Friday, February 27, 2009

Frootbat Friday

I'm getting rather sick of our monthly antibiotics. The Lap Lady tries to tempt us with treats and playtime. While Latte falls for this, I run and hide. Even when she does eventually catch me I refuse to swallow the liquid. I let it fall out of the sides of my mouth. I refuse to believe this is "good for me".

Note from the Lap Lady:
Kaze & Latte are on a monthly rotation for 5 days to treat their stomatis. We've been doing this for well over a year now. Those two certainly don't make it easy on me!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Focus on ME!!! Meowmy has been giving me lots of extra love and petting recently. I love it!!! I make it to bed earlier than Kaze so I can get the good snuggle spot and petting. Meowmy is not completely daft (despite yesterday!!!) as she notes that in return for the prime love time I do not wake anyone up at 4 am. As long as I get the most love and best snuggling spot I will sleep through the night in the same spot. However, if Kaze gets there first I am more than happy to make Meowmy get up, kick Kaze out, and then spend 10 minutes trying to catch me while I hide under the bed.

Morning Update: I stepped up my game even more! I got the other two kicked out and hid under the bed. Meowmy didn't want to Latte-hunt so she got back in bed and figured I'd meeze when I wanted to leave. I didn't want to leave, I wanted the others out so I could sit on Meowmy's chest and purr.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meezer Rules Wednesday

When the unthinkable happens, show your disdain with an icy meezer glare.

The unthinkable: She forgot to feed us for a whole DAY!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ode to my Tail
by Kaze the Cat

I shall hug you tight,

And lick you with all my might!

Though sometimes, we may fight

Whenever we meet in the sun-light,

I know I'll never let you leave my sight!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Man Cat Monday

Watch out ladies, full frontal Man Cat coming at you! I've been practicing looking sweet and handsome since the Woman has been in one of those dark cloud over her head moods. Whenever she gets that way I have to give up my general apathy towards her and let her pet me, give her love eyes, and yes, even purr. Hopefully she cheers up soon because I lose a lot of nap time when I have to work so hard.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Frootbat Friday

The Lap Lady and I had some really nice quality time last night. The Tall Man was at a work thing so she and I hung out on the couch and watched girlie movies together. I was so happy my face froze into a smile. I sure love my Lap Lady!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Acatemy Award Time

Fin is having a celebration of the Acatemy Awards. We don't do a lot of videos these days because they take a lot of time but these are our 3 favorites. Hope you enjoy! Sometimes its nice to go back and remember the fun times of the past, it can help you with the future.

And here is Meowmy's favorite of Latte

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twosome Tuesday

We are the good fur children of the family. Don't we look angelic? We could never do anything bad.....

Our big sister Snap was sooooo bad last night! She thinks she needs gets special treatment since she's the boss mare. Well she was in one of her moods last night and she wanted to be first through the gate to go in for her dinner but then decided she didn't want to go right in and instead decided to nip at the other mares as they went in. They were down to her and 2 other girls when Snap decided that she was getting revenge on the barn lady for not givin her a personal invitation to go inside. Never before has she been so devious, she used her nose to open the gate while the barn person was inside with other horses. She let herself and the 2 other horses out so they could wander around the barn freely. The other horses wanted to eat their food so they went in the barn. Not Snap. Snap went over to flirt with the boy horses. Snap took off running around the barn like a crazy horse. Snap even got the goat to run around and play with her. Eventually she got hungry and let the lady catch her. The Lap Lady says Snap us such a bad horse when she wants to be!
This is the final spot the humans saw while they were away. Do you see the tiny people in the bottom left corner? That is how huge the falls are! These are Montmarcy Falls right outside of Quebec City. The Tall Man wanted to walk across that bridge but the Lap Lady totally vetoed that idea.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Man Cat Monday

You know what I like? Normalcy. Things being the way they should be. The humans are back to being dull and boring on the weekends which is great for me. The Awesome Man even let me rub all over him for as long as I wanted, usually he pushes me away and tells me I'm annoying him. I've been in such a good mood I'm even snuggling and purring with the Woman. She's not always that bad and I guess she does feed us.

