Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Caution: Devious Frootbat at Work

Kaze:[insert evil pur]

Good morning my friends! You all know that while I look rather innocent and naive that is the furthest from the truth, right? I am super demanding and jealous and of course, a thief. I try not to get heavy pawed with the Lap Lady but with her being at class until 10 every night....well I need to get my lap time!

At Latte's usual wake up time (3am) he was busy sitting on the Lap Lady's chest and purring softly. I was in my spot in her arm pit under the covers. The weight of Latte's pointy paws woke up the Lap Lady and she pet us and tried to get back to sleep. We all know that once Latte wakes her up it is all over.

She grabbed Latte and tried to grab me but I stealthily leapt from the bed and hid somewhere she would never find me. Assuming that I ran out the door, she picked up Fat Turkey (aka Chase) and put the boys out.

[more evil purring]

It worked! I hid for 10 minutes and then crept back into her armpit where I promptly purred to my heart's content until she got up this morning.

Never under estimate the frootbat.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Frootbat Friday

I realized that you haven't seen my beautiful blue eyes recently enough. Here they are!! Along with my frooty ears. I've been velcroed to the Lap Lady as much as possible as this is her last week before she gets back into the law school stuff. I am so so so happy she comes home at lunch time now! She gives me yogurt and snuggles and it is a really nice break mid-day.

We are all behind the Lap Lady! We know you are all behind her too and that gives her such a wonderful feeling. She brings her meezer computer bag and thinks of all of the wonderful friends we have made over the years. Many have come and gone and we miss them so much sometimes. We might not be as visible as we once were but we are a member of the CB through and through!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About My Daily Routine

1. I start the day snuggling in the snuggle room on top of Kaze and Meowmy.

2. Around 3am I decide it is time to annoy everyone else in the house because I am bored. This gets me kicked out of the snuggle room.

3. Around 8am I start waiting outside the snuggle room door. I don't meeze or anything, I just wait patiently until Meowmy comes out.

4. She opens the door and I bolt to the cat room, flatten myself on the ground, and pull my upper body onto the scratching post. Then Meowmy scritches my back.

5. I have to wait until she is done with her human stuff at the top of the stairs where I dart down and wait on the landing.

6. I don't beg for food, I wait until Meowmy feeds us and then I run right over and crunch and munch on my morning snack.

7. After a long morning nap with Kaze on the Poang Chair, Meowmy comes in the front door and wakes us up by kissing us both on the belly. I don't mind so much when I'm really sleepy.

8. Yogurt time!!! Mmmmm.......

9. More snuggling and a lot of watching Kaze and Chase battle in the ongoing THoE war.

10. When the humans come back around 5:45 we have a long discussion about our days. Kaze pretty much dominates the conversation but I throw in little meezes and chirps, and yawns too.

11. On a good day, Meowmy is at home and plops on the couch to help us blog. If she does that I sometimes snuggle up in her lap on top of Kaze. I have to dig dig dig on her to get a comfy spot.

12. On a bad day (ie school work) she sits and types and reads a really heavy book so I sleep in a meezer loaf on the side of the couch.

13. Shower time! I wait outside of the room where they get all wet and brush stuff. When they come out, I leap toward the snuggle room.

Then it all starts again!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


We all love sun spots, in fact we often have to share/fight over the nice ones in the living room. I know I look rather vishus here but I was really just trying to roll around enough to bite my own tail. I find that bathing while in the sun leaves my fur extra soft when it dries.

Speaking of vishus, Chase and I have quite the THoE battle going on. I like to add a lot of hissing and growling sound effects to make it even more exicting. I can pack a mean punch with my petal sized paws but Chase is just faster and punches harder. I'm working on it.....

