Friday, January 30, 2009

Frootbat Friday

Some might think that because of my size I am a weakling. I am NOT a weakling, I am in fact freakishly strong. First of all, I can hold my own in a play-fight with Chase- I can even kind-of-sort-of take him down....well, at least I imagine I can. From leaping so high I have very strong legs and can leap fast and far! But the strongest thing about me is my head and neck.

I can shove my head into the Lap Lady so hard I litterally push her over and bruise her! Its true!! I do this when I want to crawl in her sweater. I dig-dig at her side and then put my snout in the button holes. Once I've got my shout in there I shove forward and upward with all my might. The Lap Lady says its like I'm punching her! I just want to be closer to her and inside her warm sweater.....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

(We were unable to be online at all yesterday due to there being only 1/2 power at the Woman's work place and all of the computers were down all day long)

Thirteen Reasons Why I am Grumpy this Winter
by Chase

1. The Awesome Man does not allow me to throw my weight into him and purr all of the time. He says he doesn't want to get all haired up or knocked over.

2. That little rat Kaze thinks she can pretend to be my friend and attempt to snuggle with me.

3. Its so cold Out of Doors that even the squirrels seem to be hibernating. This means there is nothing for me to stare at in the mornings so I just sleep in.

4. The couch was thoroughly vacuumed and you know how I hate that machine. It was on far too long and sucked up too many of my furs.

5. The store who sells MY FOOD is going out of business. How am I supposed to eat??? The Woman says she'll go to another store but our food isn't sold at Petsmart or Petco (we eat Innova Evo).

6. The humans are going away next week to Quebec to go skiing. That means I have to put up with two needy meezers and one Gamma feeding us. That's not so bad though, she tends to give me extra food and forget about the "diet".

7. Did I mention I live with Kaze? Target practice sure is fun but her ear piercing screams and smack-smacks to my nose are not my idea of a great time.

8. Apparently visitors think its fun to poke me? I don't poke them when they are sleeping.

9. Can you believe the humans open doors and let the freezing cold air inside?? And then have the audacity to keep it only 65 degrees in the house when they aren't here?

10. Latte gets me kicked out of the sleeping room with his nightly whapping tactics.

11. Far too many times I've been told to "Get out of the sink!" The sink is a great napping place with an unlimited supply of refreshing beverages should I get thirsty. I prefer letting it drip on my side and then licking it off.

12. OK, the litter boxes are RIPE. You have to change those Breeze pads more than once a week when you have 3 cats using them.

13. I'm sick of the humans whining. This should be a whine free zone. I don't care if your computer company has royally screwed you or you're dying to hear from law schools. Both of you humans need to shut up and remember what is most important: ME.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Rule #1: Don't forget to enter the Best Fursibling Contest. The deadline was extended and pictures of the prizes have been posted.

Rule #2: Never underestimate your might. Sure the ceiling is high and I am tiny. This fact does not stop me from hunting the flashy lights at any cost. You can jump higher than you think...

P.S. Thanks for everyone's nice words about Meowmy. She is much much happier these days but is counting the moments until Spring. She just had a client altercation at work the other day hence why she came home to hug us. We know you all love our family very much and we love you all too! Meowmy decided that instead of being sad she's going to focus on the good stuff in her life and remember how lucky she is.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twosome Tuesday

The Lap Lady was taking pictures of us and decided nobody ever takes pictures of her so she'd try taking one of herself in the mirror. As you can see, I'm supervising to make sure she pets me right away because I do not wait. The Lap Lady came home for lunch yesterday because she needed to hug me since she was having a bad day. I purred for her and we sat in the heatbox together. Sometimes I forget that she's not a cat!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Man Cat Monday

So I know you all know that I'm just the coolest Man Cat of the family. The Woman still does not comprehend why I am everyone's favorite cat of our family. Every visitor who comes over is drawn to me and always discusses what a cool cat I am. So my question to you is what is your favorite thing about me? I want to make a list for the Woman to refer to, maybe she'll learn. Or not.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Frootbat Friday

