Thursday, December 9, 2010

We're still here!

First of all I apologize in advance for the iPhone pictures, it is all the pathetic Woman can handle these days. ~ Chase

Hi everyone, sorry we haven't posted since October, we know that is pathetic.  2L year is pretty busy for the Woman and right now she is in the middle of her finals.  Taking exams and studying makes her useless at work so Rufus (we'll get to that in a minute) convinced her to update our blog. 

First of all, how cool is this?  Remember our professional photoshoot?  Well we are the February picture for the Pet Plan 2011 calendar!  Our Vet even called the Woman because he saw it and thought it was super cool.

The three of are all doing really well.  Kaze is enjoying the heatbox and Latte is doing his manipulative stuff and pushing her out of the warm corner.  I (Chase) am being really frisky and playful and even snuggling withe the Woman on occasion.  Nothing really too much to write about in our lives because we're totally neglected by the Woman because she is either at work or at school.  The Awesome Man does his best to keep us happy. 

So Rufus......well I'll let him tell his own story.

Hi everyone!!  I am Rufus!!  I have a name!!!!  One day I was outside and I walked into this big yard and this really nice lady came outside and gave me fuds.  Good fuds.  So I let her pet me and then I decided I really liked her petting me so I kept on coming back and asking for fuds and luvs.  I stand on the trash cans outside her windows and look at her and meow and purr and that guilts her into coming out to play with me and snuggle me.  Really I'm intent on coming insides to that office place but the lady says she doesn't have the final say in that. 

So for about a month or so I kept on coming back and getting fuds and luvs and naps in a safe place.  Last week something so cool happened!!!  A little cat house showed up just for me!  The lady said she and the "Awesome Man" built it and put insulation inside and even an outdoor cat heater pad.  I LUVS IT!!!!  I can nap in it and stay warm and cozy and escape the bitter windy colds.  I hate the colds. 

This is what I did for a bed before my "roof for rufus"

This is my rain barrel sunning spot.

So I'm a happy kitty and the lady says she's a happy lady because she gets to have an office kitty.  She named me after her grandparent's cat from when she was a little girl.  She checked to make sure I have a lack of "boy bits" (i don't have them) and put flea meds on me and says sometime soon I'm going to have to visit the VET man to get shots.  This does not sound fun.  But she says I'm also going to get a cool collar with my name on it.  So I guess I'm now an honorary "Cat's P". 
There is a nice kitty heater in the floor!
They all seem to think I'm really cool.
I'm so cute!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


First of all, our Auntie E had her little blurpy and Meowmy was with her for all 26 hours of labor so Meowmy is really tired but has to go to class tonight.  She was editing blurpy pictures and came across pictures of us last weekend out-of-doors.  She can't find more of Latte (she knows she took them) but here are some actual photos of us for once!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Straight from the Meezer's Mouth:

You know how my Auntie E is going to have a blurpy?  He was due to come into the world on Monday and he's not taking the hint that we all want to meet him.  I really love little boys and I can't wait to meet him.  As a welcome and happy birthday present we had this custom made for him Meezer Lovey !  So cute right??


P.S.  Meowmy has FLEAS in her office.  Not to worry though, she gave us some Frontline to guard against us getting them. 

P.P.S.  We miss you all soooooooo much.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cool video and how Latte rules the house

We love our Poang chair, but what a cool idea to let 100 cats explore an IKEA store and do a video about it!  We wish this was in the US (it was in the UK- we often get confused for UK bloggers not sure why).  Anyhow, cool video!

And your resident house meezer would like to mention that after a very long time of being locked out of the sleeping room (all cats, not just me!) we were allowed in last night.  Kaze took her snuggle spot, Chase grabbed a neck to nuzzle and I hung for a bit but then got so extremely jealous that I had to start munching on a bag to make noise and annoy everyone.  Meowmy said I ruined it for everyone....but....I'm the meezer, I'm supposed to get all of the attention!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Photoshoot Pictures!!

Here is the link to the photos from our Photoshoot last week with Amanda Jones!  She really is a super duper famous pet photographer and she was really nice to work with The Cats P.  The shoot was paid for by out pet insurance company- Pet Plan.  They are going to put us in their magazine Fetch!  and probably use us in marketing materials too.

The Lap Lady did a really good job cat wrangling us and the last set of photos she was holding all 3 of us!

Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Years Ago...

Wasn't I just the cutest little thing ever???  Meowmy was going through old photos and she found me as a baby kitten (just 9 weeks old in this picture).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Latte!!

