Monday, June 30, 2008

Man Cat Monday

A common moment of repose during a weekend when I have to endure the Woman being around for more than a few hours.

Do you know what brilliant scheme she thinks she's come up with now? She thinks we're going to switch over to the Breeze system litterbox. Yeah- right! She can put it next to our old box, she can remove the top of the old box, not clean the old box, and even switch places with the old box. The most she'd going to get is Kaze munching on the pellets, latte sniffing around, Kaze napping on the pellets, and me attempting a dig which I found to be unsatisfactory to my Big Man Cat Paws.

My life is never easy I tell you. I just left her a LARGE STINKY poo in the old box for posterity's sake.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Frootbat Friday

Hi everyone! Do you like how my frootbat ears are illuminated? They're kind of like little solar panels.

Do you know that my Tall Man stole my work in progress bag/receipt masterpiece? It was only there for 10 days in the middle of the food eating room. It forced me to find some other toys and I found a nice squiggle to play with. I'm still trying to teach my Lap Lady how to properly play fetch.

Step 1- get a squiggle (or sparkle ball if you can).
Step 2- throw it for me.
Step 3- I will bat it around for a bit and bring it close to you but further than when we started.
Step 4- throw again.
Step 5- I bring it back and drop it even further away.
Repeat until human gets up and retrieves the squiggle.

My Lap Lady doesn't get the whole getting up thing first. I'm still patient with her.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thankfully the search for the new metal monster is over! That Woman is lucky she is a partner in the company because I don't think most bosses would like you to spend an entire day searching for deals on metal monsters. She got a good deal though- better than she thought she could. So now the way metal monsters work in our family is that this new car gets parked in the garage for all time. The "old" car that is 4 years old and has 2,700 miles on it (I'm not kidding) is now the daily driver. I will say my humans work together so they only need to drive one car most of the time. You all know I love my Tall Man but....he's pretty crazy with cars. So yeah, now life can get back to normal and we can actually read what our friends are up to and post some comments and have the humans at home at night. And no, the Woman still hasn't ridden Snap since Saturday so yeah, she's REAL cranky now. So tomorrow after work the AM had better be ready to get to the barn with her.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Rule: Keep some piece of your body in sun spots at all times.

So yeah, we know we're not commenting much right now but Meowmy is still trying to buy a metal monster and then the whole work thing and she hasn't even seen Snap since Saturday. We need to send her to the barn- she's getting cranky. So we're reading and catching up as we can!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Twosome Tuesday, tailsday, toesday, toysday!

Since I'm totally deprived of play time and I've tried reporting my humans to the authorities but they just hang up on me...I have to use drastic measures and play with my brofur's tail. I just have lots of creative energy you know? I need to be active, playing with "trash", pulling myself across the floor by only my clawrs, and practicing my singing from on top of the kaze-proof-trash can.

If they'd just play with me more than 30 minutes a day then I wouldn't have to find so many ways to show my creativity! Really at this point I'm thinking of having a show at a gallery of my "trash" artwork. I'm currently working on a special interactive piece that involves a crumpled up receipt from American Eagle and the empty paper bag from American Eagle. Its really hard to understand the intricacies of what I'm trying to get across and I have to be careful my humans don't wreck my artwork.

The Woman is metal machine shopping via the Internet today because she's trying to own her "fast" or something. She's a lean, mean, negotiating machine!!

***Luckily the nice women at the VET's office know that we're full up on cats or else.....there might be tiny little calico or tuxie or black kitten in the Lap Lady's car. Luckily, they talked her out of it by saying, "Lauren, you are full up!!!!". But if you know of anyone in our area looking some dumb kids dropped the litter of 4 off at the VET's office with sunchips to eat. Brilliant."***

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Man Cat Monday

OK this week had better be relaxing. I sure enjoyed seeing my Auntie K and my Auntie E and both Grandpaws and the Woman's mother (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone) but its time to simmer down. Its hard to get a good nap in when humans are coming in and out. Oh, and for some reason, the Woman decided it would be cool to brush our teeth more regularly. Why? My teeth are fine thanks its the meezers with issues. So in general I'm an annoyed Big Man Cat. I think I'll go twitch my tail and take another nap.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Frootbat Friday

Does it look like I've grown a new hind end here? Not really, its just Latte hidden behind me! He is lying on my tail though but I don't really mind.