My frootbat ears are very itchy and the Tall Man is really good at massaging them! I like when he starts at the base and massages out all the way to the tips. It makes me purr so loudly!!! I have to say the fastest way to my heart is through my frootbat ears!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Archives Video

As we mentioned, Meowmy has been hibernating. She's not really a happy Meowmy so we've been doing a lot of purring on her and trying to cheer her up. We looked back in our archives and found this video of me during my nightly Zoom Groom routine. You can even hear my meeze AND my purr!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meezer Rules Wednesday

While its easiest to pounce on your sibling while they are looking the other direction, resist! Its much more fulfilling if you stare them in the eyes before you pounce. This sort of control takes years to establish so I understand if some of you younger kitties are still working on your self control.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twosome Tuesday

We know we're being a bit sporadic these days but we're reading up on what everyone is up to but not commenting as much as we'd like. Call it our winter hibernation period but it seems to happen every year around this time. The LL gets busy at work and then neglects our needs. So please know we're thinking of everyone and keeping tabs on what is going on.

Happy Inauguration Day!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Man Cat Monday

Well I should say double the man as you can see I'm hanging out with my favorite person. The weekend started off nicely with the humans house-bound due to record low temperatures. Then the AM got ridiculous and decided to go down a mountain on those stupid stick things- at night. He was even able to convince the stupid Woman that it would be fun. If he ever told me he was going to strap long sticks to my paws and point me down a mountain I would bite him- hard. I mean what the heck are these humans thinking exactly?

As for the cat weekend Kaze found nice trash to play with over and over and over and over again. You'd think the stupid Woman would stop throwing it in the small trash can if she didn't want Kaze to get it again. We had bacon time but the AM got all jazzed up that I refused to eat it from his icky human fingers. I mean those things are creepy, right?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Frootbat Friday

I know I have a lot of pictures of my ears lit up from behind. My Lap Lady says its my version of a halo/horns depending on what sort of mood I'm in. Here she called me her little angel because I was sweet and pleasant. Earlier she found me to be a "bad girl" because I was simply enjoying my fun findings from around the house. She should be thankful I make her life more exciting and fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trouble Thursday

Did you hear that? It was Kaze being bad again. She's up there in the bathroom stealing the top off the basket for the fifth time today. It gets her in so much trouble when she hides it under things. The humans spent hours looking for it last night to no avail. I'll give her this- she sure is crafty!!!! At least I never get blamed for her stuff. I think I'll blame the recent couch yakkings on her too. Yup.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meezer Rules Wednesday

The louder you can open your mouth the more tasty tid-bits you can shove in there should the opportunity arise.

In other news, I know you're heard us speak on the merits of Pet Insurance before. Our Pet Insurance Company is having a dressed up pet contest!! You can even win a digital camera!

I entered this photo of me as a Moozer.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just the Two of Us

I love my Latte sooo much. I don't really sleep alone all that much and he's always there for me. If he can't find me he gets frantic and screams until we are reunited. He's gentle when he licks me, and tough when we play tag. He may try to squash me every night when I'm under the covers, but he'll just as nicely share the Lap Lady's lap during TV time. I'm a tough girl and very demanding of play time and he takes turns while we hunt toys like the whirly-bird. Latte may not be my blood brother but you'd can't convince me he's any less my sibling.


I am going to enter Latte in the Best Fursibling Contest. We nominated Chase last year but this year I think the Sugar Bear needs his turn. Have you entered your siblings?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Man Cat Monday

I had a bit of an annoying Kaze weekend. Well, all weekends with Kaze are relatively annoying but this was worst than most. Saturday morning the lazy Woman rolled out of bed ridiculously later than work days so we were starving. We were so starving I actually had to share a bowl with Kaze. I edged her out eventually but I had to eat next to her tiny mouth that crunches very loudly for her size.