It's my 5th birthday today!  Meowmy says I get to go on a really special trip with the other cats and get our pictures taken.  We are so excited because a toy bag was packed and treats too!  She keeps saying "you guys have no idea what is coming...." but we just want the toys.  We will report back after our adventure!!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!

Whew, what an adventure!!!  We went to the place with the big mechanical bird things that carry lots of people, I was really askeered that she was going to put me on one and ship me away for ever.  But we turned into a parking lot and went into a building.  We sat for a while while another kitty got his shoot done (we were much better behaved than he was apparently). 

Kaze got to go first and was such a freaking busy body she wouldn't hold still.  It wasn't ideal for a cat shoot because there were all sorts of chairs and such we could hide behind.  Meowmy got a workout running after us. 

It was hard because while we're used to cameras in our faces all of the time, this was a new place and there were lights and a big backdrop and stuff.  After we checked it out for a while all seemed OK.  I (Latte) was perfection of course.  My cute little self looked adorable and we can't wait to see the final photos.  Chase got the most attention because he's so big and mancatly.  At the end we got to do some shots with all three of us and some with Meowmy too! 

Then we came home and got treats and petting and scritches for being such good kitties.  I'll tell you what, it was better than a trip to the VET!!   

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Vet is a famous Philles Fan!!!

This is our miracle vet :). Look at him catch that ball so that is the hand he has had surgery on numerous times. I love my Dr. Ian!!!!

P.S.  He is taller than the Tall Man!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodbye to My Gorgeous Girl- Jasmine

My first girl, my sweet little Jasmine has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge this morning.  She lived a long life (16 years) and was rescued from the Animal Shelter after someone had dropped her off on the side of the road.  She weighed 4 lbs. and was skin and bones and didn't trust anyone.  She never became a lap cat but she did enjoy snuggling at the end of my bed and purred happily.  This is actually the first cat I have lost in my life because I didn't get my first cat until I was 12 years old. 
I have to tell you the worst story about "Miss Min" because she had a bit of an improper peeing problem.  The worst instance of this was when I went to take my SAT early one Saturday morning and I was standing in the lobby of my high school when I noticed a distinct urine.  She had peed on my coat and I hadn't noticed until then so it had soaked through my sweatshirt too.  I spent the entire SAT smelling that horrible smell (and everyone else around me too). 

She wasn't perfect, but she was beautiful and I loved her.  She was the first of my girl animals and for that she will always be remembered because the girls are truly my loves (Kaze, Snap, etc.).  I will miss you Jasmine, I wish I could have been with you at the end- I would have kissed you as you drifted away.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're getting a REAL photoshoot!

Our Pet Insurance company thinks we're pretty photogenic and since we live w/n 15 minutes from their corporate headquarters....we get to have a photo shoot with their super duper expensive professional photographer!!!!!  AND it is going to be next week on Latte's birthday.  We're making the Lap Lady take off work for it (but not school....she refused to do that).  Now she gets to cat wrangle all 3 of us into their corporate office hehe....should be interesting!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo tease

We know we suck at blogging.  We figured you might like to see how adorable we all still are so we dug up a few from the Lap Lady's camera.  We added a few of her "other" photos which she has found more time to do than be our personal picture slave??!!

P.S. Chase seems to be doing a lot better and is hanging out with us instead of being in the sick room.

Farewell to our very Dear Friends

Today we lost two of the original cat bloggers: Fat Eric & Luxor.  Their loss makes us very sad but reminds us of the good times as well.  Lux hosted one of our most favorite competitions ever and he was a dear friend and kindred spirit of Kaze.  He and Kaze were the original Frootbats!

As for us we're chugging along, getting ready for The Woman's fall semester to start on Monday.  We never wanted to officially announce us leaving the Cat Blogosphere but by now it is pretty obvious we just don't have the time to put into everyone that is deserved.  We'll post from time to time though!  And if you could spare any purrs for me (Chase) I've been very sick for the past day vomitting and dire-rear pretty nasty but I seem to be getting better today.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long time no see! Took matters into our own paws!

