Thursday, December 9, 2010

We're still here!

First of all I apologize in advance for the iPhone pictures, it is all the pathetic Woman can handle these days. ~ Chase

Hi everyone, sorry we haven't posted since October, we know that is pathetic.  2L year is pretty busy for the Woman and right now she is in the middle of her finals.  Taking exams and studying makes her useless at work so Rufus (we'll get to that in a minute) convinced her to update our blog. 

First of all, how cool is this?  Remember our professional photoshoot?  Well we are the February picture for the Pet Plan 2011 calendar!  Our Vet even called the Woman because he saw it and thought it was super cool.

The three of are all doing really well.  Kaze is enjoying the heatbox and Latte is doing his manipulative stuff and pushing her out of the warm corner.  I (Chase) am being really frisky and playful and even snuggling withe the Woman on occasion.  Nothing really too much to write about in our lives because we're totally neglected by the Woman because she is either at work or at school.  The Awesome Man does his best to keep us happy. 

So Rufus......well I'll let him tell his own story.

Hi everyone!!  I am Rufus!!  I have a name!!!!  One day I was outside and I walked into this big yard and this really nice lady came outside and gave me fuds.  Good fuds.  So I let her pet me and then I decided I really liked her petting me so I kept on coming back and asking for fuds and luvs.  I stand on the trash cans outside her windows and look at her and meow and purr and that guilts her into coming out to play with me and snuggle me.  Really I'm intent on coming insides to that office place but the lady says she doesn't have the final say in that. 

So for about a month or so I kept on coming back and getting fuds and luvs and naps in a safe place.  Last week something so cool happened!!!  A little cat house showed up just for me!  The lady said she and the "Awesome Man" built it and put insulation inside and even an outdoor cat heater pad.  I LUVS IT!!!!  I can nap in it and stay warm and cozy and escape the bitter windy colds.  I hate the colds. 

This is what I did for a bed before my "roof for rufus"

This is my rain barrel sunning spot.

So I'm a happy kitty and the lady says she's a happy lady because she gets to have an office kitty.  She named me after her grandparent's cat from when she was a little girl.  She checked to make sure I have a lack of "boy bits" (i don't have them) and put flea meds on me and says sometime soon I'm going to have to visit the VET man to get shots.  This does not sound fun.  But she says I'm also going to get a cool collar with my name on it.  So I guess I'm now an honorary "Cat's P". 
There is a nice kitty heater in the floor!
They all seem to think I'm really cool.
I'm so cute!!