Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long time no blog.

Update brought to you by Chase:

Yeah yeah pictures.......we are going to start charging the Woman for her lack of photography.  The camera is out.....she's just not snapping.

It's snowing!! could just be Latte's dander.  Little meezer-rat is so flaky it makes me rather gaggy to look at him.  He's always all up in my schiz, rubbing under my chin, lying on top of me, getting under paw.  He is so annoying!  He's also tenatious and doesn't give up until I hiss at him. 

I think we're all hard of hearing from poo-bottom-princess-rat-face.  Aka Kaze.
I have to hand it to her, she does NOT give up.  Ever.  Trash.Trash.Plastic.Thing.Receipt.PLAY.PLAY.!!!!!!!  I'm totally exhausted from dealing with her.  She had that horrible long bout of poo leaking after they changed that room around.  That was so disgusting.  Now she spends her time either in the heat box, lying under the study blanket with the woman, or lying on top of me.  It is winter, it is cold- I get it.  But really?  BOTH meezers can be kind of lung crushing.

Mr. Perfect
Of course I am perfect.  And I do not snore.  I certainly don't grunt-snore so loudly the humans pause the TV and laugh hysterically at me.  Nope.  In good news the sun spots are more frequent so I can get a nice fur-tan.  The Woman sucks, as per usual, but I do take pitty on her now and then.  The Awesome Man still fends me off from violent snuggle-rubs.  I LOVE to get him gets under his skin and makes me laugh.  And tail poof. 

We hope all are well in the Cat Blogosphere!!  We shall attempt some photos soon.  The Woman has Evidence/UCC/Family Mediation this semester and interview and such mixed in.  She's wishing she never went down this silly law school path but she has to finish it now!