Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sick Man Cat....need Purrs

Well that downright was rude. They made me wait forEVER and subjected me to sitting on the exam table with the Woman and her law school book while she furiously crammed reading into MY TIME.

Growl report: Loud and Fierce with some hisses thrown in.
Of course they love me anyway.

Hissed of like no other report: They stole my blood. Never take my blood, I get HISSED off and will getcha!!

And an x-ray....really?? An x-ray?

(The Woman gives you a REAL update:)
X-ray showed a rather large gas area, nothing too concerning, but on the edge of concern that he may have ingested something but is working on passing it.

He did drop a pound since December which is not normal for him, and I have noticed one of the cats is eating less the past few weeks.

Blood results come back tomorrow.

I will keep everyone posted! I do have some awesome Chase photos to post, just so little time right now with law school. I miss everyone so much :(

My vet is "perplexed". I always have the perplexing cases.....

Yes, that was me sleeping over the tub drain.
Yes, I fell off the couch in my sleep causing you to laugh.
Yup....me again with the yaking on the stairs.
Also me with the eating less food.
And finally....the runny poo with the blood in it, and the rest of the runny stinky poo....me also.

(*&%$. Now the Woman is taking me to the vet. Great........ The only saving factor for me is the Woman has -5,000 hours of "free time" right now so this is further eating into it. Muwhahaha!!!!

(I'll let you know how many times I poo on them at the vet's office)

Monday, March 15, 2010



Kaze can't get on the windowsill to get her plastic thing. The Awesome man put it in the shade assuming it would be a fun yet easy challenge for her. It is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. to watch her. She can put both front paws on the sill, but then stretches so just the tips of her hind claws are on the couch (we're calling it "tripoding"). She just can't do it. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Mind you, she is like 6" wide in general but she can't get on a windowsill that I can very easily chillax on. (Lets not talk about my width.)

Yours in Man Catliness,

P.S. I'm softening to the Woman, I purr for her a lot now. I even request snuggling.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The plastic thing

Apparently the Lap Lady was able to figure something out with her law school fried brain. She can upload videos from her iPhone!! That means when she has a few seconds here and there maybe we can show you guys what we're up to. This is my MOST PRIZED POSESSION!!!!!!!! It is the plastic from the top of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. We call it "the plastic thing" and on weekends the Tall Man tries new and challenging ways for me to fetch it.