Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This is my new favoritest toy, the Cat Danser! Its very fun and I like to hunt it and pounce on it. The LL's new goal with pictures is to get better action shots of us since we're really much more interesting when we're crisp and not blurred.

Don't forget Fin's challenge on New Years Day! Its her and her mom's and MY birthday! I can't wait to celebrate and I hope you all join us!

(For anyone following the LSAT struggle, the Lap Lady got her score last night and is not a happy Lap Lady. She got nowhere near what she really wanted but she says she did her absolute best to study and prepare and the score is what it is. Her dreams aren't totally dashed but she knows that she could not have worked harder for that test so she did her all and she's reaffirmed that standardized test are not her strong suit.)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Man Cat Monday Miracle

Prepare seriously, the following might send you into shock....

Aside from that rather interesting development we all three snuggled and purred on the Woman for a few minutes yesterday morning. She was blissful of course.

What a Christmas we had! It started with our fun package from the KoKo and his family.

Then, on Christmas morning I'm pretty sure Kaze was more excited than most human children. She was bouncing off of the walls and just incredibly excited. Since she wanted to be involved in everything she became the official ribbon holder. She took her task very seriously.

Then the Woman opened up a present for "her" and it was a Hepper Pod cat bed. I won't fit so I can only tell you that Latte loves it and sleeps in often and it even fits me very comfily! Kaze is not as thrilled...yet.

And the final thrilling part of Christmas was that the Woman got a new camera! The Awesome Man went all out and got her a Canon 40D which is many many steps above her XT. She was shocked of course and completely overwhelmed. For us this means even better pictures of us. Oh, and she got a book to explain it too so she's learning more about pictures. The Awesome Man thinks someday she could actually get paid for her cat photos if she takes them of other people's cats and not us.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Frootbat Friday

What a day of fun here yesterday! I was finally allowed into my stocking and I got my new wand toy. We also were allowed to have our Secret Paws presents! However, the best part was all of the ribbons and bits of paper!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope you're all having a great day, and playing with awesome toys and eating lots of tasty tid-bits.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Probably not the best way to get Santa Paws on your side is to bite your sister. Oh well, our Secret Paws package came so that's good enough for me. Stingy Meowmy put our presents in our stocking so we have to wait. Meowmy is next on the bitey list.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Twosome Tuesday

We're starting to get into the holiday spirit. As you can see I have my special holiday collar on and we're in front of the tree with the special water at the base. I LOVE pine water its so tasty and good.

I was a bad girl yesterday. I saw that Santa Paws came early to our house and put a new wand toy in my stocking!! I was good for a week but then I could not resist. I jumped up and pulled the whole stocking down. I knew it was bad though and Santa Paws would not be proud so I just walked away and didn't take the toy with me. The Lap Lady says I have to be really good until Christmas now or else I might not get anything special!!

Man Cat Monday

On Saturday the Mail Man left a package at the front door. Of course I had to wait for the Woman to come home so we could take pictures when I opened it. It is a nip pad from my bestest friends Adan & Lego! I was so excited (the Woman was also leaping up and down)! Inside the card was to me (not the meezer rats) and it said I got to have the pad first. Can you guess who tried to usurp my gift first? I'll give you a hint....

Next....Latte decided it might be OK for him to take a turn on MY nip pad. It was not his turn. It is my turn, its always my turn.

As you can see I did eventually win after a few punches. I love my nip pad, it smells so nice and its really fun to ball it up and bite-bite it too.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Frootbat Friday

Ah...that's better! We don't do too well when our blogging time is restricted. So the big tree is up in the living room and while we're all enjoying playing under its boughs and drinking the water, the tree remains incomplete. The lights are up but no hanging cat toys (aka ornaments). The Tall Man says that you can only decorate the tree when there is good Christmas Magic in the air and there just isn't around here.

I know we haven't been commenting as much as usual but we're just kind of all sad. We really miss our friends Dragonheart & Merlin and we don't know if they're OK or not. We mailed them a letter but haven't heard from them, we just hope they're OK.

As everyone knows this Economy is bad bad news. Its getting tight at the office and today the Tall Man & Lap Lady have to let someone go. Its not something my humans want to do at all but they have to keep the company going for everyone else who depends on it. The nice man's part of the company is so slow there is no work for him to do at all. They've been giving him office related stuff (website, etc) but its just been too long with no new projects and none on the horizon (despite very valiant marketing efforts). The Lap Lady's been really stressed and depressed about all of this so we've been lying low and purring on her a lot. She's a nice Lap Lady and she can't stand hurting other people even when she knows its the only way.