Wow, 3 months since our last post!  Summer session struck Meowmy and  she was totally useless.  She hasn't taken a picture of anything since May and that makes her sad, but it makes us cats MAD.  I decided to take matters into my own paws and take my own pictures to show you how thrilling our lives are. 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis Episode).  I was sitting on Meowy's lap for this one getting some nice scritches.
The Toy Man is cooking (shocking I know) and Kaze is being nosy.  That is the rug sucking monster on the right there.
Sitting in the warm laundry. Mmmm warm.
This is the "cat room" aka guest room.  Meowmy stripped the bed because Kaze just had a bout of the squirts and they got everywhere.  It was a long squirts fest and she spent a lot of time in this room alone. 
The green thing is Meowmy's shoulder, the rug eating monster is in the back ground.  Meowmy was eating people food.
Hi Toy Man!!  That is his head; and my chin.

Meomy promises to take some pictures of us this week because she has THREE whole weeks off from school.  Sort of....  We've missed everything that has been going on including our 4 year Blogoversary. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 Years! Happy Anniversary Cheysuli & Latte!

Three years ago today Chey was making me the happiest meezer alive by becoming my wife.  I can't believe it has been that long, it has been such a joy to be married to the prettiest, smartest, most lovely meezer I know.  As a super special treat, since I've been rather neglectful, I am sweeping her off her paws and taking her to Thailand!  We will go visit the temples of our ancestors and be treated with the proper revere a meezer deserves! 

Wedding Photos
Tail Fiasco

I know I will never forget the date because that morning I woke up with what we thought was a broken tail, it was just limp, swollen, and hanging.  Luckily it recovered in time for the wedding and it still gives the purrfect curl. 


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Man Cat Checkin' In

Here you go ladies....try to keep your mom's from swooning at my handsomeness.  I've been so frisky and fun lately, keeping everyone on their toes.  My favorite time of the day is lunch time when the people come home and I get some petting/purring time.  I'll have to get the Woman to get a picture of my beef-cake arm bands from when I was at the vet.  I've been really working on my man cat swagger and I have to expect the ladies will swoon if they see it.  Kaze doesn't, but she doesn't count as a girl cat.  She's just target practice that likes to sap my warmth.

The Woman's been OK, I haven't had to dislike her greatly in a while.  The Awesome Man is still awesome, of course.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Meezer Monday

I'm so cute, aren't I?  I mean really, look at how adorable I am.  We hand bunches of humans at our house over the weekend for the Toy Man's 30th birthday.  Of course, as the social host of the family, I had to put my adorableness to work.  I took it all in and just sat and watched for a while.  The I decided that the herd of blond sticky people was actually quite ripe to adore my gorgeous self.  I impressed everyone with my handsome friendly self and made a bunch of new friends.  Chase eventually played with the sticky people too but Kaze didn't join in the fun.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie E!

This is my Auntie E's grad school bag, this is how I learned the only way to get a grad student's attention is to climb in their bag and look really cute.  I love my Auntie E, she is MY person and I want to go live with her.  However she has exciting news that she will be having a Blurpy in September (just in time for my birthday!).  I love you Auntie E!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Tall Man/Toy Man/Awesome Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all love you very very very very much.  You keep us happy and feeling loved and played with while the Lap Lady has foresaken us for law school.  Without you we would be bored and miserable and feel unloved.  Thank you for being THE BEST cat dad ever.  For your birthday, I have given you a "plastic thing".  Please hide it for me ASAP so we can interact. 

Kaze & the Boys

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Frootbat Friday

 Did you miss my ginormous frootbats?  I know, they really are spectacularly huge.  Guess what, the Lap Lady just completed her last day of her first year of law school, she made it an entire year!  She has an exam left to go but she came home tonight, sat on the couch, and thought....hmmm....time to blog!  Yeah!!

The Tall Man turns 30 on Saturday and he is super displeased.  I hear we are having a party with all sorts of people coming over to visit and I'm not so sure how I feel about that.  We've never had a "party" here before.

Hopefully the Lap Lady will catch up on photos and then we can do some better blogging.  For now, we're all happy and healthy (and we don't consider ourself 'chattel' no matter what the LL says).

Hi everyone, Latte here!!  I've been working hard being SUPER CUTE and prepping for my wedding anniversary with Chey on the 5th (I know I'm a man but I didn't forget!!).  I have a favor to ask of you friends.  You know how my "special person" is my Auntie E?  Well Auntie E is going to have a Blurpy in September!!  She started a new blog to track her exploits and if anyone is interested she has caught the blogger bug and really wants some new friends.  Auntie E's Blog

Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm feeling good! I have a couple of arm bands and a shaved tummy but other than that all worked out just fine for me. Kaze got it next and Latte never did. Viruses are not fun but they are better than other things. Look! She downloaded some photos!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Where the Man Cat tells you I AM NOT A PANSY MEEZER!

