Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well we wouldn't know because we are so far out of the loop wer're not even sure where the loop is located! We are all (including the Lap Lady) extraordinarily frustrated by the lack of blogging time. You wouldn't believe what law school is like though, she has these huge books chained to her hands and the lap top glued to her lap. A cat can't even get in there to snuggle most of the time! Latte & I have been fighting for snuggle time with her- yes it is that bad, even Latte is desperate for her attention. She spends about 8 hours each day on Saturday and Sunday doing school work. Then during the week she spends 10 hours in class, 40 hours at work, and squeezes in about 3 hours of class work and her "necessary" 8 hours of sleep. Oh, and some horse time on weekends and maybe one night a week. Does that even add up? I have paw pads, not fingers!

So anyway, on to the MOST important thing- US!

Being as adorable as usual. Well I have to say, I'm enjoying attention and being scritched- I purr a lot too. I spend my entire weekend on a pillow on the sun porch next to Meowmy while she works away. I'm very diligent in making sure she does her work!
I am also enjoying this whole LL has to sit in one spot thing. I get lots of lap time, I used to only have Latte snuggle time on the weekends and now I have both! Life is grand. And at night, it is getting chilly so I reside under the covers the whole night. When they try to expel me I have taken on Latte's hide under the bed thing. Hehehe!
I don't want to talk about the picture above. It is from the Awesome Man's collection because the woman can't be bothered to pick up the camera and hit the clicky button apparently. As the AM would say "Latte nursing Chase". Um.....I don't want to embelish upon that. Suffice to say, had I had any knowledge of what was occuring I would have been out of there!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's new?

Meowmy's camera is trying to tell her something. She took some photos for work and "accidentally" downloaded a few of her favorite fluffy critters. This means she can post at work! Thank you so much to all of our friends who purred for Tinker, she is recovering well and they are just keeping her quiet now so her sutures can heal.

Gosh we have lots to say but so little time to say it anymore! Lets see....

Latte: Cute as ever. Making Meowmy jealous by especially snuggling on Auntie E when she comes over to make Meowmy even more jealous. We're getting new food called B.G. Which means Before Grain (Merrick) which I LOVE!! The Toy Man got cranky about the stench in the house no matter how much the box is cleaned so we're being moved to a different food and back to a house of Breeze Litter Boxes.

Srsly, we really love the World's Best Litter (which our friend Drew sent us a great sample of) but we have to say, the Breeze does a better job of odor control. World's Best Litter is fabulous for being all natural, flushable, clumping litter, AND it is gluten-free litter (Meowmy asked)! The problem is our main box is in the kitchen and the corn just has a bit of a scent that when used offends the Toy Man's nose (he is super sensitive!). Meowmy loves it... I have to say, as the most picky cat of the house- I still prefer the Breeze Box upstairs.

Kaze: I am withering away and DYING here. I have no snuggle time, no play time, no anything good for Kaze time! I am a velcro kitty to the Lap Lady on the off chance I actually see her. I'm shameless with my purrs, I leap onto her shoulders, I dead weight on her arms so she can't type law school stuff.
Has anyone figured out "speaker phone"? I heard my Auntie E in the house the other day and I searched for her high and low and yelled for her but I couldn't find her!! Very disturbing. My favorite toy of the day is a ribbon with a loop knot in it (you can see it behind me). I will fetch it for hours at a time.

Chase: Working on my tolerance of the Woman. She doesn't but me so much right now. Hairing up the couch. Leaving stinky poos in the litter box.

Monday, September 21, 2009

We could use some purrs for our friend

Hi everyone, our really good woofie friend Tinker is having surgery to remove bladder stones today. She is my Auntie E's woofie and Auntie is my most favoritest human. Poor Thinker is a Jack Russell Terrier and she has been peeing blood so we're hoping she comes out of her surgery just fine!!


Update: She came out of the surgery OK, now we just have to make sure her little over active self heals properly!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Snagged....from the Tall Man

Can you believe the Tall Man actually takes more pictures of us these days? I was told I could do my Frootbat Friday but I had to also do a trio because none of us get much blogging time these days.

The Kaze update: I've decided to change my name to PLAY. That way, I can do what I love all of the time. My new bestest buddy is the Tall Man because he plays with me while the Lap Lady is trying to become a book. Though she did play fetch with me for 45 minutes the other morning after she got home from the gym. I have to find all of the snuggle time I can these days and Latte trys to steal it from me.

Latte update: I'm starved to death around here. STARVED. No one feeds me at all. It is also freezing cold and just down right unacceptable according to meezer standards. Ugh...and they touch me....shudder. The only thing I can't complain about is the brushings, those are good now that the Toy Man is in charge.

Chase: Not much to say, just look at my misery.....she's....touching me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Oh, and here is the one where I am in the ceiling. Hey, I was hunting a red squirrel that actually came in our house one night and escaped through here.
And for the aww factor.....

So we're currently involved in what is going to most likely be a 14 hour day of law school work. And it was beautiful outside and the Woman had no Snappy time and has been typing all day long. She's slightly to majorly crankified.

Anyhoo, as I sit her warming her Torts book pages I compelled her during her weekly backup to dig for some old pictures. And look what she found! This was me as a Massachusetts kitty with my beloved woofie ZuZu. She lives about 5 minutes from us now and is getting to be an old woofie but I just adore her on the rare occassions I see her.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

OMG- Something so shocking...

I'm now going to tell you something that I never ever ever though would happen. EVER. This is so shocking that Meowmy literally fell over when she walked in the door.....are you ready???

The Toy Man CLEANED OUT OUR LITTER BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not a trick, he actually scooped. Never ever in all of the years of cats in his life has he ever scooped. Seriously.

He must really love Meowmy to take over that job. I guess if he is doing his part we should all be extra nice to Meowmy. I've been helping her by napping in her lap and on her books. I can't wait for studying this weekend on the front porch! She has promised pictures this weeked. And the Toy Man just got a new camera that is even nicer than Meowmy's so maybe he can take some pictures of us too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kaze got a Gig!

Did you check out the Cat's Meow today? Kaze is the model for perfect fitness!

Um...Lap PICTURES OF US OK?????? None of this "but I have 10 hours of work to do on Sunday alone". TAKE PICTURES! Oh, and she claims her skills are improving at photography yet she takes less pictures?? Sheesh.

As for the rest of us....sleep, play, snuggle, etc. The Lap Lady is out of the house from 8:30am-10:30pm doing work and school. Yes, straight, 3 days a week at class. That isn't even scratching the surface of legal research and writing and all of her case briefs. Her legal writing professor teaches animal law so that is super cool!