Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You can lead a horse to water...and other such adventures.

You can lead a horse to water......AND you CAN make her drink!!! I was looking rather dehydrated after my overheating adventure so the mom person walked me to the water tub and I sipped down a few gallons.

Hi there. It is me, Snap. Remember me? Well I have been having an insane summer and I felt the need to share. First of all the mom-lady-rider-person took me OFF the farm!!! Can you believe it?? We went to Farm Fair and there were amusement rides, cows, goats, crowds of people, and other horses. And yeah, she expected me to "behave". was askeery!!! I haven't been off the farm in a year. I survived 9 hours of being held in hand- longest day ever.

Next, oh the embarassment.....the fly sheet. Sure it might keep the flies from biting my delicious soft under belly, but I want to get it off so I roll around in the mud. Then, I proceed to sweat until I am overheating myself because the mud blocks the "breathability" of the sheet. Brilliant. The Care Giver had to cold hose me while I was rather peekid and "not looking good". Another long horrible day. Oh, and the entire right side of my body is COVERED in bug bits. Like...can't move .5" without one. Oh, and I'm in heat. Generally; crabilated. But I've been giving mom really big head hugs. She seems to like them and I like head hugs a lot. Then I try to bite her hehe....then I get smacked. Sigh....
In other CAT related news.....sheesh, who wants to hear about the 4 legged brat anyway? Hey, down there, do you see me??? Probably not because I'm really really high. The only way I was discovered was that I knocked some stuff over on my journey up here. The Tall Man thinks I was stuck up there and couldn't get down. I just didn't want to get down yet.....ummhmmm.....Not sure what happened to me, I am blaming old age. I used to leap up and down from the counter to the top of the cabinets all of the time. Even the frootbat can't leap up there. It is 6' straight up, no angle to help you.


Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

Wow, that is quite a leap! Even I am envious...


meemsnyc said...

Oooh a Farm Fair sounds like so much fun! Glad you were able to go Snap.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Snap, you must stay cool! I am glad you are drinking all your water. Hello Chase! Now, seeing you guys don't get to visit to often... where is my Latte?!

Reese =^..^= said...

You can really leap that far??

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Heloise, Momo, Ryu said...

Hey Snap! We have been missing you! Sorry about all the bug bites. #1 sympathises as she is a favourite of the bugs too... And by the way, that's a lovely photo of you! Horsey head hugs are the best! #1 has a great photo that she wants to put on our blog soon.

Were you feeling a tad anti-social, Chase?

Your Friends,
Tommy, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Snap, you are looking good. The horses here tell us that the flies are really bad this year. They said the horse flies bite during the day then the midges bite in the evening and they get covered in bites too. They all roll in their fly sheets too and two of them are escape artistes and mum has to keep putting their sheets back on. No-one has worked out how they get out of them and mum keeps trying to catch them doing it. Mum said it is the ponies and ponies are sneaky at doing things.
Chase that is very high up and of course you could get down when you are ready.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

chase, come down frum dere, no wun can gib yoo keeses way up dere

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

It is so good to see you Snap! We are sorry you have so many bug bites and that you got over-heated. But we are glad you were cooled off and didn't get sick!

Chase! Sheesh dude! Careful....we don't want you breaking something!

Anonymous said...

Poor, Snap. You've had a terrible time of it, haven't you. Bug bites are Bad News! We hope you get un-itchy very soon.

Chase, once again, you iz da Mancat, dude!

Quill and Greyson said...

Poor sweet Snap.

Wow Chase that is very impressive!

Just Ducky said...

Snap, sorry that you are all crabilated by bug bites and being in heat. Nothing that a good roll in the hay wouldn't cure.

Chase, my man! Way to go getting up high so you could chillax' without the frootbat bothering you.

jenianddean said...

Snap ... so good to see you again. I'm sorry to hear about your stressful adventure, though.

And Chase ... I love being up high, but I can use the refrigerator to help me up. That's an impressive jump.

Setra said...

Gosh do you 'call' like momma Isis when you're in heat Snap? I'd sure like to hear you wailing for a mancat, 'cause I bet you'd be louder than momma Isis and she's loud! ;) Momma says I will want to do this in a few more months too, but I has assured her that I won't 'cause I just loves my Daddy and don't want no stinky mancats!


PS: Maybe iffen you gotted a purrty pink 'kini top you'd get less buggy bites?!

The Furry Kids said...

Snap, we were just thinking about you yesterday! We're so glad you checked in. That's a bummer about the bug bites. That must be really itchy.

Chase, that's a great hidey spot.

Your pal,

Just Ducky said...

Happy World Cat Day.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Chasekins, i used to love being up there above the cabinets. I just do not have the courage to get up there... but back in the day... *sniff* Caesar and I used to spend a lot of time up there. Now I see Pierro go up there... sooo sooo tempting.

Snap is a very pretty horsie.
I hope all of you are well and not too hot. Here it is warm but no records broken.
Love and purrs

Kaz's Cats said...

G'day Snap, it's nice to see you again. That was a pretty exciting adventure that you had, even if it was a bit noisy and scary in parts. Mum says that you look very nice in your photo. Our human cousins have a horse living with them, but we've never met one in person. Nice hiding spot Chase - we had trouble finding you there,


Gypsy & Tasha

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Hey Snapster, what an adventurous day...coulda done without the bitey bugs though. It is hard work being a spokeshorse for all of horsedom.

And what a perch! We would think you were stuck up there too but maybe you are getting creaky in your hips and that's why you don't jump as much? Cats get arthritis too.