Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #??

Its been a long while since we've done a 13. So I give you 13 things that are great about the Meezers being in their own room at night.

1. I don't have to deal with Latte charging at me trying to snuggle. The little guy is cute but dude- I'm SLEEPING. Leave the Man Cat alone.
2. Kaze free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?
3. I don't get woken up by meezers walking all over me and the humans and then disturbed when they get tossed from the snuggle room which leaves me either outside or locked inside.
4. I can snuggle with MY Woman. That's right, I used to snuggle in her neck before there was competition. I'm not going to compete for her affections but if she's available she's less likely to shoo me away than the Awesome Man.
5. I can choose any spot I like to sleep. I don't share well.
6. The whole downstairs is mine so I can sprawl or do whatever I want down there.
7. The food is all mine during the night.
8. The human bed has so much more room without Latte & Kaze taking up half.
9. The Awesome Man sleeps better. This means he's less cranky in general which is good.
10. The Woman has to actually pick Latte & Kaze up and walk them to the Cat Room and shut the door. This means she has to fully wake up instead of shooing them out of the door. This means she has trouble getting back to sleep. I like to anoy her.
11. Kaze obsesses all night long about how I'm snuggling in her spot. Hehe, I love to make her worry.
12. The house is quiet. Meezers make a racket no matter what time of day what with the boob walking and purring and such.
13. I'm recognized as King Cat which of course I am.


Max said...

Doood! You're so lucky! I wish the People would lock Buddah up somewhere at night, but no...they let him loose where he can annoy me. He likes closets. Why can't they lock him in a closet?

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Well, Chase, we are more like Latte and Kaze, so we can't say we are happy they were locked out of the humans' room.

Sen&Tom said...

Now, now Chase.... I have to say that I have quite a bit of sympathy (empathy?) for Latte and Chase as I personally love walking all over #1 all night, and giving her al kinds of cuddles in case she might have a moment in her sleep of thinking I didn't love her. I would be SO SAD if she locked me up somewhere!


michico*Adan said...

Man...Chase you are awesome~!!!
I am so glad you are the big mancat in this family~!!!

I must say,
younger one is really annoying...
Only reading these thirteen making me laugh from the beginning to the end~! You are just the King!

Anonymous said...

Chase, revel in it, Dude! We both came to Mom at the same time, we've never had Mom all to ourselves. :sigh:

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

WOW Chase....what a great Thursday thirteen!

Castle said...

i must say..i don't agree with the Meezers not being able to dominate the household! it is their home! Meezers Rule!

by the way...your laying down's kind of weird, your fonrt legs look too far splayed out from your sides! :)

Riley & Tiki said...

Hee hee. I never get locked out either. I like having Mommy all to myself. Riley starts meowing with his Siamese voice, so he gets tossed. Kesey goes with him so Riley won't claw at the carpet outside the door (Kesey guards the door). I get to stay and snuggle. Life is good!


Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Those are good reasons Chase, being a meezer I know I do the annoying stuff all of the time! But our Momma can't lock us out of the bedroom, because we make too much of a racket wanting to get back in ... hee hee!
Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday Tuesday, it was SO much fun!
Purrs and headbutts,

The Meezers said...

we wish that Billy would get locked up in Jail again at night.

jenianddean said...

All good points on your T13. And congrats on two years of blogging ... sorry I missed getting to say that yesterday. Amazing how the time flies on the blogosphere, isn't it?

Tybalt said...

Sounds like it is a winner of a situation for you, Chase!

The Furry Kids said...

Chase, I feel your pain. It's much more peaceful in the bedroom without the twins. Plus, EG always kicks me off the bed. :( I wish they had their own room like Kaze & Latte.

Your pal,

PS - Mom really likes your picture today. She says your arms look very manly.

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Chase me is so happy for you! Snikor an me has just been locked out of the sleep room but Renna gets to stay cus she cry loud if she locked anywhere else. Me is doing ok wif it even tho me was starting to likes sleepen wif mommy but Snikor is all hissed.


Daisy said...

Sometimes it is very good to have some alone time.

I am purring and purring for Maestro. I hope he will get all better soon.

Junior said...

I think Meowm would sometimes like to have another room to put us in....but we would make so much noise she wouldn't have any choice but to let us out.

Lux said...

Ninna sleeps with the beans, and Silky and I hang out together all night. We do all sorts of things no one knows about because they're behind a closed door!

Sunny's Mommy said...

This is a great development for you! I'm so happy for you :-D

PS: I biggified your picture and was knocked out by your stunning handsomeness. You are looking wonderful today, Chase!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Um, we don't haf deze sleeping problems. We each haf our own bed and if we want we can all pile on mom and she don't mind at all. In fact sometimes she don't even wake up.