In good news at least Auntie K is coming to visit us on Monday! She lives in Kentucky so its a nice treat and the Lap Lady can't wait to see her.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A fragrant aroma!

Sorry, our Internet was down at home last night so no pictures and we had to post from work this morning.

However, an interesting thing happend between last night and now. Chase was starving- so Chase ate. Since he ate too quickly, Chase yakked. Meowmy was able to get him onto the kitchen floor (easier to clean up) and he did his business. She cleaned it up as per her usual course and then forgot about it.

A few minutes later she heard digging. She came out to find me covering the yak spot. Not an uncommon thing except what I did next had her befuddled.

I rolled around all in the bleach spot. It smelled sooooo good and clean! I dove head first rubbing my cheek right into the fabulous scent. I rolled around and repeated the lying down process many many times. I think she might have been laughing a lot but I'm not sure because that would have been rude and I don't think she's usually rude like that.

In case you're wondering, I am not spotted now. I do smell really really clean though!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Kaze's "Petal-Paws"

Monday, December 15, 2008

Man Cat Monday

Its here! That big tree that grows in the living room once a year. Along with the tree comes the underground spring. I love this fresh spring that brings nice pine flavored water that is never ending and bountiful. Mmmm..... Though I do have to wonder why this spring only comes around once a year because otherwise I have to share the Drinkwell fountain with the meezers (which, eeeewww!) or drink from the bathroom faucet which is more laborious than its really worth.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Frootbat Friday

What a fast week this has been! The Lap Lady has been wrapping presents which is awesome for me because that means bows and ribbons! Every night I make sure to choose my favorite and play with it all night long. Then in the morning the LL comes down to find my toy and gets mad and steals it from me and says I'm "ruining" her pretty packages. This makes no sense to me because they are ribbons and bows=cat toys, right? I mean, I'm not crazy here am I?? My Auntie K will understand why her present doesn't have a bow on it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is Boe-Joseph. This is the fellow that started it all for us. He was a lilac point that our Gamma got when she was in high school (in the early 1970's). He always made sure to check her boyfriends and let her know which ones were loosers. When Gamma went away to college Boe decided that he was MAD MAD MAD at her. He would not even give her the time of way so he bonded with Gamma's Mom.

When Gamma had baby-Meowmy, Boe found and even more manipulative way of getting back at Gamma. Whenever they would come to visit (Boe lived in NJ and Meowmy lived in Maine as a little girl) Boe decided he really really liked little Meowmy. She was only like 3 years old but Boe totally adopted her as his pet. He slept with her, and even licked her face like Skeezix does to Mr. TF! Meowmy wanted Boe to come live with her soooooooo badly.

Boe lived a long and happy life until he was 17. Then his kidneys shutted down and one of our VET men (the owner of the practice) had to help him to the Bridge. Can you believe we have the same VET man as Boe? Well, our main VET is the owner's son but still we've seen him too. Because Meowmy loved Boe so much Gamma's Mom gave Meowmy Boe's carrier with his pillow and fur still in it. Meowmy cried so hard, this was her first loss of a loved one. For the next many years as her candle-blow-out birthday she wished that he could come back to this world. Now Meowmy knows he's happier at the Bridge and waiting for her there.

Fast forward 15-20 years later and Meowmy FINALLY got a meezer in her life again. Me!!! Oh, and Boe's carrier is still used for Gamma's kitties :). He was an amazing cat that will never ever be forgotten.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

When the weather gets cold, think warm Spring thoughts! Meowmy decorated the sleeping room so that we can always have a bit of Spring with us. I'm not a fan of parts of the house not being decorated in colors of ME but you know, the wall hanging at least has something to do with cats.

(This is the room Meowmy painted over Labor Day. We have some other pictures we'll show you too. The wall hanging is from Ikea and Meowmy just loves it too!)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Twosome Tuesday

OK its FREEZING here even with the heatbox blaring. We've both taken to just sitting in the heatbox waiting and waiting for the warm air to come back on. Meowmy wrapped a bunch of presents in an effort to be festive so those will be fun to munch on in the days to come. She went out looking to buy some holiday decorations but the ones she liked were either made of feathers, glitter, or twigs- all things that the three of us would really enjoy playing with.

