Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm kind of in the dog house

So, the poo problem didn't go away and I had to go back to the VET. She's still not sure what is going on with me but it is kind of a wait and see sort of thing. My blood values were slightly off in a few things (pancreatic, kidney, white blood cells) but nothing she was too concerned about. The Tall Man started playing with me and my plastic thing a lot more and now I'm acting fit as a fiddle!

However....the Lap Lady is pretty convinced it was an icky bacteria. Probably because she suddenly came down with a horrible outer ear infection that is killing her big time. She's on hefy antibiotic drops for her ear.'s right eye is pink and squinty and now he as to go to the vet on Monday.

So.....I'm not really anyone's favorite at the moment.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tales of Poo....

So I know I've been MIA but this semester promises to be worse than last for the Lap Lady! You know how I'm showing her my discontent? I have loose VERY stinky poos. Very. Stinky. My feelings finally translated to me putting a poo-star (a-la-Skeezix style) right on her Massachusetts Dog Bite Statute. Yup, take that!

Well, I took that apparently as I was taken to the vet (who thought the dog bite statute-poo incident was rather hilarious). I'm a perfectly healthy cat but with very loose poo. So now I have a nasty antibiotic but some super tasty wet foods! Latte isn't allowed to eat my tasty wet foods and this angers him greatly.

Why does she get the GOOD medicines???

Wanted: Non-smelly house mates that don't attack you when you sleep. Preferably no females what-so-ever.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Woman and the Man Cat

The Woman's grades have been rolling in.....she hasn't been all that thrilled BUT she's determined to just work harder next semester. The biggest change in our house is that I have decided she is worthy of Chase attention, and lots of it. I purr for her, I even *gasp* SIT IN HER LAP. I know, I know, you are all wondering what is wrong with me but I have to say she is just more fun as a student and I know she needs me more. She's a good Woman, I love her.

Looking for some inspiration she picked up a Meezer book she bought last year, Yo Meow Ma which is an ancient Chinesse guide (who of course happens to be a meezer). She purchased the book with blogging in mind but it kind of sat around. The other day she picked up the book and turned to this entry (the link above) about the bird bound cat versus the mouse bound cat. (Latte and I are more mouse bound while Kaze and the Woman are bird bound). So she read the entry (quick read) and turned her attitude around.

On Friday she was sitting in her office when she saw out of the corner of her eye, a black smudge. Turns out a little bird was caught in the office! All of the men-folk there were scared of it, but the Woman was patient and eventually picked up the little bird and placed him outside. He was a bit stunned from hitting the windows so she placed him in the hose housing while he recovered and then he eventually flew off to join his friends. (All of this means nothing to me...EAT the darned thing!!).

The universe talks and we all have to listen. Thankfully we are cats and therefore rule the universe. Hope you are all well, you are all VERY missed by us but we have to help out the Woman and not pressure her to take our pictures or blog.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kaze!!

Happy 4th Birthday Beautiful Girl!!!!

On New Years Day 3 years ago I was brought into the world with my brothers and sisters.

At first my frootbat ears were pretty tiny. That didn't last too long.

I was quite the frootbat even back then!

I loved my family very very much. My mother is a Chestnut and I look just like my Daddy. I am the one snuggled closet to their heads.

I have been blogging pretty much ever since I moved into my forever home 3.5 years ago. You have all been with me through my good times and bad and I love you all very much! I never get to talk about my fun and games anymore and that makes me sad. The Lap Lady says I have to be willing to give up some stuff to help her get through law school. I do my very best to make her happy, she is VERY important to me and I will not let other kitties get love from her without being involved. However, since it is the holidays the three of us decided to involve her in a cat pile. That's right, all three of us on top of her!

Here is to a Happy and Fresh New Year!!!!