However don't think I now like her. I mean, how could I after the litter box fiasco? The Woman told Gamma that there was no need to change the pee pads while they were away because she would do it when they left and got back. So Gamma faithfully cleaned out our poo and fed us daily as well as playing with us and making sure we felt loved. Well, the Woman comes back and waits oh.....5 days before checking the Breeze pads. Apparently she forgot that she told Gamma not to change them. I'll tell you that 2 weeks of 3 cats peeing on one Breeze pad does not work too well. The Woman removed the tray and found a pad totally soaked and a pool of pee that splattered all over the floor. I laughed internally while watching her clean it up.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Freezing Friday

****Breaking New***********
The Lap Lady was just accepted to Law School!!!!!!!!!!

Today I'm going to let the Lap Lady tell about her freez-cation she and the Tall Man took in Quebec City in Canada. The primary purpose of the trip was to go skiing at Mont Sainte Anne. This is a very cool mountain that overlooks the St. Lawrence River and has amazing views.

It was a rather challenging mountain and the trails varied in difficulty greatly even in the same "color range". Ski trails are ranked green-circle (easiest), blue-square, black-diamond, double-black diamond. This mountain had blues that were easily double black diamonds at US mountains in New England. Needless to say the Lap Lady stuck to the greens and one blue that the Tall Man had checked out first.

Luckily there were greens from the top of the mountain so the Lap Lady could get down after visiting the upper lodge and doing some trails on the back side of the mountain. The Tall Man loved it and was very challenged and its hard to challenge him on a ski mountain.

There was certainly a bit of a language barrier as in Quebec the language is French. Both of the humans took French as their language they studied in school but that didn't mean too much. People spoke so quickly and they basically just got by by saying bonjour, merci, and being able to count (for the lifts). Many people at the hotel spoke English but not really well.

The food report from the Lap Lady said she ate wonderful local muscles, salmon, steak, duck, and tons of fabulous fresh fruit and cheeses. Everything was local- even the fruit was from local greenhouses! The strawberries were amazing.

On the way into Quebec City for a night they stopped at the Basillica de Sainte Anne de Beapre. Apparently its a very famous church known for miraculous healings. It was so cold out that the Lap Lady could only really use her point-shoot camera and could only be out of the car a few minutes.

Next they arrived at the Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world! The hotel sits on a bluff behind the fortress wall overlooking the river.

They tried to walk around the city but had to go back to put more layers on as they couldn't feel their legs after 5 minutes out there. After a nice bundle up they decided they had to get out there and see the sights. Vieux-Ville was just beautiful and so charming. They felt like they were in Europe!

They visited the city during the famous Winter Festival. Here they ate tasty maple toffee (which the LL ordered in French and they guy looked at her like she had 3 heads.) There are all sorts of crazy outdoor activities but the coolest part were the ice sculptures. There were so many! These were two of her favorites.

It was so cold that even the woofies out there had booties on! They humans slipped and almost fell with every step but the locals were too so they didn't feel too foolish.

They ate a fabulous meal in the Petit Champlain District. This area is right below the Frontenac- STRAIGHT DOWN the cliff. To get there you have to take a cool glass elevator or the Break-Neck-Stairs.
They ate here (and no they did not eat any bunnies!!). They basically had the restaurant to themselves and its the only restaurant in Quebec with a gluten-free menu. The Lap Lady actually found that on this trip despite the language barrier people took wonderful care of her dietary needs and understood she couldn't eat gluten. She has never had such an easy time of ordering food. At home people generally do not understand what she's talking about and just about every dish has wheat in it somewhere. The local dishes up there did not use wheat for the most part so it was simple for her to eat and eat well!

The Lap Lady SO wanted to buy the meezer in the window but the shop was closed.

They wanted to walk around more, but again it was FREEZING. So instead they explored the inside of the Frontenac and found cool rooms, corridors, and historic photos and such.

Then they drove home to us! They also visited the Montmarecy Falls but used a different camera for that so we'll have to show you them later. They are higher than Niagra Falls!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

My Lap Lady is home!!!!!!!!!!! I missed her sooooooo much. She's getting settled back into work and home and pretending to unpack. I'm just purring my little head off! Thanks for everyone coming over and keeping us company and playing with me. You all made the time bearable! Also, please bear with us as we catch up....the LL didn't have e-mail up in Canada so she has a lot to help us catch up on.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Sisfurs can be quite needy, especially when the humans go away. Kaze was an absolute wreck while the humans were away. She was practically super-glued to me!! You have to be a good big brother even if you are missing your humans yourself.

