Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oringe Menice!!!

I am the ORinch meenisss, aka Rufus.  If you can believe it there are no recent pictures of me.  The other cats say you should be able to believe it since you all know how lazy the hooman woman is.  The Tall Man keeps telling her the world needs to hear about me and she needs to teach me to blog but she keeps sighing and falling asleep.  Something about working 2 jobs and going to school at night.  I don't know what any of that is, I just know I rarely see her.

So you all know I weaseled my way into the house right?  They call me "Rufus the Dufus" but I'm smart, really I am!  I knew to attach myself to the Tall Man and that would mean I wasn't going anywhere.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Tall Man.  His neck is juicy and tender and lickable.   He hugs really tight too!  My favorite thing to do is to nurse on his neck and purr (even louder than Kaze!).

I'm having trouble understanding this word, so I'm hoping you other cats can help me out.  "NO"?!  Sometimes it is "Rufus NO!"  I really don't get it?  I mean, it is when I scratch my clawrs on the carpet, or the sofa, or when I mowl at the door.  Worst is when I look at the screen door (I've bolted outside it is fun!!!!).  Sometimes it is followed by a squirt of water!  I'm smart though, I've found if I get out of range of the water squirt it can't get me :).

I'm officially a 'charachter' and my antics get me quite laughed at.  I've taught Latte some pouncing tricks from my days living on the street and he practices them on Kaze.  Kaze is a little witch, huh?  She won't let me near the Food Woman.  She's very possessive and sensitive BUT she's fun target practice.  She thinks there is a "safe zone" around the Woman....hahah NO.  I don't respect this word called "boundaries".  I play rough, and I play hard, but it is fun!  Hey, I'm the baby and I want to play play play!!

Chase taught me to get on top of the cabinets to hide from the hoomans to freak them out.  That's fun.  Latte likes to play tag with me, and I've even licked him once!  Kaze is learning to tolerate me as long as I stay away from "her" woman.

The Woman is sad and frustrated because I won't lick and nuzzle and love her like I do the Tall Man.  She says all of the animals end up loving him more even though she brought us all in, feeds us, and scoops our poop.  So last night I nursed on her fingers for her.  She seemed to like that. 

As a baby kitten I must have been taken from my mama-cat really young because I seriously full on nurse on fingers.  I create a suction with my front teeth on the finger pad of the human and I knead on his shoulder at the same time.  Oh, and PURR.  I'm a really loud purrer.  I'm a really loud talker too!  I "Mowl".  I chirp and coo and make loud noises all of the time.  They say I talk more than Kaze!!!! 

So we'll have to get some more pictures of me but I'm certainly loving my family!!