We have to start thinking and shopping for our Secret Paws friend! All of these human presents are pretty much useless except for the fun ribbons and the paper edges to munch on. Maybe Meowmy will let me go to Petsmart with her again because I like riding in the cart and once a year she lets me go with her.


P.S. We put up our dedication on the Dedication of Lights site for the 4 meezer friends we've lost in the past year. Its a fabulous way to honor the memories of our lost friends and help kitties in need at the same time. We highly recommend you visit and perhaps post in memory of lost friends (it doesn't have to be just meezers, its all kitties).

Man Cat Monday

What a relief! The Woman has been like a changed person since she took that stupid test. She was really nervous and froze when she started the test but thinks she did OK. She's really really relieved just to be done and does have a good feeling about it. She had plenty of time left on all sections but now she has to wait 3 weeks to get the score. She wanted me to thank everyone for their support, it made her feel much better and more confident!

And the visitors were..... the humans from The Cats Stephens! Percy was really great to allow them to come visit us especially after his recent surgery and happy cancer free news. I really liked them both, but I especially liked this coat that came with them. Kaze did her best to freak them out while they were sleeping and Latte did the whole don't touch my head thing. All in all we approve of them and they were well behaved as far as humans go. I approve them as visitors in our house as the properly acknowledged my awesome Man Catness which is impossible to deny.

As the Woman says a HUGE weight has been lifted from her we are now able to visit our friends in a proper fashion starting on Tuesday. We've been reading what everyone is up to but we know commenting has been spotty at best. Thanks for hanging with us.

Oh Yeah and Kaze is still celebrating her Most Playful Cat win and the fact that her boyfriend cat made such a big deal about it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Frootbat Freaked Out Friday

Tomorrow is the day. The day of the LSAT. She is taking the train into Rutgers Camden in the morning at 7:30am. The Lap Lady is freaking out a "tad" and I just keep trying to purr on her, well when I'm not in the heatbox. She stayed home to study today but I'm not sure how she thinks more info is going to get crammed into her brain. I think it might explode if she tries to put more in there. She takes breaks to clean the house for after the test.

The Lap Lady says after the test she has a surprise for us! We are getting some visitors, one of whom is also taking that evil LSAT on the same day. Apparently they're coming to visit us more than the humans. Its supposed to be a celebratory weekend so I can't wait to play!!!

Can you guess who is coming to visit? I'll give you a hint, certain cats you know will be without their humans for the weekend. We can't wait! We've never met other blogging kitties humans before.

*******I won Catster's Most Playful Cat!!!!***********

World's Coolest Cat Photo Winner!
Kaze is a Worlds Coolest Winner! at!

more: cat pictures & breed info

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Worst Day Ever

Sometimes the humans forget about me. How, I'm not quite sure but they do. I mean look at me, could you ever take your eyes off my floofy belly? I thought not. My humans can.

I spent the night on the scratching post in the human's bedroom last night. I'm kind of dead to the world when I sleep so if you don't notice me I can't really fault you too much. The scratching post is in the corner too so its very hidden. The Woman gets up and puts those pieces of fabric on her body and went out to paint her face and such. I like to hang with the Awesome Man who sleeps like 15 minutes more. Not yesterday though. Yesterday he got right up and did his thing.

Being a pain in our butts the AM does not like cats in the bedroom when they aren't home because certain MEEZERS that live with us cause trouble. Hence the door is always closed. Well, I was really sleepy and didn't get up to rub all over him like I usually do.

Do you know what happened???? I WAS LOCKED IN THE BEDROOM FOR 10 HOURS. Thats right- TEN HOURS. Latte was hysterical. So upset that he ran to the Woman when she was home from work and was "up her butt" which he usually isn't. She asked him why he was and she finally heard my pitiful cries from upstairs.

Well, let me tell you did I ever have to poo!!!!! First I wanted to be pet. Then I wanted to poo. Then I had to pee. Those humans are so fricking lucky I didn't pee on any of their stuff. I should have too. 10 hours with no food/water/litterbox.

I demand to be taken off of my diet for my good behavior.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Purring is exhausting!

Man, its been really tiring purring on Meowmy. Sometimes Kaze and I have to take a break and snuggle together. Chase of course just avoids her. She says we're getting back to normal with Snap doing her normal Snap related activities. She even said we could start blogging again. Truth is, I think she missed it as much as we did.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Man Cat Monday

What a weekend. We're taking a break for a bit. Thanks for all of the support and purrs and concern. Hopefully the Woman gets her stuff together and we can blog again soon.