Dudes (And ladies). Thanks for the purrs, they've really helped me while I've been in this miserable steel hell-hole. They knocked me out. They x-rayed my insides, ultrasounded me, stuck far too many needles in me, and stole way too much blood.

What can I say, I'm a rock. All test came back inconclusive. Just as the vet was about to scratch his head and move on to the next horrific torture the humans figured something out.

Kaze now has the runs. And Latte's poos is heading there. Yeah, can you say VIRUS? You know, not something worth subjecting me to the hell of the vet for so long. No idea how it got in the house or why but generally everyone is jumping up and down and doing happy dances.

Yet still I sit in my prison cell while they "monitor" me and starve me to death. I need an escape plan, who's in with busting me out? Apparently I get to go home this evening.

(The Woman:)
Hi all, thank you SO much for all of your kind thoughts and worries about Chase, they have been such a comfort. I found Kaze's case of the runs last night and just about screamed for joy (though I'm sure she's less than thrilled). Called the vet first thing this morning and he was quite relieved as well. We'll be getting our big teddy bear back this evening and I fully expect to be shunned for a while. Though I did make the Awesome Man come with me when we dropped him off so maybe I won't get all of the blame?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting worse

(The Woman here)
Chase's blood work came back all normal but he actually is getting worse. He can't keep food down and he is still having very loose poo and frequently. Last night he was in so much pain he sucked his side in and was just staring into space.

I would have taken him to the vet last night but I was moving my horse to a new farm, and she needed me, so I could not make it back in time to get him to the vet. We took him in first thing this morning and they kept him to take some more x-rays (sedated this time) and then we'll see. The vet and I both think blockage of some sort right now. Not sure what it is as the x-rays don't look too bad. The ultra-sound lady will be out between 3-4 to get a better idea of what is going on. In the meantime Chase is being good for them and they are giving him fluids and some pain meds to make him feel better.

So keep the purrs coming!! Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sick Man Cat....need Purrs

Well that downright was rude. They made me wait forEVER and subjected me to sitting on the exam table with the Woman and her law school book while she furiously crammed reading into MY TIME.

Growl report: Loud and Fierce with some hisses thrown in.
Of course they love me anyway.

Hissed of like no other report: They stole my blood. Never take my blood, I get HISSED off and will getcha!!

And an x-ray....really?? An x-ray?

(The Woman gives you a REAL update:)
X-ray showed a rather large gas area, nothing too concerning, but on the edge of concern that he may have ingested something but is working on passing it.

He did drop a pound since December which is not normal for him, and I have noticed one of the cats is eating less the past few weeks.

Blood results come back tomorrow.

I will keep everyone posted! I do have some awesome Chase photos to post, just so little time right now with law school. I miss everyone so much :(

My vet is "perplexed". I always have the perplexing cases.....

Yes, that was me sleeping over the tub drain.
Yes, I fell off the couch in my sleep causing you to laugh. again with the yaking on the stairs.
Also me with the eating less food.
And finally....the runny poo with the blood in it, and the rest of the runny stinky also.

(*&%$. Now the Woman is taking me to the vet. Great........ The only saving factor for me is the Woman has -5,000 hours of "free time" right now so this is further eating into it. Muwhahaha!!!!

(I'll let you know how many times I poo on them at the vet's office)

Monday, March 15, 2010



Kaze can't get on the windowsill to get her plastic thing. The Awesome man put it in the shade assuming it would be a fun yet easy challenge for her. It is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. to watch her. She can put both front paws on the sill, but then stretches so just the tips of her hind claws are on the couch (we're calling it "tripoding"). She just can't do it. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Mind you, she is like 6" wide in general but she can't get on a windowsill that I can very easily chillax on. (Lets not talk about my width.)