P.S. THEY ARE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently there is a work explosion but we'll be catching up just as fast as we can. I am SO much the friendliest cat here, I followed them around everywhere when then got in last night at 12.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Soooo bored.....I've been reduced to clawr cleaning. I make that really annoying noise that the humans hate. Staying clean and neat for the Awesome Man's arrival home tonight! I'm not going to ever leave him alone again!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Meezer Monday

Gamma? When will the Toy Man and Meowmy be home? Not that you aren't doing a great job of feeding us and keeping us happy....but its rather unlike them to be gone this long. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the trips in your car to look at the river. The Toy Man never lets me in the car without my carrier so its great to just hang out on the harness. But one tortures me the way I like to be tortured than the Toy Man and Meowmy.

Have any of you Northern kitties seen my humans? They're lost and I'd like them back if you see them. Thanks!

(Chase: I'm hibernating. Nothing fun going on, I only hear whiny meezers all day long. I miss the Awesome Man.)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Frootbat Friday

Our 200th post on our collaberative blog! That's pretty impressive if you ask me, we're such very different cats and we can share together!

I miss my Lap Lady sooooo much! I know she's up there freezing her butt off and going fast down the mountain having fun....but do you think she's thinking of me at all? I mean, I look everywhere for her. Gamma is playing with me and snuggling but its not my Lap Lady. I think humans should be banned from ever going away.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things about Where the Humans are....can you guess?

1. They have to drive North & East to get there.
2. There will be lots of snow and ice.
3. It is guaranteed not to go above freezing while they are there- most likely not even single digits.
4. They brought their long sticks that they use to go down mountains.
5. They will need their passports.
6. A huge Winter Festival where there is even a hotel made of ice! This festival has been celebrated since 1880.
7. Parlez-vous francais? Oui!
8. They will spend one night in a castle that is the most photographed hotel in the WORLD.
9. Gampa will meet them there (he lives in Maine).
10. Did we mention snow and COLD? Meowmy does not really do cold that well...
11. It is fairly likely that the Toy Man will most likely yell at Meowmy for wrong directions at some point.
12. It is the confluence of 2 rivers- one of them was once thought to be the infamous (yet fabled) Northwest Passage.
13. Meowmy has wanted to go back here since she was 7 years old.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Can you please spare some purrs for one of our oldest friends Jake? He was just diagnosed with the C word and really needs some support. We love Jake and his sisfur and his mom as if they were part of our own family so this is really hard.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


As you know the Lap Lady got the "pod" for Christmas. She says she really sacrificed a present to us cats but puuuhleeeze....we're the only things that matter in the house. Once the Tree/fresh spring was removed, and the furniture placed back into the rightful spots there was a dilema about where to put the POD.

Well, my favorite spot to be is in the Heat Box and Latte has taken to liking it even more than me (jerk PUSHES me out!). There was a perfect sized spot next to the Heat Box so now we can chill in the POD and have hot air blow in and not escape. Its HOT in there!!! Especially with 2 cats. Chase gets his alone time in there too but I like to snuggle with Latte for added warmth. You can see our tails got a bit warm and wanted to "breathe".

The Lap Lady told me that she is really really sorry but she will be away until next Wednesday. Post will continue to occur due to the magic of Blogger but we won't be commenting. When she gets back she'll have lots of pictures of ice and snow and the Great North. Gamma will be taking good care of us but she has no idea how to blog.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Meezer Man Cat Monday

The sun was out!!! The sun was out this weekend!!! I rolled around in sun spots and soaked up as much warmth as I could. Rolling around assures that your belly gets warm too! Chase said I get to post a picture today since I'm on a Simply Siamese vacation. He's such a nice big brother.
When you look as regal as I do, you can share a little with your younger brother. I shared that great list you all made with the Woman. She seems to understand a little bit better so on Saturday morning I went up and snuggled with her and purred for her too. Looks like we're turning over a new leaf.