OK, so I know we have not commented like all week long and someone nicely yakked a large hairball to complain about said fact. The Lap Lady has just had no free time at all which I find totally bogus because the whole reason we're sharing one blog is so we have more free time. Anyhow, there is her day hunting place and then she had of all of these people who are really important in her life (notice how its all about her and not us???) in the area. So next week I think she has no plans. Really!! Its just every night this week she's had to go visit people who she never usually gets to see.

This is also one week later from when Storm wented to the Bridge. She's being cremated this afternoon and then brought home. Storm inspired my Lap Lady to buy us all pet insurance. Lots of pets in Europe have coverage and she decided that if anything were to happen to us she would want us to fight (as long as we wanted to) and not worry about the cost. Its really not as expensive as you would think! I encourage you to look into it. Should you want a recommendation e-mail as we have some inside VET info on which plans are better than others.

**update** I'm really excited so many of you are curious about pet insurance! You can go to Petplan and get a free quote if you're curious about price.

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful our bisitor is gone. I am thankful that he worked really hard to gain my affections (which I did give him after 2 days) as he should have. I am thankful I got lots of playtime to entertain Grandpaw. However, I am mostly thankful our bisitor is gone and our house is back to normal

I am very thankful for my Lap Lady's lap during blogging time. I like to lie across her lap and rest my chin on her left wrist as she's typing for me. I feel this helps her absorb the posts I want her to write.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meezer Rules Wordless Wednesday

Interpret as you wish: how to act like you don't want your favorite toy.

(We're sorry this is a bad week for commenting on your blogs. We had the bisitor and then Meowmy has 3 friends in town this week from out of own and work is really crazy. We're reading and we'll be back to normal as soon as we can!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tabby Tuesday

Phew, we had a bisitor until this morning. I like him well enough, he's our Grandpaw but we don't see him too often because he lives in Maine. I always remember him though and he thinks I'm really cool and really handsome. Of course Miss Princess Kaze was terrified of him at first and after 2 days was attached to him like glue. She's such a wacko.

Anyhoo...I don't mind bisitors because I get lots more attention and I usually get things like treats and play time because our house is boring and the only cool thing here are us- the cats. Kaze and Latte get tons of play time and I get nice soft pats. I am always happy to investigate new smells and such but I do like when the humans leave the cat room which for some reason they refer to as a "guest room". Oh and guests, the scratching post is not a table. Put your glasses up there and they WILL get played with. Bring tags on your suitcases and Kaze WILL steal them. Humans are never really truly ready for a visit to our house.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Meezer Monday: Anatomy of a stretch...

Step One: Arch the back and curl the tail.Step Two: Reach out one front paw...
Step 3: Push the other front paw out even further while pressing your ears flat.
Step 4: Complete the stretch by slowly bringing your hind legs forward.
(Sorry Chase lost this week on the Monday post. I'll let him back tomorrow...maybe.)

We won't be able to visit anyone until tomorrow because Meowmy and the Toy Man took the day off of work to be with our Grandpaw (more on that later this week) and they are going to a baseball game tonight. Yeah, neither Meowmy or the Toy Man like baseball but the Grandpaw is a totally obsessed Red Sox fan and they are playing the Phillies. Meowmy is probably going to bring a book or something.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Frootbat & Friend Friday

I'm a very sad frootbat today. While I'm sad I'm also so proud. Storm fought an incredible battle against lymphoma- twice! Twice she kicked the tumors and stayed positive. She's just tired now and who could blame her. 12 years and 4 months time doesn't seem enough but she's loved every moment of that time and graced our lives with her joy and spirit. I'm just thrilled to have known her. So this one's for you Storm, enjoy your time at the Bridge until we all meet you there again! She certainly left more than one paw print on our hearts.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today we're thankful that the humans got married 4 years ago. Sure I was with them for 4 years before that but the family started to explode after they got married. Snap joined the family a month later and Latte a little over a year later followed by Kaze. The humans say we're full up and I have to agree! Plus, we have all of you- our friends who are a part of our family.
On the Woman's Honest Tea cap for lunch she found this quote:

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." ~ Gandhi

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Meezer Colors Day!

Today instead of Meezer Rules its Meezer Colors! I decided to make a list of ten things in my house that are reflective of my Seal Point Meezerness.