To add insult to injury there was bacon in the Awesome Man's breakfast. Now, he's MY Awesome Man so he should have waited for me after calling "bacon" but no.....he just put the plate on the floor while I was still sleeping. Kaze ate MY bacon. Even licked the bacon juice. I was left to lick the dregs that included Kaze spit. It was horrifying.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Frootbat Friday

Today the Tall Man is helping me blog which has never happened before! He wanted me to pose a question to all of you.

What should I do when the Tall Man purposely tempts me with shiny crinkly objects, the same objects, I might add, he specifically yells at me for stealing on other days? At this point he's shoved the shiny wrapper in the couch so I can put my paws on it but every time I touch it it goes further into the cushion. Now he's moved on to a crinkle here...a crinkle there....he's driving me INSANE. He claims he's making me a smarter cat.

A. Should I be enticed to find and play with said object?

B. Should I just yell at him and make him feel horrible as he continues to question me with "What's the matter Kaze? Is there something you want?" in that high pitched condescending voice?

C. Do nothing, pretend to ignore him, and then later in the day fart on his pillow with my tail outstreatched so my spot #13 is where he puts his face?

D. All of the above. My Lap Lady tells me she'd even help me with all endeavors since I can't steal it right under his smirky face.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


My life is so thrilling I find myself having to nap many time through the day. I've made myself a great Chase shaped dent on this couch cushion so its really my favorite place to sleep. The Woman has been wooing me lately and I throw her a bone now and then. I even went to sit in her lap the other day. That would be battle #2 in the Chase-Latte war, which I won. He thought he owned her lap but I won.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Even when you are restricted you must continue to hunt your prey. The Toy Man thinks its hilarious to hold me while I'm hunting the cat danser....I think its not so hilarious.

Bonus rule: Enter the Annual Best Sibling Contest! There are awesome prizes and ever entry earns money to Skeezix's tip jar so there is no excuse not to enter.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Too Much

Yes there is such a thing as too much cat in a pod.

Exhibit a:
Chase in a pod. Happy, snuggly, sleepy- content.
Latte notices. Gets angry. This is Latte's Pod.
Latte enters the pod knowing it will annoy Chase.
Mission accomplished as Chase high-tails it out of the pod.

Battle #1 won by Latte.
The War of the Pod continues....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Man Cat Monday

My Awesome Man has a thing for sweets. He likes his french toast to be covered in maple syrup AND powdered sugar. I sniffed around looking for something like chicken or tuna or something but he's boring and doesn't actually eat anything worth while.

Boy I'm glad its Monday! I know that's an odd statement but I have really missed seeing what's up with friends and whenever the Woman has time away from work she seems to act like she doesn't know how to open a computer. Back to the work place with her!!

We have just been trying to catch up on all of the news and we are just sickly sad to find out that Sen Chan has passed to the Bridge. What an incredible loss.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Frootbat Friday

I know everyone gets annoyed when I "blog hog" but yesterday was my birthday so the boys let me post yet again to be nice brothers. I'm telling you, its been a great birthday week for me! My Lap Lady and Tall Man have been around a ton and playing with me too. Do you like my pretty bow? It was my special birthday bow.

The only trade off with having the LL & TM around is we can't visit our friends blogs too much so we're going to have to catch up here and there. Hope you're all enjoying the new year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kaze!!

Look at what my friends at the Poupounette gave me for my birthday! Its my name in Japanese!

On New Years Day 3 years ago I was brought into the world with my brothers and sisters.

At first my frootbat ears were pretty tiny. That didn't last too long.

I was quite the frootbat even back then!

I loved my family very very much. My mother is a Chestnut and I look just like my Daddy.

At my breeders house we were refered to as Gremlins because of how we look and how we act. I was supposed to go live with one of my brothers but that didn't work out and I ended up with my Lap Lady instead. This was my first day in my new home.

And here I am today at 3!