I've been really enjoying the random Kaze toys left around for me (ie receipts). I just can't resist them! Gamma kept wondering where her notes went from her purse, but I thought she just brought them to play with me. I used to just like cash and receipts, but I've branched out to really enjoying 8.5 x 11 folded pieces of paper too.The Lap Lady made an awesome new fetch toy out of just a plain piece of ribbon and I am in love with it!! I fetch fetch fetch fetch until I fall asleep now. She throws it in the snuggle room and I bring it back up onto the bed so she can throw it again.

I missed my Lap Lady so much when she was away. The first night she was home I burrowed under the covers (even my head!) and purred all night long. I purred so loud she couldn't sleep! Then I attached myself to her lap at any moment she was seated. I have to watch her, she isn't allowed to ever leave me! She keeps surprising me and Latte during our mid-day nap by coming home for lunch. We don't mind her waking us because she has YOGURT and we all sit and not so patiently wait for her to share.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Man Cat Monday

Miss me? Of course, how could you ever get enough of my cute belly? The humans were away last week so it was rather quiet around here. They went up and took their bikes around my home area of Western Massachusetts. I was happier at home. The Woman starts back into classes this week so more unreliability. You know...more of the same.

The meezer-rats caused loads of trouble while they were away. Lots of things stolen by one Kaze the Cat...she really does do a number on stuff when she is bored. Then there was the nip event. I got into the toy closet and pulled out a huge bag of PRIMO nip. Ah....pure bliss!! Latte played Mr. Perfect while Kaze and I took advantage of the sweet deal of no one saying the "N" word.

So what is new?? Can anyone catch us up on the news of the past week?

We know our really good friends Junior and Orion are auctioning a BEAUTIFUL quilt to benefit our friends in need, we can't wait to buy our tickets.

Shhh...proof we all do get along once in a while...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You can lead a horse to water...and other such adventures.

You can lead a horse to water......AND you CAN make her drink!!! I was looking rather dehydrated after my overheating adventure so the mom person walked me to the water tub and I sipped down a few gallons.

Hi there. It is me, Snap. Remember me? Well I have been having an insane summer and I felt the need to share. First of all the mom-lady-rider-person took me OFF the farm!!! Can you believe it?? We went to Farm Fair and there were amusement rides, cows, goats, crowds of people, and other horses. And yeah, she expected me to "behave". was askeery!!! I haven't been off the farm in a year. I survived 9 hours of being held in hand- longest day ever.

Next, oh the embarassment.....the fly sheet. Sure it might keep the flies from biting my delicious soft under belly, but I want to get it off so I roll around in the mud. Then, I proceed to sweat until I am overheating myself because the mud blocks the "breathability" of the sheet. Brilliant. The Care Giver had to cold hose me while I was rather peekid and "not looking good". Another long horrible day. Oh, and the entire right side of my body is COVERED in bug bits. Like...can't move .5" without one. Oh, and I'm in heat. Generally; crabilated. But I've been giving mom really big head hugs. She seems to like them and I like head hugs a lot. Then I try to bite her hehe....then I get smacked. Sigh....
In other CAT related news.....sheesh, who wants to hear about the 4 legged brat anyway? Hey, down there, do you see me??? Probably not because I'm really really high. The only way I was discovered was that I knocked some stuff over on my journey up here. The Tall Man thinks I was stuck up there and couldn't get down. I just didn't want to get down yet.....ummhmmm.....Not sure what happened to me, I am blaming old age. I used to leap up and down from the counter to the top of the cabinets all of the time. Even the frootbat can't leap up there. It is 6' straight up, no angle to help you.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Wow, you have all been super busy! We're trying to catch up on everyone's posts and it is exhausting!! As you can see- I need a break. Life is finally settling back to normal with some extra bonuses. Like steak. And yogurt. The Woman attempts to bribe me with lunch and dinner. It kind of sort of works.

Look, she is smiling!! I enjoy resting on her butt. It is round and pillowy. She comes home at lunch time now and doesn't have to drive to work so there is a whole extra 2 hours we get to spend together in a day! Life is good!!