Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where The Cats P divide

A Note from Kaze:

We know we NEVER blog anymore but the Lap Lady was just thinking about all of the joy blogging brought her (it was the happiest period of her life thus far) and she's doing A LOT of reflecting these days. 

You see, a few months ago the Lap Lady and Tall Man went away for a while.  Then they came home, and the Lap Lady left.  And she didn't come home.  I missed her and did not understand at all what was going on.  The Tall Man was angry and sad and didn't pay us much attention.  Then the Lap Lady came back, put me and Latte in a carrier, and also Rufus in a carrier too, but not Chase.  Then we got her car and she drove us far far away from home and we never went back.  We arrived at this other place and we got out of our carriers and settled into our temporary home. We are staying in a big sunroom with windows on all 4 walls, tons of hidey spots, and beds, and toys, and furniture, and other good stuff.  But the Lap Lady said we're never going home again and neither is she.

In this new place we still never see the Lap Lady because she works and is in her last year of law school.  She says she knows this sucks for all of us (she doesn't  have to be so close to Rufus all day long!!) but it will get better.  She says she had to do it, she needed to be happy, and things just had to end.  I haven't seen the Tall Man, or Chase, or Auntie E, or Gamma, or anyone in so long.  The Lap Lady says Gamma won't be with us much longer as she has lung cancer and is too weak to come visit us, but she misses us.

Life is askeery. 

And even askeerier is that this weekend, Rufus is going to fly on an AIRPLANE!!!  He is going to leave us and go live with Grampa in Maine.  Grampa will love and take really good care of him but the Lap Lady leaks a lot of water from her eyes and says she will miss him so much.  And that she is so sorry to have done this to us.  Latte & I just love the Lap Lady and want to be with her though....and this new house, when we wander around when peoples are is so much fun!!!!!  Lots of places to run around and play. 

So friends, I guess you could say this is the official end to the Cats P.  We're spreading to the wind (all very well cared for) but no longer together.  All good things must come to an end they say...

Love and Purrs,

P.S. On January 30 Snap crossed over to the rainbow  bridge.  We are having a really sad year.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

She got a new camera and it inspired her!


Bird Hunting

Snap will be going to the Rainbow Bridge soon.