Thursday, July 30, 2009

Frootbat Friday and the otherss too

First we will start you off with your weekly dose of froot. I know, it has been a while for me but my frooty friends have been keeping up very well! That makes me very smiley.
This one is for Cheysuli, here's looking at you kitten!
Yeah I know, I promised a lot of Chase pictures. You know what happened? She came home and found that she really hasn't taken any in about a month. I really dislike her when she ceases to be useful to me. Disgraceful. Ugh, well here is at least one of me having fun!

Looks like I'm a front runner!

I know, I know- where are the Big Man Cat pictures and stories, right? Well, I have made the Woman promise to post a Chase related mega handsome post this evening.

Also, the contest I entered for the local animal charities extended the deadline until August, 15th. The grand prize is an actual photographer coming to take MY picture. Instead of the craptastic lazy Woman. So if you can, votes are much appreciated!! (Since you have to pay $1 a vote we understand if you can't contribute!)
Fur Butts Contest

And to get you excited.....the rarely ever seen....Chase kitten pictures. These are from before I lived with my humans.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Toesday/Tailsday We're still here!

I know, we said we would be back to normal....and we lied. It is all because of this silly office move thing that has been pushed back 4 weeks now. FINALLY, tomorrow, the movers come and the stuff goes to the new building once and for all!!

We miss you all so much, we haven't even had a chance to catch up on our reader in a week. We are very sad about that as we miss our friends so much. The Lap Lady had her inevitable breakdown over the weekend and we seem to be fighting our way back to normal....somehow.

I have been a very good trash thief and have taught the LL to play fetch with receipts! I also licked some cheese on the counter which apparently was a "Kaze NOO!" offense. Beats me why? I've had to purr my little purrer to the brink to keep the Lap Lady's nerves in check, boy it is a lot of work. Even Chase has had to step in (which makes me MAD, she is MY Lap Lady!!!!)

Thanks to all of our very faithful friends and readers for sticking this out with us. We truly love you all!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3rd Blogoversary!!

The Lap Lady is taking a break from her "hectic" life, or whatever her excuse is this week. (LL: Kaze dear, I'm finishing up my first law school class with an exam on Monday, and the company is finishing up construction and moving the business and I'm in charge). Whatever. is our Third Blogoversary!!! I get to go first because I was the first one of us to blog.

I've been helping out the Lap Lady learn her contracts stuff. I would like some "off the contract" restitutionary damages for her repudiation on her contract of blogging with us. See that, I'm learning by osmosis!! I never let her far from my sight. The Tall Man went out and bought Ben & Jerry's ice cream just for me the other night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the game we play- he takes the plastic top piece off and then plays keep away for about 20 minutes while I yell at him. Eventually I am able to hunt it and steal it and run away with it.

I found my shmousie! Minutes after this photo was taken, it felled apart and I had a very big sad. I could not be tempted with other toys, nothing is like a pink shmousie. In the meezer trouble making realm I made Meowmy bleed on her toe the other night when she was zoom-grooming me. We all got clippy claws after that. I know I haven't posted pictures of my 4th of July Pet Parade but that's because we don't actually have any. Meowmy was Latte wrangling the whole time and Auntie E took some pictures on her phone but we don't have them. I'm doing my meezerly thing, causing trouble, looking cute, etc. know you saved the best for last. The Woman, while sucking at blogging, is really on my good side. The other day I felt she was deserving of purrs. I made her give me consideration of course (scritches), but I was feeling like she was worthy. This morning I ran out onto the sun porch and made the Awesome Man annoyed. He threatened to leave me out there all day but gave in after 5 minutes. Don't worry, I didn't learn any lessons, I would happily do it again.

We've been told that after Monday we will be back to normal blogging until the end of August!! Apparently with at least some break in there for the humans to get away from the world for a bit. The poor Awesome Man works day and night at the new building....he's a computer wrangler and he's trying to make them a nice home but the contractors don't really "get it".

Thank you to all of our friends who have made these past three years some of the best in our lives. We love you all like family and while we've not been around commenting or posting, we have been keeping up with everyone. We're sad to be missing out but we know this law school thing is good in the long run.....or so we've been told....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Frootbat Friday

It is my new jellyfish!!! It has legs and is fun to play with. The LL is trying to upload some of her "new and improved" photos but she has to figure out the formatting on the Mac since she took them in RAW and she can't upload that straight to blogger, she has to go through the jpg step first (we think she's got it now).

Now we're in for it....

