Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tabby Twoesome Tuesday

Today we had a bit of a fight about who got to post. Since Chase posted yesterday I get to type today. If i lived anywhere but the US I would be called Tabby-Point-Siamese. But since I'm in the US and I was bred and born an Oriental Shorthair I'm a Seal Lynx Point Oriental. Chase has been beating up on my recently. Not that I don't like playing runreallyfastandbateachotheronthehead with him but he's STRONG. And quite FAST. Its a bit askeery.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Man Cat Monday

Rainy weekend means many naps. Many naps alone...with Latte...not with Kaze of course. Also many piles of yak. I had one spectacular spew in the kitchen with a fast repeat in the dining room. That was entertaining. Other than that it was the first relaxed weekend in a LONG time. Auntie E as our only visitor. That and the evil squirrels. They were rather especially evil out in the backyard.

Latte says he and the other meezer rats have an announcement over at Simply Siamese.

P.S. We're having blog visitation problems due to an overworked/over studying human. Please excuse us until tomorrow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Frootbat Friday- Secret Weapon

Here the Tall Man is demonstrating how I'm his secret weapon. See his "I'm shooting a rifle" face while I'm purring and blinking all lovey eyed? There is another shot where he "took off the safety" and turned me around to face the Lap Lady....but we left that one out.

So the Lap Lady has been able to outsmart Latte (at least for the moment). The Tall Man liked to keep the newspaper next to the bed to read. Well not so much news as comics, but I digress. Anyhow, Latte knew that he could wake the LL up by pawing on the paper. Which he did for oh....about a year or so. He did this so that the LL would kick him AND me out of the room because he wanted to play at 4am. Low and behold the newspaper has disappeared and Latte makes it all night without waking her up. Hehe, I like it too because I'd much rather snuggle all night with her than play at 4am.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Extreme Close up!

It is not often that I actually look directly into the flashy box. Less often still is that the lighting works out. But here we have a great example of my eye color and adorable nose.

Alright, I know that this extremely handsome Man Cat face has most likely knocked your socks off. So I have left some nip around to revive you on your blog reading excursions.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

It is especially fun to steal toys away from your siblings when they are trying to play a game of fetch with the humans.

Did you see the fun news?? Visit Simply Siamese for the info

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


As you can see Chase and I have very different tail sizes. Well, different sizes all together really- I could almost be a kitten next to him.

Speaking of tails we have a bit of a problem with our backyard squirrels. One of them decided to gnaw off a piece of our roof and make a nest in our gutter. When Meowmy was coming home from work yesterday she noticed a big floofy tail coming out of the gutter. She told the Tall Man who freaked out. They went back outside and found her right back in there. So out the ladder came and the Toy Man leaned it on the gutter when.....WHAM! Squirrel shot out of the gutter and landed flat on our porch roof. She took a minute to regain her composure, then ran into the tree and yelled at them for 20 minutes while they removed her nest items.

Then they started attacking the tree limbs where the squirrel was using to get onto the house. You should have seen my Meowmy pulling on a rope in high heels pulling the tree branch down. Meowmy weighs 105 lbs. and the tree- lets just say a bit more. So yeah, the tree limb triming didn't go that easily. Have I mentioned that my humans are extra special cases of insane humans??

(Oh and don't worry, my Meowmy loves squirrels, even looking out of the gutter she said "aww! how cute!" They just want them to live in one of the many trees in the backyard and not chew our house apart)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Man Cat Monday/ Meezer Monday

It was a rather frisky weekend so I'm taking Monday off. I'll leave you to squee at my adorable tosies. Go ahea, biggify- they won't disappoint.

Its getting cold so I'm moving into snuggle mode. Auntie E came over and I even spent quite a bit of time in her lap. We're also spending longer time in the sleeping room is being extended due to our chilliness.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Thanks to Pirate's Booty for the idea. And thanks to Pirate's Booty for being gluten free!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Taking the Dare!

Mmm...tasty donkey! Chase bites hoo-has, I bite asses :).

