Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frootbat Friday Halloween

I'm a finalist in Skeezix's Halloween Contest! Happy Halloween everyone!! See how my frootbat ears stick out of my cute hat? I love my mermaid costume I think its really sparkly and pretty, don't you? I entered the contest as Audrey Hepburn but I tried this first. The Lap Lady says I get to dress up and great kids at the door with her and meeze at them when she gives them candy.

Thinking on Thursday

You don't think my Furchin is getting a bit too you?

A big Congrats to the PHILLIES for winning their first world series since my Woman was born. We sure love our city of Philadelphia! (Our neighborhood is going WILD!)

Meezer Rules Wednesday

The meezer gets along with everyone and can even act as a buffer for those who dislike others. See here how Chase is basically unaware that Kaze is touching him. Its rare to find the 3 of us snuggling, and as you can see, we're all very awake here.

Thanks to everyone's purrs; Meowmy is much better! She even went to workies for a half day yesterday. It seems like just as fast as it struck it retreated. She doesn't think it was a flu since she had no fever but she said it sure felt like it. Today is her first full day back at workies so we'll be back to visiting normally.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tired Twosome Tuesday

We're super sorry about basically disappearing yesterday. That cold the Lap Lady had went super duper psycho on her and she couldn't even get out of bed. Naturally Latte and I stayed close by making sure she was still breathing. I found her hot body rather lovely while Latte just stood there and did his Nurse-Latte routine where he sits on her chest and stares at her. She's planning on work tomorrow but who knows with this nasty cold since going up the stairs winds her. So please forgive us for not visiting, we'll catch up when she's more human.

Man Cat Monday

Look deep into my eyes. You are getting sleepy....very will give me a giant bag of Temptations.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Frootbat Friday

Can you believe that the Lap Lady almost forgot to help me post a Frootbat Friday? I had to jump up on the bed and dig at the covers to remind her that she forgot me! Luckily she obliged and came downstairs. Thanks for all of the well wishes for her to feel better but honestly, I like her sick. It means she comes home hours early and snuggles with me! Its so chilly outside and there is a forest fire in the Pine Barens and it smells like smoke outside the house which is very odd. Its amazing how far the smoke carries!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


See how I always have to keep on eye on her? I have no idea how Latte can actually turn his back on her, if I did that I'd be missing a hunk of fur. I think Kaze gave the Woman her cold because she came home early yesterday and fell asleep on the couch.

We're not a big baseball family but we are pretty excited our Phillies are in the World Series. The Woman was hoping for a Red Sox/Phillies series but at least now she won't be conflicted. I'm sure Saturday is going to be loud around here when the Phillies get home runs. The Philadelphia Sports Complex is about 7 miles from our house so it gets loud what with the sky boomies. I hate sky boomies, they make me hide behind the bathroom door.

Have you voted in the Fall Contest yet? Voting is really tight so go cast your vote for your favorite!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have a little cold

This time of year I'm never ready for the cold. I get all fluffy and shivery and search for every possible warm spot I can find. My Lap Lady dug out my coat and as soon as she put it on I started to purr. It made me nice and warm except Chase and Latte thought they could pick on me. I liked wearing my coat.

Sadly it was all too late and I now have a cold. I'm coughing and just feeling icky. My Lap Lady started me on my homeopathic anti-viral (ICK!!) and antibiotics for a URI. I hate medicines but I hate feeling icky more.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Man Cat Monday

I had to be nice to the Woman last night because she was not very happy at all. She came back from the barn all cranky and I overheard her telling the Awesome Man about it.

Apparently when she was driving next to the barn and about to pull into the main entrance she saw (as is not uncommon) a man with a child "petting" the horses. The Woman has many many times stopped and nicely informed these parents that these are not petting ponies- they are young, intact (still have hoo-has) and can be truly dangerous especially to small fingers. This time the woman considered stopping to discuss with them but as she slowed she gave up and decided it wasn't worth it so she kept going.

So she's out in the ring riding on Snap and all of a sudden the police showed up. They asked her what happened and she had no idea what they were talking about. They asked if she saw any people and she told them that yes, she did see a man and a young child. The very unfriendly officer told her the man is filing a complaint against her because she sped up and tried to run them off the road??!!! My Woman remained calm and said there was no way that was the truth but they made her get off of Snap. Then they refused to hold Snap while she got her license and in fact ignored her request. At the car she mentioned that our car is a diesel so it is louder than other cars and that might have been why they thought she reved the engine. She asked them why the people were standing on private property anyway and they said that they were "crossing a public roadway". So anyway, they were not nice to my Woman but eventually left and they told her she might be getting a complaint in the mail.