The Lap Lady found a new law school and photography friend. They were out snap-snapping all evening last night.....she taught the LL how to really use her camera and we can sense that we are now really in for it......

P.S. I REALLY liked the new friend, I even let her pet my head right away! I'm not exactly into new people that quickly usually.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

300th Post!

We figured we should give an update and found out that in the past year we've posted 300 times together! We're coming up on our 3 year blogoversary next week too.

Kaze update:
Thank you all for your worried thoughts about my trauma. About 10 minutes after being home I was 100% normal. My duties this week have included checking out the new food bowls, new litter we're comparing (trying World's Best against the Breeze Boxes since the Breeze pad search is killing the LL), playing with my new jelly-fish toy, and sleeping in sun spots or on the Lap Lady while she figures out Contract stuffs for her exam on the 20th.

Latte update:
Nightly brushings have been very well executed. I found my pink shmousy yesterday and was having great fun playing with it BROKED. The inside thingy fell out and I was very very very sad. So sad the Toy Man hunted for another one. I DID enter the Pet Pageant on the 4th of July and won 3 blue ribbons! Most regal, Most Talented (I was trying to wriggle out of my harness and get back in my stroller), and Most Beautiful. I was up against 2 kittens and another cat so I think I did pretty well. Meowmy says I need to get out more, 2 years ago I was much more relaxed than this year. She says with me and Kaze becoming more introverted and home bound that is not a good thing, she likes us to be adventurous (as long as we are happy of course)

Chase update:
Chillaxin'. Yup..... Not too many big booms so I didn't have to hide a lot. I've been doing a lot of sleeping on my back complete with paw stretches and self-hugs. These sorts of things make everyone announce how I've "still got IT". Well yeah!! I'm me!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Not too happy on Frootbat Friday

So yeah, that was probably the worst "adventure" I could have imagined!! First of all, the PTU was involved- in a major way- which I shall get to later. So I got in the black box w/ wheels. That sucked so I screamed at my Lap Lady with a tone of absolute annoyance the entire trip.

We ended up at the STABBY PLACE. I shall now not call it the VET because it is officially the STABBY PLACE. I did some trips between the LL's lap and the PTU while waiting so that was OKish and then everyone ooohed and awwed over me because they had never seen a cat like me.

At first all went pretty well, I even got a short temperature taking because I was being so good. The really nice VET lady said I'm very healthy and maybe next year I'll need a dental but I'm good otherwise.

Then came the STABBS. I don't get pokey things, I get these things called "titers" which are soooo much worse. They have to steal your blood for them. Well.....I am not letting them steal my blood!!!!! I made them hold me down and stabby at me for 10 whole minutes before they got enough blood. The Lap Lady held my front have, a tech held the back half, and another to take my blood. I purred the whole entire time but it was absoutely horrible. They said I have the veins of a snake!!! So I gotted stabbed numerous times in both back legs. You might think that is bad enough, but it gets much worse.

While the LL went to give them all of her green papers for torturing me she set me on the counter as she does to all of us when we go to pay. That way we're way up high from woofies and the ladies can oooh and awww over us. The LL stopped looking at me so I tried to make a break for home. I pushed the PTU over the counter and went THUD on the ground!!! The LL freaked FREAKED. OUT. Luckily I was in there with my "kaze snuggle" from DKM so my fall was cushioned and it is a big PTU so I landed on my paws. After a full check over I finally got to go home.

I was shaking with anger through my meezes as we returned home. I had to enlist Latte's help to get the stank off of me. I'm traumitized. I need some nip!!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yearly Adventure!

The Lap Lady says I get to go on my yearly adventure tomorrow. I'm skeptical......the only time she says that I generally end up on a cold metal table purring as hard as I can so they can't hear my heart beat.


P.S. It was my Gotcha-Day yesterday! 3 years

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sleepy time & brushing

Interesting fact: as of this post this blog and Simply Siamese both have 297 posts each!

So she figured it out...FINALLY. Meowmy, how many times do I have to tell you that if you brush me nicely with the zoom groom (and not just a cursory once over) before bed time I will not wake you up at 3am. See?

It worked out nicely last night and I even ended up being the last snuggling cat standing. Kaze woke her with purring, I hid under the bed, she said "whatever Latte, deal!" (I that translates to "Latte my favorite little darling I want to sunggle with just you alone!").

Lets keep this up and see if I enjoy it. If not, normalcy will return to 3am wake ups and the hunt for the "sugar beatle". I'm too tiny, she will never catch me!!