Yours in Man Catliness,

P.S. I'm softening to the Woman, I purr for her a lot now. I even request snuggling.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The plastic thing

Apparently the Lap Lady was able to figure something out with her law school fried brain. She can upload videos from her iPhone!! That means when she has a few seconds here and there maybe we can show you guys what we're up to. This is my MOST PRIZED POSESSION!!!!!!!! It is the plastic from the top of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. We call it "the plastic thing" and on weekends the Tall Man tries new and challenging ways for me to fetch it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We had to make our Woman/Meowmy/Lap Lady take a break from being a busy law student today and tell you all how much we MISS YOU!!! We love you all so much, and you bring us such joy in our lives- it makes us all sad to not be able to blog very much. Kaze's boyfriend cat Mao sent her a fabulous V-Day treat (the only one in the house- the Tall Man is bad at this holiday). We made the camera come out and voila....actual pictures of us!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Eyeball Bruise

Hi all, I have an eyeball bruise. No scratches, or anything icky under my 3rd eyelid, just bumped into something playing most likely. I am however the King of perfect VET behavior. I only meezed 2 times on the way to the vet, and when I was there I let Meowmy hold me and the vet even pick up my 3rd eyelid with tweezers (I didn't even flinch!).


Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm kind of in the dog house

So, the poo problem didn't go away and I had to go back to the VET. She's still not sure what is going on with me but it is kind of a wait and see sort of thing. My blood values were slightly off in a few things (pancreatic, kidney, white blood cells) but nothing she was too concerned about. The Tall Man started playing with me and my plastic thing a lot more and now I'm acting fit as a fiddle!

However....the Lap Lady is pretty convinced it was an icky bacteria. Probably because she suddenly came down with a horrible outer ear infection that is killing her big time. She's on hefy antibiotic drops for her ear.'s right eye is pink and squinty and now he as to go to the vet on Monday.

So.....I'm not really anyone's favorite at the moment.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tales of Poo....

So I know I've been MIA but this semester promises to be worse than last for the Lap Lady! You know how I'm showing her my discontent? I have loose VERY stinky poos. Very. Stinky. My feelings finally translated to me putting a poo-star (a-la-Skeezix style) right on her Massachusetts Dog Bite Statute. Yup, take that!

Well, I took that apparently as I was taken to the vet (who thought the dog bite statute-poo incident was rather hilarious). I'm a perfectly healthy cat but with very loose poo. So now I have a nasty antibiotic but some super tasty wet foods! Latte isn't allowed to eat my tasty wet foods and this angers him greatly.

Why does she get the GOOD medicines???

Wanted: Non-smelly house mates that don't attack you when you sleep. Preferably no females what-so-ever.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Woman and the Man Cat

The Woman's grades have been rolling in.....she hasn't been all that thrilled BUT she's determined to just work harder next semester. The biggest change in our house is that I have decided she is worthy of Chase attention, and lots of it. I purr for her, I even *gasp* SIT IN HER LAP. I know, I know, you are all wondering what is wrong with me but I have to say she is just more fun as a student and I know she needs me more. She's a good Woman, I love her.

Looking for some inspiration she picked up a Meezer book she bought last year, Yo Meow Ma which is an ancient Chinesse guide (who of course happens to be a meezer). She purchased the book with blogging in mind but it kind of sat around. The other day she picked up the book and turned to this entry (the link above) about the bird bound cat versus the mouse bound cat. (Latte and I are more mouse bound while Kaze and the Woman are bird bound). So she read the entry (quick read) and turned her attitude around.

On Friday she was sitting in her office when she saw out of the corner of her eye, a black smudge. Turns out a little bird was caught in the office! All of the men-folk there were scared of it, but the Woman was patient and eventually picked up the little bird and placed him outside. He was a bit stunned from hitting the windows so she placed him in the hose housing while he recovered and then he eventually flew off to join his friends. (All of this means nothing to me...EAT the darned thing!!).

The universe talks and we all have to listen. Thankfully we are cats and therefore rule the universe. Hope you are all well, you are all VERY missed by us but we have to help out the Woman and not pressure her to take our pictures or blog.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kaze!!

Happy 4th Birthday Beautiful Girl!!!!

On New Years Day 3 years ago I was brought into the world with my brothers and sisters.

At first my frootbat ears were pretty tiny. That didn't last too long.

I was quite the frootbat even back then!

I loved my family very very much. My mother is a Chestnut and I look just like my Daddy. I am the one snuggled closet to their heads.

I have been blogging pretty much ever since I moved into my forever home 3.5 years ago. You have all been with me through my good times and bad and I love you all very much! I never get to talk about my fun and games anymore and that makes me sad. The Lap Lady says I have to be willing to give up some stuff to help her get through law school. I do my very best to make her happy, she is VERY important to me and I will not let other kitties get love from her without being involved. However, since it is the holidays the three of us decided to involve her in a cat pile. That's right, all three of us on top of her!

Here is to a Happy and Fresh New Year!!!!