We were getting really close to the deadline and decided to jump on in. The Lap Lady has a meeting in 10 minutes so this has to be fast! Phew!

Anyhow, this is Peg-ASS-us. She is the mascot for the Big Ass Fan Company. These fans are just one of the ways that my humans are helping the environment with their new building they bought for the company. By using one of these fans they will reduce their energy consumption for heating and cooling. The fan guy came and gave a lunch-and-learn (for architectural credits) and they learned all about them. And got Peg-ASS-us. They're the first group to get her, the old mascot was Fanny.

The building is over 100 years old and they are going to renovate it Green and add solar panels, heating/cooling elements, everything is going to be environmentally friendly. And plus? The building is a block from our house! That means the LL and TM will walk to work everyday so they won't use fossil fuels! They drive a diesel car anyway so that saves on pollution and times they have to fill up.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons the Awesome Man lost the couch battle of 2008

1. He can't be here all hours of the day because he works.
2. The Woman could only last so long without Kaze lap time.
3. Latte blends in with the couch so its kind of hard to even notice him there.
4. He kept saying this word "No". does any cat know what that means? Does it mean treats?
5. Fur floats in the air around here, how is it not going to get on the couch?
6. The side couch cushion is a perfect for my body. It took a long time getting it right I'm not giving that up.
7. The meezers are spending ridiculous amounts of energy just annoying them at night to voice their discontent.
8. We've just been extra hairing up their clothes so they bring fur with them to work.
9. The fur that we get on their clothes gets really nicely stuck in the metal machine. And the seats are black so the fur shows up wonderfully.
10. I bit his hoo-has, how can he say no to that?
11. I yaked on the couch instead. Did they want that more than fur?
12. The couches take up 60% of the surface space of the living room so how could we even avoid it?
13. Its not like I was going to stop hairing up the sides anyway. You have to keep your stink on stuff.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

If the weather is nice demand that the windows be open and you are allowed out on the porch. Fall is here so you might as well sniff the sniffy air!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tired Tuesday

Does anyone else with the Breeze system notice actually more bits of litter through the house? Latte and I um...well we like to eat them and play with them so we carry them all over the house. Apparently this is "icky". We've been very sleepy in our house lately. The Lap Lady takes a practice test every Sunday on the front porchy and we aren't allowed to hang out with her. Luckily on Saturday she took a long nap on the front porch and Latte and I snuggled with her the whole time. It was 4 hours of lazy human napping. Apparently she needed it!

Oh and yes, Chase did actually lash out and try to bite the Tall Man's hoo-has! He was just trying to play but the Lap Lady fell on the floor laughing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Man Cat Monday

There was a lot of Man Cat stuff going around this weekend. You know...napping, eating, grunting while sleeping. Man Cat stuff. The Awesome Man did a lot of vacuuming of the couch and said tons of bad words and said something about never letting cats on the couch again. Ever. I'd laugh in his face but that would require energy which I wasn't in the mood to waste. Anyhow, I'll just extra fur it up while he's at work. No biggie.

Oh yeah, there was the whole I bit his hoo-has. That was fun. The Woman laughed a lot.

****Update**** I have just found out some very sad sad news. One of my lovely Charmers Pixie has just gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Pixie we will never forget you.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Frootbat Friday

Should I tell you what a horrible week I've had? You know, aside from not being able to blog at all! So the Tall Man thought that since there was so much stuff in the sleeping room we shouldn't be allowed in at night. That (*&^%$!!!!!! I need my snuggle with the Lap Lady time at night. It keeps me fresh, alert, happy, etc. It makes me cranky not to snuggle. Very cranky. Oh, and he was pushing me off her lap too saying that if she wanted a neck massage no kitties were allowed in her lap. Booo.....hisss!!! Bad Tall Man. So I attacked the Lap Lady's arm (in a playful fashion- bunny kicking) but I only do this when I'm annoyed. So she told the Tall Man to go bite her bottom and he backed off. Now my world is right again. Yeah! Oh, plus the room is officially done.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Bet you didn't know I'm really snuggly did you? Well I am. But Latte has to come up to me. Actually I even snuzzled with the Woman yesterday morning- purring and all. I know, I shock myself sometimes too.