Now my Woman knows she didn't do anything wrong but she got really upset with this situation. Not only did she do nothing wrong but she considered actually helping these people and keeping them safe. She has decided that now she is just going to have to call the police when she sees people petting the horses (oh and the man said they were 'admiring the horses'- right, on private property) for their own safety. Plus she is even doubting what the point is in ever doing the "right thing"?

(The Woman has asked for a sign that would state No Trespassing or Horses Are Dangerous or something like that for the 3 years Snap has lived there. However the owners of the farm ignore her as they infrequently visit the farm and never even listen to dangerous problems like faulty electric issues.)

Long story for ME to say that my Woman did some crying and I went over to cheer her. Rolled on my back and all and even pretended to enjoy her petting me. I'm such an awesome Man Cat.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Frootbat Friday

The weather here has been ridiculously beautiful so the front porch has been open to us cats. We love to watch the squirrels from the couch arm or through the glass front door. Chase is getting really annoyed that he can't get out there to them. We were watching them climb down the limbs of the maple across the street and just hang by their back feet! No idea why they were doing it but we were hoping one would accidentally fall into our front porch.

We do have many more funny pictures of us in costumes to post at some point. They're all with the flash though so the Lap Lady is going to try to get some more costume pictures in the daylight this weekend.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goodbye Tiki

We have just learned that the lovely Tiki has been helped across the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone please go purr with his family.


I'm leaping for joy because the Woman actually had a great day yesterday. She really needed to get away from work, the AM, and even the computer and the iphone. She went back to nature and spent the day at the barn with Snap and the other horses. She and Snap got to help bring young horses down to the track to make sure they didn't get scared by such terrifying things as speed bumps, flag poles, bushes, shadows, other know normal stuff to be terrified of. Then the Woman rode another horse and finally ended her day by sitting in the grass watching her horse graze and petting a barn kitty. She said it was a MUCH needed day.

As you can see I've been doing a lot of playing. I thought the red dot had perhaps left the house but the Awesome Man revived it and gave it new batteries. The Woman told me if I didn't apologize for posting that picture of Latte yesterday she would post an equally horrible picture of me in a costume. Well I'm not sorry, it was totally worth it!!! Hahahaha!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Meezer Rule: Never let incriminating photos be posted on your blog.

Chase: Yeah but you share a blog little guy. Hahahaha!!! First of all- its a costume. Secondly- its a merMAID costume. This is one of the many reasons I say you are not a Man Cat.

Latte: Ah...yet I have your nip banana.

Secondary Meezer Rule: Sometimes the humans need a day off. Meowmy isn't day hunting today, she says she needs a mental health day. That means she'll be at the barn with Snap with no computer access.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The Tall Man decided to make himself useful on Saturday night. He spent a whole hour playing with us! He played with me for so long my sides were heaving and the Lap Lady thought my heart was going to explode. She told him he needs to remember that I will play myself to death and I need to be forced to take breaks. Here are a few action shots from the evening.

The Lap Lady is particular about her photos and really hates to have to use the flash. Unfortunately the Tall Man only seems to wave toys around at night so she'll have to deal. She's asking for a new lens for her birthday because she only has the "macro" one that she likes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Man Cat Monday

What a weekend! It was very active and very fun for us cats in the house. The Awesome Man spent many hours playing with us and the Woman took lots of pictures. The weather was perfect so we all spent lots of time on the front porch with the windows open. I even napped with the Woman! I guess I was feeling rather generous.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Frootbat Friday

What a rough week for a frootbat! My Lap Lady has been too busy to help me visit my friends and see what nice tidbits of trash I could steal from their houses! Then, yesterday she said her eyes hurt her too much and her monitor had to go. So the Tall Man had to move her over to a notebook computer with the dreaded Vista. So she's running into bugs aplenty (I didn't tell Latte or he'd be ripping the computer apart).

So I have two important announcements.
1- I really really really want to pick winners in the Frisky Fall contest. We need more entries! Our Spring Contests was huge so come on now, its for a good cause! Deadline has been extended to 10/19 AND prizes will be added later today (millie beds, purr pads, toys, oh my!)

2- VOTE!!!!! Its time for the annual Catster Coolest Cat Contest. We all entered. In every category (hehe). Latte was a finalist last year! We put the easy links over to the right on the side bar. So please give us all 5 paws (if you're so inclined).

