Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some Random Updates

Update 1: Snap (aka The horse). Um yeah....STILL no results on her feminine issues. Oh, and the farrier (shoe salesman) pricked her hoof when he put nails in and now she is "3 legged" lame and has an abscess.

Update 2: The Lap Lady. The Lap Lady is a cranky law student. She has spent every waking moment not at work or school researching and writing her graded memo assignment. I'm not eve kidding, she barely takes food and sleeping breaks.

First Important Update:

Kaze. OMC. Did you see I went Out of Doors. There is a problem I think you all should check out, one that frankly set every fur on my body on end (my expression is above). There might be a roundish monster with feed-horns on the roof!!!! I swear the thing was going to swoop down and eat me. The Lap Lady says it is just our TV dish (which incidentally is broken right now).

The Tall Man and I have a very interesting game going. He likes Ben and Jerry's ice cream, while I really enjoy the plastic piece that goes around the lid. He hides it in the couch, and I find it. He makes me "critically think" and I have to search all around to figure out the best way to find it. So to get back at him I hid the plastic strip in my Hepper Pod bed!! Then I led him there. Hehe....payback.

P.S. No more UTI!!! No more icky meds!!

Second important update:

Latte. I went out of doors. It was nice. I am cute and I purr. And I eat. And I use the clean litterbox right away.

And the one you all really care about:

Chase. Chillaxin', snacking, sleeping and playing bite games with the Awesome Man. Life for a Big Man Cat is good!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lady cats be thankful for your lack of lady parts!

Our horse is having ovarian issues, her right ovary is so hurty you can't touch her on that side. The VET drew some blood on her and is doing to give her a shot tomorrow. We are purring that she will be OK but it is possible this could go a bad direction but we aren't going there yet. So any purrs would be appreciated!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Latte Cam- Day 1

One of the first images from MY camera. The others can't handle wearing a collar with a special medallion hanging, I love it- makes me feel special! Anyhoo, here I am in Meowmy's lap while we watch TV.
This is me waiting for breakfast. That white blur is the food bag, the trashcan is the metal thing.
Morning nap #1- following the sun spot to the back of the loveseat. That is my Poang chair, I will move there when the sun does.
This is Kaze's butt. We were snuggling.
Sun spot! For a brief time it is on the floor. I follow it everywhere.
Poang chair nap time. About now the humans came home for lunch, downloaded the pictures and I started off fresh.
On the couch, checking out Meowmy's blogging computer. Really I'm enjoying the warm spot from when she was eating lunch.
On the sunny side of the couch on our Gizzy Quilt. You can see the corner of the TV and the sun is really bright.
Checking stuff out. That is Meowmy's umbrella, the spot eater (for yak), and Kaze. The Toy Man just got home because the lights are on.
Sitting in a dining room chair while snuggled in the Toy Man's coat. Look, you can see the Toy Man!!

Nothing too fun after that but Meowmy did come home and tried camera on Kaze who was convinced it was a toy around her neck. She won't even try Chase, he gets rid of collars in less than 30 seconds. Lets see what I do tomorrow!

The Man Cat is Back!

That's right ladies....a tall drink of Man Cat. Look at my fabulous come hither stare....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Some glorious Chase for all of my many fans. Nothing spectacular yet but there is more to come....I promise.
I had a really nice time when Kaze was at thet vet yesterday. I enjoyed Meowmy's lap!! I didn't miss Kaze at all!

P.S. Meowmy bought a "pet camera" and put it around my neck. Hopefully it works out well and then you can see what I see!
Hi everyone! I had a rough morning today. I was in quite a bit of pain and doing the many squat things. The Lap Lady had to call the VET place 3 times today to see about the results which the lab didn't fax. Finally at the end of the night the VET lady called and said the lab never faxed it but they did e-mail it. Anyway, long story short the very good news (according to the Lap Lady) is that they were able to take a sterile pee sample and I in fact have a bacterial infection! Now for me, I think this is bad news as I now have 14 days of Clavamox. I hate icky medications. Hate them. The Lap Lady gave me some pain meds too so I would start feeling better fast. The Lap Lady said it could have been a lot worse so this is good news. Plus, she says she's glad she isn't crazy- sometimes the Tall Man thinks she is overly cautious with us kitties. Thanks for all of the purrs! Hopefully I kick this infection fast

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The tortures I endure

Yeah so she left me at 3pm and by 6:30 I had still not peed out my sub-q fluids. I was getting pretty ticked off and the urge to pee was getting really strong. The Lap Lady was nowhere to be seen and I was worried I'd be stuck there all night long. Suddenly, my savior, my hero, my Tall Man showed up to bring me home!! He was going to demand to take me home even if I didn't pee because he didn't want the LL to be mad (she had said no way was I to stay there over night just to wait for me to pee). Since I heard his voice I let the pee go so now they can test it and tell us about it tomorrow.

The doctor things it is probably just a UTInfection but she's smart to test the pee. I'm resting comfortably on my favorite place- the Lap Lady's lap and I am happy to report I can sleep in my own bed tonight with the LL.

Thank you all for purring for me! I was SOOOOO askeered and SOOOOO angry. The LL was illegally texting the TM during her class but she had to know about me. On her 10 minute break in class the TM called her after just picking me up and before she heard his voice she heard mine in the background and that made her very very happy. Then she just about passed out from exhaustion in her class that ends at 10pm.

You know what Latte did while I was gone? Uter betrayal. He claimed MY Lap Lady's lap!! Seriously, he didn't care I was gone- he just claimed her form himself. RUDE.

To the VET I go

I has a little pee problem. The Lap Lady came home at lunch and I tried to pee 3 times and nothing came out so she called the VET place. Then I tried a few more times and eventually did pee after a long drink. And then I did a Kaze-caugh fest. Still, the Lap Lady is being cautious and is taking me to the vet in a few hours. She might even have to miss a class for me. I'll keep you posted!


4:00pm update:
The ultimate betrayal. The Lap Lady LEFT ME AT THE VET!!!! They said they wanted to give me sub-q fluids so that my bladder could fill and they can take a sample. So I'm screaming my little heart out in a metal cage right now. Alone. This is so horrible. Oh, and the Tall Man will pick me up, she won't even come herself!! Can you believe it? The Tall Man will not make the proper fuss I need after the torture chamber. I'm utterly aghastated at this whole situation.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Good News!

The Lap Lady is cutting her workie hours to 30 instead of 40! That means she has 10 more hours to do school work in a week plus.....wait for us blog! We can't promise a schedule yet but it looks like blogging is in our future again. Yeah!

Things we must discuss this week:
1. Awesome new book we were sent to review. Every human in your care should read this!
2. Food to review, we won a contest from DMM to try the new Eukanuba food and boy is it tasty! Plus, DMM sent us some super nip and a nip sardine and it was a huge hit.
4. Loads of fun happenings now that it is fall.