Today we would both like to say how thankful we are for each other. We are thankful that the three of us get along so well most of the time and are a happy little family. Also we're thankful for all of our community of blogging cats and humans. We might not all think the same, like the same treats, do the same things, but we all come together when times are tough no matter what. We love that about this community. So today we want to make sure we thank someone who makes us laugh, think, and smile: Cheysuli and her mom. Now I know you're going to say Latte is biased but even if he wasn't married to Cheysuli we would support her for taking on the tough issues even in the face of opposition. Cheysuli we salute you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

The meezer gets groomed when the meezer wants to be groomed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tabby Tuesday and Talesday

Today I have a tale to tell you. So TS Hanna came on Saturday and dropped lots of rain. The Woman napped all day long- lazy wench. Anyhow she eventually got out of bed and convinced the Awesome Man it was a good idea to go to Ikea. Right in the middle of the storm. So off they went over the Delaware River and into Philly. They were properly soaked and then bought a dresser, wall hanging, and two new lamps.

The Woman had to drive home because our metal machine with wheels is too hard for the Awesome Man to drive if the back seats are down. His legs are really long. So the Woman doesn't really ever drive in Philly. She's not a city driver. She made her way back over the river and got on the major road near our house. Only to find it was a river. The Pennsauken public works department did a bang up job and clogged the storm drain. So the Woman panicked of course as the Awesome Man coached her on driving through the water (it was almost over the wheels). The person behind her got stuck but the Woman did steer the machine through just fine. (The Awesome Man says the trick is to keep the "revs" high so the engine is working). Don't worry, a nice hunk of the bottom of the car is now hanging off.

Then they came back and started to build the Ikea project. Yeah...typical Ikea fashion one of the pieces was wrong. It was drilled on the wrong side so they had to give up and go back the next day. Where they spent an hour in line waiting but they did get a new part! So they put the think together only to find out (in true Ikea fashion) its rickety. Too rickety to hold the sleeping room TV. This made the AM mad but the Woman didn't care. So they left everything half done and the old dresser in the middle of the room. The Woman says she's never starting another project ever again because its not worth it.

Me? Oh I napped. And chased Kaze. And stole Latte's birthday nip.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Meezer Monday Birthday!!!!

I am three whole years old today!! I'm getting to be pretty old! I wasn't even a year old when I started blogging. Meowmy promises me tasty meals of stinky goodness and pushing Kaze from her lap if I want it.

On Saturday Tropical Storm Hanna was blowing and raining all around but it didn't stop the Man in Blue Shorts from delivering a package for me. The Toy Man put it on the ground so I could sniff it but Meowmy was "busy" (she basically napped through the whole storm). So I was all bursting with excitement when eventually the Toy Man asked Meowmy if I liked my present. Well she didn't know I had one!! It was from my friend Skeezix! I was so shocked and pleased that he remembered my birfday. Meowmy swears she didn't forget and ordered me something but I don't believe her. Luckily Skeezix remembered and sent me loads of nip and nip toys.

Do not touch even my box!!!
Everyone feel free to come over for house trashing! We have loads of stinky goodness, toys, nip, and Kaze. She's fun to chase!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekend Post

I know we're not weekend posters usually but this weekend we're sitting at home waiting for that Tropical Storm to drop 3-5 inches of rain on us. That means Snap is stuck in the barn all day long and we're all in the house.