1. The front porchy is painted light blue like my eyes.
2. The dining room is painted dark blue.
3. The living room is painted "Latte"- how perfect is that?
4. Our couch and love seat are brown.
5. Our Gizzy Quilt has browns and blues AND the back has all sorts of coffee words.
6. The blanket I'm napping in above is light blue on the one side and shades of brown on the other.
7. Meowmy gets all squee-like when she can get something that matches me or looks like a meezer, she loves to decorate in colors of me!
8. One of the humans sets of sheets is dark brown and another is light blue.
9. Our stroller is blue and I'm ALWAYS invited for a stroller ride.
10. I have my own very special DKM snuggle in colors of me. I luff it!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Twosome Tuesday

Even though its apparently HOTS in the Out of Doors, in here its like the middle of winter! The tips of my ears are frigid and my Lap Lady is in a sweatshirt. She's insane by the way. she comes in from Out of Doors panting and sits in front of a cold air blowy thing but then 10 minutes later she is freezing.

In playing news it was a good weekend! My favorite grass wand toy came out and helped me recover the toys I was saving for later under the bookshelf. The Lap Lady found Krinkle-Fish, pink mousie, rattle balls, a sparkle ball, trash (of course), etc. So it was pretty fun! Oh and I hid a tag in her bed for her to find in the middle of the night and freak out as to what it might be. Still, my play time is sub-par and its only getting worse.

This is going to be a crazy week for us with the Humans wedding anniversary on Thursday and our Grandpaw coming down from Maine to stay for the weekend. We're trying to visit as best we can.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Man Cat Monday

As the Man Cat of the house no cat messes with me. Yes this is Latte's precious pink mouse and no I'm not supposed to play with it because apparently its SO special to him. But it smelled interesting so I wanted to lick it. And lick it some more. And all Latte could do was watch me. He even gave the Woman some pitiful looks and she came and took it from me but I got it back anyway. Latte in no way would steal my joy so instead he came over and licked my head.

After I got bored with it he ran right over and reclaimed it as his. It must be tough to be a "middle child". I wouldn't know.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Frootbat Friday

I'm sleeping. This is where I sleep every single night- right next to my Lap Lady's head. I have to wait until she's in bed and check to make sure she's not reading anything and then I dig at the blanket so she lets me under. Then I purr us both to sleep while she hugs me gently.

Then Latte wakes us up jealous at 3 or 4 am. He doesn't like that the LL and I are together because that means he's alone because Chase is not a huge snuggler anymore so Latte has to snuggle between the humans on the other side of the LL. Oh, and he's a HUGE bed walker. Not so much a boob-walker, he just likes to do laps around the bed for exercise or something.

When the LL goes to pick me up and put me out of the snuggle room (because Latte freaks out if he's alone out there) I'm like a wet noodle and she feels really bad about putting me out. Meanwhile Latte is usually hiding under the bed because he knows its his fault.

Do you know what is tasty?

Dry Gluten-Free Pasta Yum!! Its crunchy so you can pretend its a bug but without the bug-like mess. My Toy Man told me I was crazy when he saw me munching on it but I just kept crunching. I can only assume that "regular" wheat pasta would be good too but I can't attest as we don't have any in our house.

Did you know my Meowmy says "Goodbye Crunch & Munch!" to me every morning? I always go eat my first meal of crunchies as my humans are walking out the door. I don't want to miss anything while they are still here but I'm super hungry so I start eating as they are locking the door. They of course think its cute.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Peace Globe Day

As our Tall Man is a member of the Society of Friends (Quakers) we're always up for Peace! The Society of Friends has always been about Peace!

A little known fact about our humans is that the Tall Man and Lap Lady speak in the "Friends Language" where they refer to each other as "thee" instead of "you". Instead of "I love you" it is "I love thee."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tumble Dry Tuesday laundry! Right from the dryer!! I like to burrow in and purr. The Lap Lady gets a little annoyed because I don't like her to take pieces out to fold. So she generally just waits until I'm done with the warmth and I've nicely furred up the "clean" clothes. The best are my Tall Man's socks 'cause they are nice to wrap around my body.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Man Cat Monday

Part of being a Man Cat means occasionally showing your softer side. Sometimes I sleep and hug myself. At times I hold my paws tight against my body and tuck my nose behind them. This tends to illicit "awwws" from all humans in the general vicinity. The essential part of the self-hug is how you are napping. I find that on my back with my top half facing one direction and the bottom half facing the other is quite comfy for the self-hug.

Latte is all meezy and demands that he not give up Meezer Monday so he's doing his post at a Simply Siamese.