For this, I shall purr really loudly and meeze in your face. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Snap Thursdays

OK, I'm tired of the felines thinking they're so perfect. You know what I do to cats who try to sleep in my hay? I nudge them out, that's what I do. I take back control of my space. And while we're talking about things that are MINE I want to make sure you know the Bill Payer Lady is mine. She's not just the Woman, Meowmy, or the Lap Lady, she's my Bill Payer Lady.

Anyhow its fall as I'm sure you've noticed. I recently put up my post on the Frisky Fall Contest. I'm sure you're all quite impressed with my typing skills since I'm an equine and I only have 4 hooves. (Speaking of which is hoooves or hooves? A question to ask yourself when you want to be annoyed by the Treater Man. He's made it a mission in his life to have people say hooooves.)

The Bill Payer Lady has been expecting me to WORK lately....sigh. Its so hard to pick up my feet sometimes and then she expects me to do it perfectly. Why? Isn't it enough I cart her around on my back? Once a week the Feeder Lady comes and yells at the Bill Payer while she's riding me which isn't fun because then the Bill Payer figures out I'm just lazy and can do the things she wants.

I hear the worst rumor. They are going to cut my FEED!!!???!!! I mean really, how much equine cruelty can I endure? I am not FAT.

P.S. Bill Payer says her monitor died at work. So she's switching computers and won't have access today at work like usual.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

What the?? Is there a real live bacon living in our garden???!! Meezer Rule: Yard hunting can result in some interesting finds!

Look what Zoolatry made for me!! I wish I did have a good singing voice but I really just squeak...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tabby Tumbling Tuesday

He might be bigger but I'm tough too! I know how to go right for his face. Then when it gets really scary I just hiss and growl at him until he backs off. That only lasts for about 20 seconds though and he comes back for more. I hate to say this but I think he might be tougher than I am!

The Lap Lady thinks its cool that so many humans are joining Facebook. She's been obsessed for quite a while but in 2 days she jumped from having 80 friends to over 100! She's always wanted to get to know the people that are also slaves to their cats.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Man Cat Monday

Be vewy vewy quiet....I'm hunting kaze-cats.

I had a great time playing with Auntie G on Saturday night. Auntie G is who takes care of Snap every day and she loves kitties and horses both. I've been so frisky and playful that everyone wants to play with me which of course made Kaze jealous. I just can't help that everyone who comes in the house loves me more.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Frootbat Friday

I'm so deprived in life, can't you tell? I meeze and I meeze and I merf and still no one plays with me. I have to step up the meezing because if you haven't noticed we have not been able to visit many friends. The Lap Lady could have sworn yesterday was Wednesday....seriously. So, there are some demands that are going to happen this weekend.

1. There will be lots of snuggle laps.
2. There will be PLAY TIME.
3. There will be kitty pictures taken as its been 2 weeks.
4. The Tall Man's hair must be cut (its getting silly long).
5. Laundry must be done.
6. We must have entries in the Frisky Fall contest!
7. Snap has to have a jumping session. (she had a lesson but not jumping(
8. We need new litter.
9. We need cat food.

10. Our water fountain needs to be washed.

How many of these do you think will be done?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm doing the thanks for the Woman. Yesterday was a big day for my Woman. She went to her doctor's appointment and the doctor man was able to help her where 5 other doctors in 10 years couldn't. So she's pretty happy about that.

Then she and the Awesome Man went to the Drexel University Law School for an information session. The Woman was not really all that impressed. They are only provisionally accredited by the ABA so she didn't think they needed to be so uppity.

She has to go to a school that understands that while she takes school seriously she has a business and cats to make happy and take care of. So she decided that if she has to go all out then she's going all out and aiming for the University of Pennsylvania. Its ivy league and that scares her but her advisor from undergrad thinks it could happen and the Awesome Man tells her all of the time she has to have confidence in herself and her abilities. Its certainly not a guarantee but it could happen and she needs to aim for her very best or not bother at all. Right? (She doesn't want me to say this but she's TERRIFIED).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday & 100th post

Can you believe we've had 100 posts on our combined blog already? I sure can't. I mean we were up to quite a few on our solo blogs but I can't believe we've hit 100 working together. I really didn't think we would be able to share but I'm happy to say it seems to be working.

Meezers should direct the human's cooking by flipping through menus with the meal maker (that is Meowmy's recipe binder). Here I am demanding that everything we eat have Temptations on top.

My extra Meezer Rule is that every cat needs to join in the Frisky Fall Contest because not only is it for good causes- its fun! So go enter!

(Today Meowmy is in Philly-delphia at a specialist doctor man. Nothing to worry about except that there will be no visting of friends today. We'll be back tomorrow.)