Meowmy was at the VET's office yesterday for work again (NOT with us!!). She was talking to them and they said that this summer has been really slow for their business. She found that disturbing so she asked further. The VET man said that its mostly people who opt not to do proceedures to help their pets because they can't afford them. We understand that green papers get tight but if your VET tells you that there is a lump that is most likely cancer you should have it biopsied!!! So PLEASE again, everyone please look into Pet Insurance. You'll remember that when we lost Storm to lymphoma we were inspired to get insurance. Maybe just this reminder might make your humans think again about insurance because the VET man said barely anyone has it in their practice. I know all of us blogging kitties are well carred for by our beans but maybe someone on the Internets will come across this post and be inspired to get Pet Insurance. We use Pet Plan but there are lots of others out there too. We promise, its not as expensive as you would think!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Frootbat Friday

Many of you read my boyfriend cat Mao's comment yesterday commenting on our blog name: The Cats P and how he never hears about pee. Well, first of all we didn't miss the pun when we created the blog but it really just stands for the first letter of our last name and rhymes with "the cats 3" which is part of a nursery rhyme and there are three of us. However, for Mao, we will give you a pee story.

So you all know that while the sleeping room was being painted (yellow for those who are wondering- we'll take pictures soon) Latte had the squirts. He had them for a few days and eventually went away. Well, the same day they stopped with him they attacked me. And now I have the STINKY squirts (I promise this is about pee, not squirts). Since we use Breeze Boxes they aren't fabulous with loose poo and there is a tough line to draw between remove it NOW or wait until it desicates a bit. Its been pretty stinky so the Lap Lady goes in and tries to nicely pick it all up. Inevitably some sticks to the litter pellets and remains behind.

Latte had to pee last night so he ventured into the upstairs box, the same one the Lap Lady had recently removed my stinky wet poo from. He took one sniff at the litter pellets that had touched the poo and left the box. He then ventured to the downstairs box to have a nice long pee where the stink did not follow him. So, as you can see, we at the Cats P certainly do pee!! Oh, and the pee pads get filled up mighty quick around here too.

Thankful Thursday

Today we are thankful for our very brave friend Texas who sadly went to the Bridge last night. He gave us this award and it really means a lot to us. We want him to know we are with him and his family through this hard time.

We are also thankful the project is done. That's right- the room is officially painted and cleaned up. I sure hope my humans do not try to do another project any time soon. Does that mean the cat room is ours again? No. Bisitor this weekend. I'm going to be really thankful next week when life is back to normal!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

If you have a certain room that is yours it is YOURS. My humans decided while their sleeping room was torn apart to sleep in the cat room. Well the Toy Man wasn't into us sleeping with them in there since its a smallish room so he shut the door. I proceeded to throw myself against the door all night long and yell at him.

So Kaze very happily did the drawing. We'd post pictures but she moved to fast and ran with her prize. After hunting the slip of paper the Lap Lady was able to wrestle it from her and read the name. The winner of the loosing DIY project is.....Skeeter, LC, and Ayla! I guess they have lots of experience with the Big Thing. Since its MY BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY (hint hint Meowmy!!!!) I get to choose the prize. The prize will be.....a purr pad from Siamese Rescue! So please e-mail us your info Skeeter and we'll see to you getting your prize. And hopefully she'll order something for me too. But I'm not holding my breath.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Twosome Tuesday

Well.....I know you all had confidence in her but its 12:01 am and she still hasn't finished the last coat of trim paint. There are all sorts of wallpaper bits and tarps and paint brushes and nothing is put away. So I'm going to go with Meowmy failed at her task. Now she swears after she finishes helping me blog she's going to go finish but its already technically Tuesday so she failed to meet her deadline.

Thanks for all of the well wishes. My squirts seem to be resolving themselves. I've just been sleepy and snuggly but all seems to be getting back to normal on that end. Plus I had to throw my body at the cat room door because the humans are sleeping in there and won't let us in! Its just torture.

Kaze will do the drawing this evening as we know how she likes to steal bits of paper. Meowmy hangs her head in shame for all of you that had confidence in her. She says the day and a half of wallpaper removal was just too much and while she did stay up until 2 am last night she still has the baseboard to paint. So that means Isis, Titus, Boy, Sammy, Fin, Sunny, and Skeeter (and their associated family members) are in the drawing for the prize. We'll let you know who wins tomorrow and hopefully the room will be done by then. Oh, except she says she's shopping tonight with Auntie E. Slacker.