Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chase Face

Hi all!  Perfect time for a long awaited update right?  You all I'm sure want to hear about the Orinch Menis (he is SUCH a MENIS) or the meezers, or how handsome I am.  Unfortunately I can't give you what you want.  I'm sick.  Very sick.  I've lost 3 lbs. in the past few weeks, I'm lethargic, throwing up bile, and have had dire-rear. 

Last Wednesday the Woman (who I can't hate because she does keep pretty good tabs on me even though she's NEVER here anymore) notice I'm really skinny.  Well, she noticed even a week before that but the Awesome Man told her I'm fine.  Anyhow, she took me to the vet and we both disliked the vet we saw AND it was her last day in the practice....but they kept me overnight and gave me fluids and ran my blood and made sure I was eating.  They discharged me the next day without seeing anything really wrong (aparently...but I'll get to that).  The big-cheese vet man said if I wasn't better in a couple of days to get an ultrasound. 

We live next to, arguably, the best Vet School in the country: University of Pennsylvania.  All of our vets actually went there too.  They have 24/7 care and the Woman and Awesome man have been really busy so they planned on going tonight.  So the Woman calls and gets a rude lady who says they don't have any radioligists around and they can't do an ultrasound.  She calls the other hospital (that she despises from the Latte kitten fiasco) and they were friendly but also said no dice on the radiologist, they could admit me and have the radioligist appointment on WENDESDAY.  No dice.  She calls the local 24/7 clinic and they tell her about North Star which just opened about a month ago.  She called, and they said no problem on the ultrasound just bring me in. 

There were a couple of real woofie emergencies ahead of me that made the Woman cry seeing them so we waited a bit but not too long.  The vet man was really nice and was concerned with my blood results.  Oh yeah, knowing I'd be going to a specialist the Woman had asked the regular vet to send her my records.  It was a silly PITA because she PAID for them, she should get them and last we checked there were no HIPPA requirements for cats.  Anyhow, they were faxed along to her which made the most sense since we ended up at a completely different vet hospital than we thought.  My liver values are 3x the high range.  When she looked at that she got P.I.S.S.E.D.  that the vets hadn't pushed her as more of an emergency. 

So, where we stand is I'm in Central NJ getting fluids and awaiting the morning where the internist vet will be in and give me an ultrasound.  There are lots and lots of options of what is going wrong with me so we aren't freaking out yet.  I am just not myself, I feel really sleepy and uncomfortable and have very little interest in eating or drinking.  I weigh meezer weight 10 lbs.  Me!!  10 lbs!!  Things are not good with me and I can't wait to feel better.  Everyone's purrs from Facebook have been so wonderful and they remind the Woman that I'm not just her cat, I belong to all of my friends here, I have such a wonderful extended family even though we don't blog much anymore.  We love you all!

Finally, all of this is made so much less stressful to my humans because of my pet insurance.  We've said it all along, but this is the first time we've really needed it in 3 years of having it.  Pet Plan is such a blessing.  My bill is already $2,600 and all but $200 of that is covered under my policy; up to $8,000 (and I only have "bronze" coverage Kaze has gold for $12,000) per year.  Please everyone, have your humans consider insurance!!  It is only a couple hundred a year per cat.  The Awesome Man did the math and it would ake 250 months of payments to get to the point where it would be cheaper to have just paid for it yourself.  The hospital lady said only 10% of animals who come in have insurance, I hope I can inspire even just one of my friends to be covered.

Thank you all for the purrs and keep them coming!


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh Chase, we are purring so hard for you right now. I hope they find out what it is.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Well it's about time they focused in on the problem. Chase, it sounds a bit like Bonnie's illness, in retrospect (a big word the Woman will know). She lost 3 lbs and always barged anyway. She wasn't lethargic, but she'd slowed. She had hepatitis. We know you loved Bonnie, but there's no need to imitate her illness!!! Dude, get all the way better real soon, ok? We need you.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

We are purring and purring for you Chase! We hope they get your illness figured out quick and get you started on treatment!

Quill and Greyson said...

Purrs Chase!! Hope you feel better very soon friend.

Chesney Cats said...

Chase we are purring & purraying that the v-e-ts find out what's wrong with you & get you well furry soon!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Heloise, Momo, Ryu said...

We've been keeping an eye out for updates on FB, Chase. We're really sad you're not yourself and hope the Ultrasound will yield clear answers that can be solved with minimal stress to you.

We're crossing all paws and sending loud purrs. Tommy is sending one of his best woofs, Vidock a soft neigh, and #1 a big hug.

The Poupounette Gang

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Oh Chase, you now have us very worried. We hope that they will find our what is wrong and make you feel better very soon. Hugs and Purrs Big Man.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

chase, my darling tabbyman, pleeze git better soon. we lubs yor mancatlyness. we r purring fur yoo

Unknown said...

We're purring and purrayering that it's nothing too serious. It sounds a bit like what Xanadu had a few years back: hepatic lipadosis. However, that is common in fat cats and you definitely don't look fat. Please keep us updated.

Daisy said...

Chase, I'm sorry you are feeling poorly. I hope they can figure out what is wrong so you can get all better soon.

Just Ducky said...

Chase, dude, no fun spending the hollyday in the stabbly place. But we want you to get better.

Love and purrs to you. Love and hugs to your beans.


We are so glad that you updated us...and we have been purring for you since we saw the noos on the CB.
We say hiss hiss to those BAD Vets. Why in the world would they be Vets if they don't want to help kitties and woofies? We didn't like that they did not try and help you. But we know you are in a great place now. Please let us all know how you are doing.

Gracie (one of Chase's charmers)

Mr. R.W. Emerson said...

We're pulling for you, Chase! And Little Nicky wants to be one of your Charmers? Can she join?

~Emerson & Little Nicky

Motor Home Cats said...

Chase, Mom has been following your mom's updates on facebook and letting us know what's happening with you. We just wanted to let you know that we're purring for you. You need to get better soon.

Cody and Gracie

Parker said...

We are purring so hard for you Chase!