Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yearly Exams

Tell me the truth...I don't look overweight to you do I? I mean, the VET wants me to loose 2 lbs and I was supposed to loose it last year but I didn't. I think I'm fluffy and well formed. However, my report card was "A-" and the comment was "Chase needs to chase more!" Then they stole my blood and my pee. I growled a lot at them and even put my teeth on the Woman but I didn't sink in. I don't even have to get a dental!! But now I'm old and have to visit them 2x a year. Boo.
I am a "Rock Star" and got an "A++"!! The tall vet man says I'm very healthy!
It was a rough trip to the vet though, the Toy Man couldn't go so Meowmy had to take me and Chase on her own. She is borrowing Gamma's car this week and Gamma doesn't mind cat fur and such (unlike the Toy Man) so Meowmy let me sit in the front with her on my harness. At first I was upset and she let me get in the carrier with Chase. Then we had to wait in the car for a few minutes while she took care of Gamma's kitties. At the end of the VET experience I wanted to get back in the carrier with Chase but he was growly and wanted to be alone. I spent the ride home on Meowmy's lap with the hot air blowing on me.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Blizzard 2009

Yes, it snows in New Jersey. 24" fell on us this weekend. The humans were getting a bit crazy stuck inside....

Up the street...
This is the reason our car can't get out and I don't have to go to the vet for my yearly check up!

Our backyard. The Woman thought it would be really cool to take Latte & Kaze outside at the start of the storm. I wish she left Kaze out there.....

Meowmy made Chick-hen soup and gave me so real live fresh chick-hen! Aren't my fangs super cool??
Plastic thing.....oh plastic thing....I will find you. You can't hide for long!

I can't even look at that shamless white rat. The snow is good because it means my and Latte's yearly vet check up is rescheduled to next week. Sweet!
I have to just sit here and look regal because Kaze is just out of her mind.
Ben and Jerry- Why do you even bother putting anything in those containers? Or making containers for that matter. Just gimmie the plastic top!!!!!

I was ASKEERED this morning. Terrifieried really. I couldn't walk down the stairs, the Lap Lady had to coax me down. There was a monster on the steps- and that monster is called "Civil Procedure". They are law school books and they are scary!!!! The Lap Lady though something was wrong with my tiny little brain.

I know what you are thinking, "Why are there SO MANY Kaze pictures?" Well, apparently I'm the only one who does interesting things that warrant picture taking. Not really, I just think the Lap Lady is obsessed with catching all of my expressions. Never gonna happen Lap Lady!

Don't you DARE even think about stealing my trash/treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back away from the plastic wrapper....
I'm even taking over the "Awesome Man". Kaze love can win anyone over to my team.

Wow...we know. Bad human who is supposed to be "on break". Well we had a LOT of human time over the weekend due to 24" of snow!!! We NEVER get snow like that in NJ. The humans spent a lot of time living in New England so they were happy to see it...for now.

Ice at the office, thankfully the humans just walk 2 minutes to work so they didn't have to worry about driving anywhere.

This one is the view from the Woman's work window. The evil crazy squirrels trudged through the pristine snow. No really, they are evil- they throw themselves at the windows of the office! There is no telling why but suddenly there will be a whack and a squirrel hurling through the air.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tummy Tuesday

So what's up everyone?? It has been so long since we've ventured into the world of blogging! We wanted to give the Lap Lady her yearly assessment but she was in the middle of a memo and then had that 12 hour final. Now she took one day to herself and has to memorize like crazy for next Tuesday. Then 3 glorious weeks of Lap Lady and NO LAW SCHOOL. We don't have any clean laundry, the house is a mess, there are no holiday decorations, and NO FOOD!!!!

Um Kaze....on the way home I picked up BOTH kinds of cat food. I would never let you starve for a day. ~LL

Welcome to the World!

Our very lovely and sweet friend Tama Chan just gave birth to 4 gorgeous little kittens! She had quite the experience but all are fine now. We are so excited for them all and #1!!

(The Lap Lady had a 12 hour long final exam yesterday. She's cranky....we're avoiding her.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're so excited!

As you can see, I'm thrilled.

Well I am really excited!!!!

The Lap Lady finished her last class of the semester! Perfect attendance. Now she moves on to finals....after December 15th we should have a school break and be able to blog for a bit.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Special Holiday Contest for NJ Cats!

We got an e-mail from Alex letting us know about a photo contest that is just open to pets (humans too) who live in the Garden State! But even if you don't live here, you can still enter to win prizes just by voting! We've submitted our pictures and there really aren't that many submissions yet so chances are pretty good you might win a prize if you enter!

Who couldn’t use an extra $1,000 shopping spree, a $250 gift certificate, or a metal machine with wheels (aka car)? Alex assures us that should a human win, the money would go straight to catnip for cats (of course)!

Palisades Insurance What Drives Your Smile Holiday Contest
(We will let you know we truly scan, read, and check anything we recommend to our readers as something you may actually be interested in!)

Here are our entries:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

For all of you Snap lovers out there

The Lap Lady had a really bad and really good week so far. Monday she cried and cried through class and came home and got my fur really wet some more. Apparently this is totally normal and is "memo week break down". So, she got over that and yesterday she went and did something FUN for once. Check it out....these photos are super duper AMAZING!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Wow, its pretty disgraceful that we haven't posted in so long. It got really busy for the Lap Lady with school & work, but that is no excuse!

