then the AM decided to go buy a ladder because they have a rental truck that VW is paying for because the black machine's moving roof is broken for the second time. So the rental people gave them a Toyota Tundra. The Woman looks pathetic driving it. Apparently it was quite comical trip to the Home Depot and back with the Woman sticking her head out of the window the whole time watching to see if the ladder was slipping. The Awesome Man got on the ladder and climbed to the top of the house to scrape paint from the windows. This was VERY interesting to watch. We went from floor to floor watching him.

I was a bit frisky on Saturday when the AM's little sister came over to hang out. We played with wand toys. And they all called me the F word. Well F them. Sleeping is what I'm best at doing so why mess with that?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Frootbat Friday

Today I thought I'd show a little of the behind the scenes work with our pictures. For the three of us we take about 200 pictures a week +/-. Then the Lap Lady has to go through them and delete blurry ones, crop, change levels, colors, etc. This is all hard because we work on a Mac at home and the colors look beautiful and then at the LL's work where she reads other blogs everything looks so much darker and less brilliant. But you can't win, every monitor is different.

The Lap Lady tries to get me to look up at the camera so I meeze at her because I want her to play with me and the squiggle.
Then we wait a little as I'm being rather patient hoping she'll put it down and play with me.
And there you have it- a nice shot with my eyes open (as with all of our pictures, if you biggify the effect is much more detail). That's the main goal of all of our pictures, is to get our blue eyes in nice natural light because no matter what she seems to do flashes just don't work for blue eyes. Chase is much easier but then again he's always sleeping (don't tell him I said that!!).

Latte update: OMC! So you know how I won the Breeze Box War of 2008? Apparently there has been a new battle added. All regular boxes have been removed and replaced with Breeze Boxes. I have held out and held out and held out. I went in and out of them and looked at her lots. know what I had to do?? Pee in the Breeze Box. *(*&%!#@ her!!!!!!

Friday Morning Update: We conceded defeat. We have all peed and pooed in the Breeze Box. We humbly acknowledge we did not win this war. Even Chase who held out for a full 24 hours gave in. Meowmy recommends the Breeze Box now. Sigh...