The Updates:

We have some tasty new food mixed in with our "healthy" food and it is really really yummy and makes my fur extra soft and shiny AND there is less stink in the house! It is Eukanuba and we're pretty darn impressed.

I'm really frisky this fall, I've even done some back flips while playing.

The worst part of it all was the flea meds....icky, I got some in my mouth and I foamed up and it was horrible. And then we got baths and I was FREEZING cold and wet, I actually let the Woman snuggle me and dry me and keep me warm.

Meowmy is trying to starve me. She offers me yummy foods and then never feeds me on time. It is getting ridiculous, I'm practically wasting away.

The bath wasn't so bad, the Toy Man snuggled me dry and then I smelled really fresh.

There was a FLEA on my nose!! The LL freaked, bathed all of us (found no more fleas) and then put that flea stuff on our shoulders the next day. So yeah...all of that for ONE flea. It was pretty darn annoying.

I would fire the Lap Lady if I could. She never helps us blog, she doesn't even snuggle as much as she used to! I have to give her pathetic eyes and cry to make her feel bad.

I don't want to talk about my life right now, it sucks. After the ovarian issues (which a hormone shot seems to have fixed), I ended up with a horrific abscess in my hoof. I've been in my stall for 3 weeks. My foot gets soaked, treated, wrapped, and duct tapped. Have I mentioned I haven't been outside in that long? The Human tried to give me a nice little walk the other day and I just reared up, bucked, and tried to bolt. I want to PLAY!!!

Plus, that Human is useless, she is never around. Oh, and I hear my entire home and herd is moving to a new farm soon. Well, if they can find a suitable farm.

The human:
Guys, I'm really sorry. I really thought I would be able to keep up at least weekly updates but it just hasn't worked out. With all of the animal health issues, school, and work- I am so exhausted I barely have time to eat. I've been keeping up with what is going on but haven't had time to comment. I don't want to "retire" but I think I might have to take an extended "leave of absence".

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some Random Updates

Update 1: Snap (aka The horse). Um yeah....STILL no results on her feminine issues. Oh, and the farrier (shoe salesman) pricked her hoof when he put nails in and now she is "3 legged" lame and has an abscess.

Update 2: The Lap Lady. The Lap Lady is a cranky law student. She has spent every waking moment not at work or school researching and writing her graded memo assignment. I'm not eve kidding, she barely takes food and sleeping breaks.

First Important Update:

Kaze. OMC. Did you see I went Out of Doors. There is a problem I think you all should check out, one that frankly set every fur on my body on end (my expression is above). There might be a roundish monster with feed-horns on the roof!!!! I swear the thing was going to swoop down and eat me. The Lap Lady says it is just our TV dish (which incidentally is broken right now).

The Tall Man and I have a very interesting game going. He likes Ben and Jerry's ice cream, while I really enjoy the plastic piece that goes around the lid. He hides it in the couch, and I find it. He makes me "critically think" and I have to search all around to figure out the best way to find it. So to get back at him I hid the plastic strip in my Hepper Pod bed!! Then I led him there. Hehe....payback.

P.S. No more UTI!!! No more icky meds!!

Second important update:

Latte. I went out of doors. It was nice. I am cute and I purr. And I eat. And I use the clean litterbox right away.

And the one you all really care about:

Chase. Chillaxin', snacking, sleeping and playing bite games with the Awesome Man. Life for a Big Man Cat is good!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lady cats be thankful for your lack of lady parts!

Our horse is having ovarian issues, her right ovary is so hurty you can't touch her on that side. The VET drew some blood on her and is doing to give her a shot tomorrow. We are purring that she will be OK but it is possible this could go a bad direction but we aren't going there yet. So any purrs would be appreciated!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Latte Cam- Day 1

One of the first images from MY camera. The others can't handle wearing a collar with a special medallion hanging, I love it- makes me feel special! Anyhoo, here I am in Meowmy's lap while we watch TV.
This is me waiting for breakfast. That white blur is the food bag, the trashcan is the metal thing.
Morning nap #1- following the sun spot to the back of the loveseat. That is my Poang chair, I will move there when the sun does.
This is Kaze's butt. We were snuggling.
Sun spot! For a brief time it is on the floor. I follow it everywhere.
Poang chair nap time. About now the humans came home for lunch, downloaded the pictures and I started off fresh.
On the couch, checking out Meowmy's blogging computer. Really I'm enjoying the warm spot from when she was eating lunch.
On the sunny side of the couch on our Gizzy Quilt. You can see the corner of the TV and the sun is really bright.
Checking stuff out. That is Meowmy's umbrella, the spot eater (for yak), and Kaze. The Toy Man just got home because the lights are on.
Sitting in a dining room chair while snuggled in the Toy Man's coat. Look, you can see the Toy Man!!

Nothing too fun after that but Meowmy did come home and tried camera on Kaze who was convinced it was a toy around her neck. She won't even try Chase, he gets rid of collars in less than 30 seconds. Lets see what I do tomorrow!